Four in February (2020)

The Four in February challenge was one of my motivators for joining Grouvee in the first place, yet every year I forget to mention it here until it’s nearly over. Well not this year!


Four in February is an initiative that encourages you to beat four video games in the month of February. That’s all there is to it.

That’s all there is to it!

My strategy in past years has been to pick four games of medium-to-long length, then a few games of shorter length as my “safety” choices if/when life gets in the way.

Here are the games I’ve finished in years I’ve participated:

  • 2015 (5/4 completed)
    Kirby: Triple Deluxe, LittleBigPlanet Vita, Ocarina of Time 3D, BIT.TRIP Runner 2, Oracle of Ages
  • 2017 (5/4 completed)
    Headlander, Kirby: Planet Robobot, Botanicula, Undertale, Comix Zone
  • 2019 (4/4 completed)
    Donut County, Pokémon Crystal, Sonic Colors, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

This morning I discovered BlueMaxima’s Flashpoint and finally finished a short game I’ve heard about for years…


Oh boy, I always forget about this until you post, so thank you. I’m hoping I can do it this year. I’m in the middle of Breath of the Wild and Silent Hill: Shattered Memories, so I’m sure I can fit a couple short games in along with those two.

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The BlueMaxima Flashpoint archival project is phenomenal. I was browsing through it yesterday and it’s mind blowing what they’ve managed to do.

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Challenge accepted!

To be honest, that’s my strategy for every month :wink:

First game finished:

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Second game finished! Didn’t expect to start another short one, but I forgot to charge multiple controllers so I thought a point-and-click game might be in order! :sweat_smile:


Toonstruck has been oddly popular the last few days. I think you’re the third Grouvee to mention finishing it. I still have my PC disc, but I doubt very much it will work on a contemporary computer.

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I picked it up dirt cheap in the holiday GOG sale. Maybe others did, too?

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Could be, and seems like a likely reason. Did you enjoy it? It’s been over two decades since I played this game.

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I really did! You can read my review here (4/5 stars): tylerisrandom's Review of Toonstruck | Grouvee

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I currently have three games in progress. I’m playing “What the Golf” here and there on my phone. I’m playing “Picross: Lords of Nazarick” when I have my Switch handy for a few minutes. And I’m playing “Judgment” when I have dedicated at-home gaming time.

My prediction is that I’ll finish the Picross game first, and Judgment within the month. Not sure about the other one.

I have Breath of the Wild and Resident Evil 7 on the go. We dropped Silent Hill: Shattered Memories in favour of Resident Evil 7, however we might jump back into Shatter Memories given the positive buzz it has among Grouvee members. If so I just need a fourth game.

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I started Toonstruck because of this thread. It’s right in my wheelhouse. If I finish one game this month I’ll consider it a success.


Second game finished:

Two more to go (hopefully better ones)

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I finished:

And hopefully I can clear out some low hanging fruit. Most of the time I play MTG:Arena which has no ending so there’s that…

I’m right there with you @peter if I finish one game a month it’s a success!

Some games I put some time into but have yet to finish are:

Shovel Knight
Super Hot
Katana Zero
Hotline Miami 2 (a good chunk of time)
Sparkle 2
Valiant Hearts


Finished my third game!

I’m actually more worried about finishing four this year than I usually am! I don’t know if I’m even enjoying What the Golf anymore but I’m too close to the end to play anything else on my phone. And I can’t stop doing side quests in Judgment, I’ve got so much more mileage left in that one!

I’ve got a couple of shorter “Plan B” games in the hopper if I go into next week feeling worried.


Had a bit of a headstart with the first two and have too much time inbetween job hunting, but I’ll share!

  1. 2/02 I restarted (in time for act V) and completed Kentucky Route Zero. Adore it. /15 hours

  2. 4/02 I finally decided to finish The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and its DLC after 115 hours over three years! Feels like a chapter of my life has closed.

  3. 8/02 The Pedestrian came in on the curator and was anything but. Very pleasant surprise there. /6 hours

  4. 12/02 Tales From Off-Peak City Vol. 1 was the Humble Choice extra this month and was just the injection of Cosmo D weirdness I needed. His best game yet. /5 hours

  5. 16/02 Wide Ocean Big Jacket came in on the curator and was a perfect short-form narrative experience. Delightfully experimental, but mostly a good de-stress. /2 hours

  6. 17/02 The Supper - really enjoyed as a free, bite-sized yet uncompromising point and click. /0.35 hours

I so loved Tales From Off-Peak City Vol. 1 that I thought I’d blast through Cosmo D’s two previous games (having never quite finished them):

  1. 17/02 Off-Peak /2 hours

  2. 17/02 The Norwood Suite /6 hours

  3. 19/02 EarthNight is another curator one that surprised me. An epic and unboring(?!) auto-runner seven years in the making that utterly charms with its art and music, but also successfully channels its Spelunky/Isaac inspirations in its lack of hand-holding and secrets. I love it. Play it on Apple Arcade if you have that! /11 hours

Otherwise, I’ve played some Wolfenstein Youngblood, Hunt Showdown, Ramiwo and Golf Story. Hopefully, I might manage to complete Golf Story if I don’t start getting busy again!

Also, REALLY seems like I need to play Toonstruck. I’ve been sitting on that for years.


I think I am in the second to final chapter in Resident Evil 7, and I am drawing close to completing everything in my Switch run of Breath of the Wild. So I am nearing two out of four complete.


I like a lot of what What the Golf was doing, but as a game it never really hooked me. I can appreciate the humour and wit of the game, but it didn’t click with me as fun.

Have you played Guidlings? I think it is short enough (since there is only one chapter available) that you could easily complete it before the end of the month. It’s cute and the characters are endearing. It’s also on Apple Arcade.


Yeah, I feel like 25% of What the Golf is a five-star game, 25% is a two-star game, and the remainder is pretty middle of the road. Which would be less frustrating if progress wasn’t as gated: The game really wants you to finish every level, some more than once.

I have Guildlings downloaded but haven’t started it yet! Maybe I’ll abandon What the Golf and give that a try.