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Alright, so lately I’ve been bored and have been checking out game room tour videos online and some people have insane collections, mine is in the manageable stage (~200 physical games across 12 consoles). I know @Westane posted some cool pictures of his game/living room. I’m curious and would like to see people’s colllections and game rooms. Post some pictures of your gaming cave, fortress of solitude, relaxation station, whatever you want to call it. Or just your favorite/prized games I would love to see them.


I heard my name! I haven’t given a proper look at my setup so I’ll kick it off! First, here’s an overview…

First thing purists will notice is that, yes, I’m hooking everything up to an HDTV. I’ve no regrets, aside from not doing it sooner! I have everything running through an XRGB Framemeister for pixel perfect upscaling and it’s super rad. Not a hint of latency either! Here’s a closer look at the consoles…

I turned them on so you could see the LED mods. Both the SNES and NES have been modified to output an RGB signal via a SCART cable, and they’ve both been region modified of course.

Above the Nintendo consoles is my Sega setup. The Saturn has been modded to run backups and outputs RGB via SCART. The Dreamcast next to it outputs over VGA for gameplay and S-Video for capture. The Genesis and Sega-CD are connected to the TV via a SCART cable with breakaway 3.5mm headphone cable for proper stereo audio out of a Model 1 Genesis.

To the right is my capture device. The Framemeister outputs via an HDMI cable into an HDMI switch into an HDMI splitter (to strip HDCP so I can record from newer consoles) into the capture device into the TV… Yep…

Xbox One and PS4 on the left, OG Xbox in the middle, and PS3 and 360 on the right. The four newer consoles all output over HDMI and the OG Xbox over component.

Here’s a closer look at the HDMI switch up front, the two SCART switches behind it, and the Framemeister to the right.

Above all that is the S-Video switch for the Dreamcast, Gamecube and N64, and the component switch for the OG Xbox, PS2 and PSP. The component switch connects to a component to D-Terminal adapter to connect it to the Framemeister.

At the top of the right-most shelf is the WiiU which is temporarily also hosting my remotes and headphones.

Below that is the Gamecube with GBA Player connected via S-Video and next to that is my PC-Engine modded both for region switch and RGB output via SCART. Below that is the N64 (S-Video) and the PS2 (Component). The N64 isn’t region modded, I have a US backplate on that Mario Kart cartridge. I intend to get an HDMI or RGP N64 which I will region mod.

The games again… For a complete catalogue you can look [here][1]. [1]: Westane's games » CLZ Cloud for Games

Some books and a Monokuma…

Some cases and a couple, er, special games…

A bunch of boxes…

And that’s it! It’s a bit of a mess right now but, eh. It’s also the living room so I’m only putting so much effort into the organization. Once I get my own room in a new house I’ll be going all out! Here’s an example of how the Framemeister looks as well…

It’s compressed a bit as a result of the video encoding after I capture, but in use it’s crazy slick!

Hope you enjoyed.


Very nice! Looks neat and organized. I like the all black shelving and TV stand you have. For the systems did you mod them yourself? My collection is considerably smaller. My contribution to this topic will probably be a picture of my bookcase. My consoles and games are scattered everywhere. A full fledged game room might not be possible in my house. But never say never right? Thanks for the post. Looks awesome!

I used to have a way cooler room! I moved a couple of years ago, and I haven’t finished the basement in my new house yet. It’s an OK setup now, but I’ve got plans for a way better one in the near future.

I’ve also got a TV in the main room that has my Steam Link and PS3 hooked up to it. I don’t have any of my old consoles hooked up currently except for the Dreamcast you can see in the picture here.

I hope my new room can look half as good as @Westane’s!


Very cool @peter! I notice a common theme here with everyone. Work in progress, room will be better. I fall into that category. My room right now is tiny, so it looks a little cramped. The plan is to some day get a new TV. I’ll move the old one to my room with the TV stand, which will take the place of my record player, receiver and speakers, which will move to the living room. I plan on freeing up more space for game storage and using the TV stand shelves for a few consoles.

For PC gaming I use a relatively new hp laptop, which does the trick for most games. I play a lot of indies so it’s fine for those. I would love to build a nice machine, but that’s a want not a need. Wants are hard to justify sometimes.

