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That’s what I would like, something hidden. My dream is to have every system, rack mounted and tucked away in a specific media closet with a combination of wired and wireless connections to the living room TV. Nice and neat and my living room remains free of clutter. Right now it’s not feasible. We live in an old brownstone, so there’s really no room for such a set up at present.


I used to have every Nintendo Power from the initial issue to the early 2000s when I stopped subscribing. I think it started as a gift when I was a kid and then it was something I subscribed to myself as a teen. Sadly, they were all destroyed in a flood :frowning:


I have the Super Mario Adventures comic (the old one) and a few of those Valiant ones! I also have an embarrassing amount of Archie Sonic comics from my days as a Genesis (and later Dreamcast) kid.

Licensed Western comics from the 90s into the early 2000s have not aged particularly well. :laughing:


I adore that MM25 book. When I started designing my most recent game, I often flipped through its pages for ideas regarding line widths and color combinations.

I always forget the Game Boy Mega Man games exist! They’re fairly well-regarded, aren’t they?


Yes, it’s a beautiful book. I remember it being a bit expensive to ship to Sweden, but totally worth it. The game boy games are pretty good - the first few are kind of watered down versions of the NES games, but considering the hardware and the quality of the NES titles, that still makes them pretty awesome. Mega Man V for the game boy is excellent, all new and unique robot masters and level designs.


That would be my Revised Edition MtG starter set. Here’s the back of it (and ISBN if you are curious).

I kept a promo inside the box, because it’s so huge. I always thought this card was really funny to begin with.

One thing nice about this set was the cardstock counters it came with (see image 5/7) beautiful artstyle. It came with some cheap glass toekns to act as life counters and a rather hard to understand rulebook that was a bit bigger in physical dimensions than what you see in the ‘deck of cards’ style starter sets. The felt bag is pretty sweet. but I can’t find mind atm. tbh they really went the extra mile and did a great job working out some deal to publish this kit.

I started collecting revised/chronicles not long after i got this… I wasted so much money on this dumb stuff! I really dont know why I got obsessed with it. Even when I stopped hoarding cards I came back around to discover MtGO eventually. (Much more fun too imo)

My three ‘best’ (I guess?) cards. I have more dual lands from revised… somewhere. I actually think i was playing with these at a friends house a few years ago, because I remember how bad I needed them at the time! Red notebook is mostly revised, ‘cards’ box is mostly stuff from other games. i got newer stuff (at said friends house) which we were playing with at the time.

If you like collecting stuff like this, let me tell you, that book on the right is a trip. i’ve played quite a bit and to this day I still cant understand it the way he explains it. Must be the PH.D XD the cult leaflet on the left (lol) is what came in that starter box, it’s kind of a funny read too. says things like ‘call us for tips or questions, flip a coin to settle your disagreement with another player over interpretations’ that tournament guide is from 1999 and came with a lot of some retrojunk i got on ebay about 10 years ago (not sure what) it mentions that tourney organizers may not allow cell phones or mp3 player so be preprared. hahaha. My guess is this was all before the game developed and was tested enough to develop the kinds of ‘metas’ and deck builds we seen for quite some time.

i have a few handhelds and some ‘watches’ too. nintendo made a lot of weird stuff. i think my favorite oddity is the nintendo trophy series(i have the zelda+mummy one), and the donkey kong keychain I won two of them out of some candy crane game, i spent a few hours to win 'em.

time to time you see wood cabinets that look like official nintendo products on ebay. There is at least one official kind, its a nice thing to get yourself sometime if you own carts. Question: I recently seen em for the N64… Kind of wish I got it, even though it would take up more room than the shoebox i have :smiley: Is that a real thing? I dont recall seeing it anywhere and wood was kinda not exactly ‘a thing’ when N64 was coming out. Anyone know anything about these? I notice tonight google and ebay tell me they made one for the SNES as well. Anyone have them or seen them before? I find it so odd all three have a similiar wood finish it would appear. I’m thinking they coudl be fakes.


A giant Chaos Orb is hilarious. Flip it 360 degrees and it wipes your opponents board.
I’ve been playing magic since probably Mirage, but I believe 4th Ed. was still available. Got seriously addicted in highschool when I was in the top 200 for NH in limited. I’ve had so many valuable cards but always ended up selling them to get into other hobbies, then continue to buy MTG cards, then trade or sell them away.

I have 8 commander decks now and some real casual legacy builds. I enjoy limited, but haven’t played for a bit, and love casual. My decks are fairly competitive but I mostly play commander, so there’s lots of janky cards making appearances in my decks.

I sold my duals for lots of money. I still have a bunch of cards but downsized a lot.

I tried MTGO but couldn’t really enjoy it much. I already own plenty of physical cards, have places to game, and my friends come over once in awhile for long group games. So the idea of spending more money on virtual cards, playing with the randomizer for shuffling and having to build a collection sounds like junk. I have friends that play but I enjoy meeting new people and trading paper cards.

That’s just my opinion.


That would be amazing…maybe one day. I struggle to fit my growing Collection into my cabinet, it’s pretty much bursting at the seams. Will have to think of some new, additional solution soon.


As promised. The spot I spend ~2 hours each morning gaming. Much to the disapproval of my wife :smile:. Anyone else get “constructive feedback” from sig others regarding gaming?


@8bithero I like it, looks focused!

I’m also getting a kick out of seeing the adjacent interests on display in a lot of these photos (music, comics, movies, etc.).


@Jess I somehow missed your Firewatch and Night in the Woods famicom carts before. I want them!!


Wow, Mega Man V boxed!! That is one item I’ll never own, unless I get exceptionally lucky. It’s the only one unique to the game boy, isn’t it?


Unfortunately the box is home made, sorry to dissapoint. The game is awesome though, unique robot masters and weapons not featured in the nes games.


[quote=“simongotestrand, post:73, topic:664”]
Unfortunately the box is home made, sorry to dissapoint.
[/quote]Not disappointed at all, Megaman V “non-boxed” is still an awesome thing to have. I’m still hoping I’ll find it in someone’s fleamarket box for a fiver one day. Until then, I’ll play through the others. :wink:


I absolutely love your custom made boxes, they are awesome. I settle for what I can find at the cover project, but yours are so much cooler :slight_smile:


I’ve loved Zelda ever since I first saw that golden cartridge at a friends house 30 years ago. I remember borrowing Link’s Adventure a couple years later, having it for months, and loving it. When Alttp came out, I was really sucked into the magic of Hyrule, and visiting it/revisiting it in its various iterations since has been some of the most rewarding and joyful gaming events of my life. Happy gaming :slight_smile:


Anyone here who plays on a laptop and has a laptop gaming setup? I’d like to see some ideas. :slight_smile:


I wish I could help. My laptop is new but not specifically for gaming (hp spectre ssd). It handles indies well, but taxes the processor for extended periods of play.

I use my PS4, PS3 and raspberry pi for everything else.

Here’s my old PC. Tbh I just wanted to post a pic :grinning:


I’m trying to visualize how I’d setup my desk for the laptop gaming experience. Maybe I’ll post it here once I get it done. :slight_smile: Hoping to see this thread back alive!


This thread is so good. I was searching for something else on the forums this evening and came across this thing again. I’ve moved everything into my basement since we started this thing, but it’s kind of a mess, so I don’t have a great picture. I’ll try and work on that.