Let's Pick an Underrated SNES game

For the retro game club I’m running, I’d like one of the games next month to be a SNES title, since we haven’t done that system yet. I’m not an expert on the console, so I’ll invite other Grouvees to recommend games. After a few days, if there are multiple good choices, I might make a poll.

For the suggestions, try to go with games that are not already super-popular / extremely well-regarded. We still want the games to be enjoyable though, and one that you’d think would be an interesting title to discuss.

I’ll be open to suggestions for any length of game (I know the SNES is famous for its RPGs), but if it’s over 20 hours I’ll probably have it be a “game of the two months” to make sure there’s enough time for everyone to play.


So, skipping on the obvious first party and hyper-popular stuff:

Games I’ve played (but didn’t finish) and can recommend

Games I’ve beaten and can recommend

  • Kirby’s Dream Course - This one is a minigolf game, starring Kirby as the ball, complete with power-ups. Best played as two players versus, but the single player campaign is fun too

Games I haven’t played but very curious about

I skipped on a bunch of RPGs too. Someone else can rec those if they want to.


A few that I believe would qualify which might make for interesting experiences are the following:
The Legend of the Mystical Ninja
Ys V: Ushinawareta Suna no Miyako Kefin


I don’t think it would be a very good choice for a discussion because well, it’s a game about unicycles racing through abstract courses while hard rock music plays, but i still have to mention Unirally/Uniracers as one of the obscure, underrated gems of the SNES library.

Edit: annnnnd now i realize the only comment on Grouvee about this game is yours, and i liked it because “oh gawd someone mentioned this!” :rofl:


Uniracers FTW!!!


I enjoyed Pitfall: A Mayan Adventure as a kid. I even stuck it on my retro machine because I loved it so much.


Thanks for the suggestions everyone! I think that’ll do for now. All of these look like great recommendations, so what I’ll do is just pick a game from each of you (John, Prin, PoWy, and 8BitHero). Next month the club will feature two SNES games, and by the end of the year we’ll get around to the other two (but have them more spaced out).


Actraiser is a great game. Combo sim and sidescroller, and the music is excellent for an early SNES title!