Keep the pics coming gamers! I’m loving this!

I’m so jealous!! That’s just utterly spectacular!

I’ve been meaning to put my pictures on here for a while but all my stuff has been in storage. Finally I have all my things back! But I just unpacked them so it’s all a bit messy. Also I think my photos are pretty unimpressive, I’ve lost a lot of my stuff over the years. :frowning:

I guess this is the main gaming area. My computer is pretty fancy and I PC game more than anything. Note my ridiculously gigantic water bottle for maximum hydration. It means I can sit like a blob on my computer and stay there indefinitely.

Here’s my TV with PS4, PS3 and VCR. Also wireless mouse and keyboard, and this screen is connected to my PC (in the last image) so I can actually play PC games on here too with my Logitech F710 or even KB/M if I feel so inclined. It’s also good if I feel really lazy, I can lie on the couch with the keyboard on my lap and write an essay or browse the net or whatever. :smiley:
Not also my creepy human skull and Cthulhu on the heater, my backwards clock and a weird printer from the 90’s eerily peeping from behind the TV unit: “soon.”

This isn’t really gaming-related but it’s all my VHS tapes, mostly horror movies. On the right I’ve got some gnomes and Creature from the Black Lagoon. I’m still organising this area. Note three copies of Dune on the left (I have more).
Notable tapes include: Communion, The Thing, Twin Peaks season 1, My Bloody Valentine, Deep Red, Gremlins.

This is probably the coolest photo. It’s my old PC game collection. I actually have a lot more than this but I don’t know where they are, luckily I found all the best ones. On the bottom shelf is my N64 plus games. I also have a Sega Genesis.
I have a bunch of bookshelves scattered throughout the house but I figured they weren’t relevant. I have so many books it’s crazy.

Finally here’s my lamp, it was attacked by a headcrab.


Excellent boxed games. I thought of you the other day when i was at a thrift store. I saw Riven ( disks in original sleeves). I might have to go back and get them. Nice pics!

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Omikron! I always thought I hallucinated that game. I used to love that box art. I think my parents threw it away at some point.

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Oh my god, are you serious!? That’s CRAZY! I would have fully had a stroke if I saw something like that. It’s actually my favourite game of all time ever, by a mile. I would buy another copy. It’s like how I have about 10 copies of Dune lol.

It’s a beautiful game, well before its time and under-appreciated. It’s on actually, and I recently got my wireless controller working for it. I’m thinking I might re-play it soon in memory of Bowie. It’s a game that oozes atmosphere, I haven’t visited that world properly since I was a teenager, I’ve got to go back. :slight_smile:

[quote=“Torgo, post:10, topic:664”]
Oh my god, are you serious!? That’s CRAZY! I would have fully had a stroke if I saw something like that. It’s actually my favourite game of all time ever, by a mile. I would buy another copy. It’s like how I have about 10 copies of Dune lol.
[/quote]I’ll have to pick it up. If it’s still there.

I have this sick fantasy of travelling to America to just go on a big road trip, visiting a bunch of backwater towns going to thrift stores and garage sales in search of old PC games from the 90’s or early 2000’s (big box games, before they ruined it with the little dvd cases). My mouth waters at the thought!
I actually ordered an original boxed shareware version of Cosmo’s Cosmic Adventure from eBay a year ago at great expense, because it was such a central part of my childhood. Gosh, I should put that with all my cool game stuff!
Whenever I see something like that (like a sad old battered copy of Dune) I always buy it and take it home like it’s a sad neglected cat that needs a good home. :older_man:

I took a photo of my shareware cosmo thing (below). It’s a thing of beauty. These were the cornerstone of my childhood. Very occasionally I’d come across one of these in the supermarket or the stationary store. It’s how I was introduced to a lot of games.

Yes! That’s the same as my dream and I have had dreams about it. Going to yardsales and junk shops picking up ridiculously cheap games, magic cards, consoles. Always been a dream. You should fly to America and we can hunt down the deals.

That Cosmos’s find is very nice. I should play some more of that game.

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Have you seen this youtube channel/show called “The Game Chasers”? They only collect retro console games, but I was watching an episode where they went to this old warehouse and it was choc full of old dusty PC games. My mouth was watering and I almost died. Old classics like Doom and stuff, still in the original box, thousands of them, and they were getting rid of them for $1 each or something, but the guys were like “nah, I don’t know what that is. Do you have any NES games?” grrrr!!! I know for a fact that America would have way more of that cool stuff; even back in the 90’s/2000’s that stuff wasn’t available here. Perhaps some day when I’m not broke I’ll make the grand pilgrimage. :two_men_holding_hands:

Cosmo, so many childhood memories. It’s crazy. I think I told you about my Cosmo painting. It’s definitely my favourite platformer. To me it’s like what mario is to most folks. Sucks though, there’s mario plushies and mario figurines and modern mario adaptations. In a perfect world it should be Cosmo who has the lime light. No one even knows who Cosmo is. :sob:
Well at least I think perhaps some people know who Mylo Steamwitz is. Still though, it’s a cruel world. Where’s my Mylo Steamwitz t-shirt and my Mylo Steamwitz bed sheets? lol

Idiots. Passing up boxed games. Who cares if theyre pc games? Cosmo is good, just didnt get the following. Its like a lot of bands i like who are way more talented than mainstream musicians.

If you were exposed to cosmo and mario at the same time would you like cosmo more? Probably hard to tell.

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In the early 90’s I was playing Cosmo, Gods, Crystal Caves and other epic MS-DOS games. I remember a neighbour of mine had a NES and I went over to check it out. Many of the games were awesome and really fun, there’s no denying that, but at the time the PC had much more impressive games. Especially when stuff like Wolfenstein came out. It wasn’t until recently (perhaps this current console generation) that console kind of caught up to PC.

I think PC had more variety, I wouldn’t say it was better. I did enjoy Might and Magic 2, Hero’s Quest, and there was a fantasy themed pinball game I had fun with.

I feel like PC is the way to go now, with Steam and the availability and prices of a lot of games. New consoles are basically computers with crazy GPUs. I was thinking of picking up a PS4 but my friend basically talked me out of it. For what I play it wouldn’t be a smart purchase. I’m more of an indie gamer and the games I like are cheaper on Steam.

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Oops, I meant purely in terms of technology or graphics; processing power, complexity of game engine, etc. Of course there were brilliant games on all systems and which system had the “best game” overall is purely subjective. :slightly_smiling: But now I think graphics on PC or console are close or equal. You might get higher res or slightly higher FPS on a PC but it’s a moot point really.

You’re right though, PC has so many huge advantages over consoles now on so many levels: variety of games, customisation of system, types of games, types of inputs, multipurpose for the system, steam refund policy, steam in general, mods, community, etc., etc. Though perhaps the biggest advantage is price: games are always cheaper on PC and even if you spend $2000+ on a system (compared to $350 for a console) you’ll still save money in the long run. Not to mention new compulsory subscriber fees for things like PS+. Possibly the coolest thing about PC is the indie explosion. There’s a lot of developers who even make free games: DwarfFortress, Locomalito, Cataclysm… even a broke person with a 7 year old laptop can still have an eternity of fun, high quality gaming with free games. There’s even a bunch of really good free games on steam.

As for the PS4, I’m split on the issue. I begrudgingly bought mine and I’m really happy with it. But I cancelled my PS+ subscription the other day, and now that I’ve beaten Bloodborne (3 times) it will probably just collect dust from now on lol. It was totally worth it though.

Right, forgot about free games. My PC is just a laptop and it was only $600. I can play a lot of games on it. It wouldn’t be able to run Witcher 3 or GTAV but like I said, for what I play, it’s perfectly fine. I can run old school ROMs, a lot of indie titles, Hearthstone and others. I spent less than $80 for my 20 games and I still haven’t played all of them.

And then there’s GOG too! So many epic games on GOG, they’ll all run on a potato. In fact there’s thousands and thousands of incredible DOS games that anyone can acquire and run on an old system through DOS-BOX.
I got a laptop last year for under $200, it’s similar to a Chrome book, really bare bones. But I brought it down to my parents’ place over Christmas and had a ball with it. I played Undertale, I had some DOS games, Cataclysm. In the past I’ve plugged a controller in a played SNES roms. PCs are just so versatile.

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