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Title: Triforce of Wisdom

If you’ve completed the game, let us know below and an admin will make sure you get your badge!

I defeated the evil forces of Ganon, please badge me

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I scratch your back, you scratch mine :wink:

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You mean scratch your badge?

I have not completed this game, decided to quit when faced those cylinders that eat your shield forever and the only way to get it back is by grinding 150 rupees from the world.

I have completed this one many times, including this year

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ugh yeah those guys suck. Thank goodness for rewind on the Switch. :slight_smile:


I could have done that…

Will see if I still have my saved game somewhere

LOL, yeah, trust and believe I have no qualms about “cheating” my way through old games if I get in over my head. I’d beaten it before but thought I may want to play through all the Zelda games (but I came to my senses), so I figured, nothing lost by speeding through it this time.

I’ve thought of trying to defeat all of the Zelda games at some point [I was always more of a Mario person]

I actually got a few new ones done this year: Link Between Worlds, Skyward Sword, and Oracle of Seasons

I request this badge as well please. Thank you.

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I beated Legend of Zelda and request this badge.

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One of my first games ever (maybe even the first game I ever beat (first quest, anyway)). I’ve beaten both quests and done a few randomizer runs because I love this game so much.

I can has badge plz?


Completed! Thank you!

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