Game Room Pictures


(^Me looking at grouvee users’ collections of ancient technologies)

i’m no space jockey but here’s what i got in my cargo hold:

1 million nes roms

some soylent green

some holdiscs

various junk from an ancient civilization. no idea what it’s for.

more junk from a dead civilization

my most prized possession…

Let’s keep this thread going plz. I love looking at stuff :slight_smile:


This isn’t a photo of my full office (which pales in comparison to some of the epic dens you all have shared), but I noticed a few other folks were using UGC game cases to store their games, so I thought I’d share the custom covers I make for my loose carts…

I pick and choose the artwork I use based on my personal preference. So sometimes if I have nostalgia for an American cover, I’ll go with that, though often I’ll prefer the more illustrative Japanese artwork:

Designing my own covers isn’t just a hobby… it’s a way of keeping my collection manageable. If designing the cover sounds like a chore, then I probably don’t need the game on my shelf. :slight_smile:

I took some inspiration from Criterion packaging. I loved how the colors varied but the basic lines would always line up on a shelf.

These photos were taken after a friend gave me a box of ol’ NES/SNES carts… and before I started using better paper that didn’t crinkle in the sleeve.


Those look fantastic. This seems like a great idea for storing old games.


P.S. I’ve never understood how this box art in Japan:

was replaced with this art in North America:

or this:

was changed to this:


Im seeing that goof with a pistol everywhere.
Reposted from one of my rants on the main site. Bmo knows what Im talking about :wink:


I know!! Though there still exists a surprisingly large rift between Japanese and Western packaging (American Kirby is Hardcore), it’s at least improved since those dark days.

For the Mega Man series, I opted to use the cover art from the Rockman Complete Works. I just love how cinematic and cool those covers are.



Maybe it’s the horizontal vs vertical formats, but man do I really like the Famicom Kirby box.

I have always really liked the Rockman Complete Works art.


To be fair, North America kind of got shafted on the cartridge design as well:


Agreed! Famicom carts are just gorgeous.

I love this person’s album of well-lit Famicom cheesecake: Famicom fun | Flickr


There is one exception:


This is my favorite thread. When my basement is done, I might actually have something cool to add!


that’s beautiful, haha.


Hmm, I wonder what constitutes as pictures of my game room… my steam library or my computer? :grin:

Those Famicon cartridges are so pretty… actually, they’re just the right size for…


Here are some of my prized gaming relics and creations. I like to game in my office (where the bookshelf is) and in the living room (with retrostation and ps3 hooked up). Also most of my early morning gaming is done in the back of my living room (pics to follow).

From L->R Doodled Custom NES with interior lighting, NES with woodgrain decals, Megaman Theme NES with Blue Power LED and White Interior Lighting

Some of my favorite NES titles:

Tiger Handhelds in all their limited, glitchy glory

Some comics and a piranha about to eat a hapless gomba

More NES games

Anime VHS, River City Ransom, my valuable CIB Conker’s, Megaman X, Final Fight 1 & 2

Nintendo Powers! Game Informers. Scout Trooper on Speeder Bike, Mario. From L -> R Final Fantasy 3, Out of this World, Zelda: A Link to the Past, Battletoads in Battlemaniacs. White Death grahic novel in the back; awkward shape of the book makes displaying kinda tough.

PS3 and Controllers stuck behind the TV

TV Hooked up to Retromachine

My favorite piece of gaming hardware: My one of a kind, custom built retromachine. Running a Raspberry Pi 3B, 32g micro flash drive, Heat sinks, perfboard for LEDs and custom made case from an NES housing. The machine runs retropie, emulation station and Kodi. Currently I have games for NES, SNES, Megadrive, Master System, TurboGraphix 16, Sega CD, NEO-GEO, and Game Boy Advance


@peter i know! I loved the projects thread before but this is way better. I love seeing the collections of hardcore people. It would be cool to see stuff like this as mods or something for Anarchy Arcade
@8bithero really cool room. You have some solid taste all the way around. That’s a nice nes collection.
Does anyone have any of those cheap plastic boxes that fit nes snes genesis cd roms n64 and maybe other stuff? I have like 80 of them i got at a second hand game store, theres no jacket so i cant do anything like what @tylerisrandom did but it would be cool to do something with them. they are just in a bigger box. I’m thinking they are just junk.

a stack of my ‘nicer’ Comics (80s Tales From the Crypt, Vault of Horror, Creepy and Nintendo Comics System)

RPG sourcebook shelf, a few nintendo stuff on the end. This shelf/collection started with the Battltech Technical Readout.I loved the art of various mechs in it.

detail of the nintendo stuff

Nintendo Comics System. Also original Nintendo Power Distros of Super Mario World Comic and Link to the Past comic by legit manga artists. the only mangas i own.

anyone collect stuff like this? Consumer guide made a slew of stuff that often has pictures and it tends to be interesting to look through. new games would come out and they would give overviews and promote the hot titles, often innacurately. the world before the internet was a very weird place!

light spoiler warning on the pics below: Faxanadu, Dragon Warrior, Nobunga’s Ambition maps/notes

Lotr part 2/whatever (the bad game) I got a bit further than this but quit the maps.

My receipt for Chrono Trigger. I once applied for a job as day manager at this local gaming store, and included a copy of it with my resume lol, and shared a few business ideas (the people there were really unfriendly and not very good) this turned into it’s own notebook.

check this out, What do you guys think? Would you want to go to a used video game store that had staff dress up like FF job classes and role play some of this stuff i describe? Looking back I wonder what I was smoking! LOL but I dont know… I dont frequent stores much but there are a few better ones in my area that have some of these ideas actually (such as a monthly game club membership its like 5-10 dollars where you can go in on friday’s and ‘rent’ things and play them in a backroom for any system… new or old. Mostly its just people playing League of Legends, or whatever the new Call of Duty game is.

I still do this. Recent playthrough of Snatcher (previous) SoTN (oh god) and various bits on Infra. I do enjoy playing a game and making basic maps, notes or names.


If you like making maps, the mobile game Hiversaires basically forces you to draw a map. I’ll have to find mine and take a picture, but I think it would be a bit of a spoiler. [quote=“GigaDeathNullGolem, post:55, topic:664”]
anyone collect stuff like this?

I love the consumer guides! I have a few, along with the top secret/classified information (something like that) books Nintendo put out. Very nice stuff in there.

I’m actually quite interested in the old looking Magic the Gathering book you have. That’s really cool!


Thanks :slight_smile: Just had to make a mega man shrine now that you mentioned the blue bomber :wink:


I only use maybe 5x3 feet of one wall in our guest room, and the four cabinet doors can be closed so most of the games are “hidden”, so the room can double as a man cave and a guest room :wink:


I am overcome with jealousy.


Looking at all your cool gaming stuff, especially your NES’es, I’m probably more jealous :slight_smile: