Game Room Pictures


My shelves are a bit of a mess due to running out of room. I’m hoping to build some more shelves this spring, but my setup won’t be truly optimal until I’m in a house and not an apartment.


Wow! I can’t believe this thread is back from the dead! I’ll need to post some of my pics. Here’s a recent one I posted on the main site.


Image of games is blurry when uploaded, so here’s a link instead.


These are some cool collections. Not going to lie, I’m glad I switched primarily to digital from a space point of view, but it means I don’t have much to show and most of my consoles are currently in boxes.


That is a thing of beauty! Nice collection.


It was on my Gamestop wish list for about a year, but it finally popped up as in stock the other day! The newest addition to my setup!


What is that little device?


PlayStation TV (basically a Vita in a box). Want one? Mine is sitting in a box, lol.

It’s neat, but a lot of what made it worthwhile at first is gone. The Netflix app doesn’t work, even though there was one that worked on the Vita. Sony killed PS Now support for it, and a lot of games simply won’t play on it. While it’s understandable for some due to touch controls, there are other that technically do work but Sony disabled (Uncharted is one). There was a hack to get around that, and I used it for a while, but Sony patched a solution and I don’t think anyone bothered to find a workaround.

They were giving them away at the end of their life. I think you could pick the kit up, which came with The Lego Movie Game (terrible) and a DualShock 3 controller, for less than you could pick up the game or the DualShock controller on their own. The Vita, in all its forms, has gone through some sad times.


On the plus side, one thing the PS TV is good for is as a PS4 remote play box (for now).


It’s also a good system for playing PS1 games on your TV if you don’t have your PS3 hooked up anymore.


I ran out of HDMI ports on my TV. I had the PS4, PS3 and Will U connected. When I picked up a Chromecast I had to disconnect one of them. So I disconnected the PS3. Then I got the Switch and out went the Wii U. Now when I want to use either I have to unplug something else. It’s all very sad. And while I know I can get an HDMI switch, I can’t find a reliable one with HDMI-CEC support.

This is a contributing factor to why so many of my consoles are packed away. Need more ports :frowning:


I got it mostly for the girlfriend, as she’ll love being able to play her Vita library on the tv. I’m also looking forward to Persona 4 Golden on the big screen. Hard to justify at the current $100 dollar price they normally go for, but I was happy to grab it for $30. A new exploit is in the works that works with the most current firmware, supposed to come out later this year. With that Im looking forward to being able to ignore the compatability list, and playing PSP backups on the TV.


Aw, even PS TV got messed up? I still like my Vita but something went wrong with the handheld in terms of marketing or licensing for studios. I’m sure we talked about this a bunch of times but either way it bears repeating.


PS TV got messed up?


Yeah, because the PS TV is basically a Vita with additional limitations, it is subject to the same issues as the Vita itself, with an even earlier decommission date. All the same, if you have a second TV somewhere in your home, it is a great way to play PS4 games on that second TV through streaming.