Four in February

Four in February is a little challenge that started a few years back:

Challenge yourself to kick a couple titles off your video game backlog by beating four games in the month of February. There are no rules; these can be games that are new or old, mid-save file or starting fresh from the title screen. Don’t stress out about whether you will succeed, if you only beat one game in this 28-day stretch, taking even one game off the dreaded backlog pile is a success to us!

I know it’s already halfway through the month, but figured I’d mention it in case anyone’s already beaten a game or two and needs motivation to tackle a few more. :slight_smile:


I’m proud to say I beat my fourth game of the month today!

The titles were…

All purposefully short, but Comix Zone and Botanicula had been in my backlog for quite a while.


Fun! So far I beat the following two this month:

I’m about 110 hours into a new Dragon Age Inquisition play through. Also I’ll start Night in the Woods next Tuesday when it is released. I’m hoping to beat both before the end of the month so I can start Breath of the Wild on 3 March. So it looks like I might hit four in February :slight_smile:


Yea but I have SCHOOL!

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Undertale is the best game on your list so please get to it!

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I already beat it (and the rest of the games on my list). You’re right, it was awesome!

Well I guess I DID beat Fire Emblem Heroes so I need 3 more

I probs wont beat any of them but they are the ones I am the closest to finishing (I think I have no idea how long Conquest and Mother 3 are)

This seems like cheating :slight_smile:

I’ve beat RE7 so far.

Resident Evil 7 biohazard (2017) | Grouvee


Lol! :laughing: I swear it’s not a competition!

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Going into overtime with yet another < 10-hour game…

Review here

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Overtime eh? You sure it’s not a competition? :wink:

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Ha! Maybe it is a competition… between me and my backlog!

I need two short games :sweat:


Number three done, after roughly 150 hours :wink: Of course, because I am brilliant, I started another DA:I play through immediately. I don’t know how I think I’ll squeeze another 150 hours of this game in before Breath of the Wild and Mass Effect Andromeda drop, but there you go. I am also sure that another DA:I run won’t count as the fourth of four in February, lol.

Night in the Woods released today and I gave the intro a spin this morning. It’s excellent so far, and I’m confident I can get it done by the end of the month.


Whoa!! That’s three times longer than all five of mine combined! :clap:

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Lol, it is a Bioware game after all. They are not known for brevity. Also, as one of my favourite games, it’s hard not to do every little quest and side quest. They are just too good to skip. Oh and the unavoidable tears when it is all over probably takes an hour to recover from :wink:

I was already at about a hundred hours when you posted this thread, so I had a head start on completing it in time.

I am not one who generally keeps a tab on how long I have played a game. But DA:I reminds you by listing total play time on the save and load screens. So the reality that you’ve been playing for hours upon hours is very much in your face.

And now that has me curious about my other two games. How Long to Beat lists Wind Waker HD at about thirty to thirty-six hours. I’d say I did it in under thirty because the game was familiar enough from previously playing it on GameCube that I’m sure I sped through it faster than a first game play would require.

I don’t know how long Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture is. Four to five hours I am guessing. Maybe less. How Long to Beats lists 6-9 hours, depending on how much of a completionist you are. I definitely did not find everything in my first play through, so I doubt I played more than six hours.

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That’s awesome! I’ll admit I’ve never played a Bioware game. Closest I’ve come is having Star Wars: KOTOR in my backlog (on multiple platforms, even) for years. Their length is actually what’s deterred me… I get seriously intimidated by really long play times. 30-40 hours is on the high end for me.

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Bioware games are the few in which I will invest that much time. There are not a lot of games that have as robust a world and characters. I would say that most longer games I play are likely thirty to forty hours. Maybe fifty hours here and there. I play shorter games more often. But Mass Effect and Dragon Age just suck me in and it’s hard not to want to spend that much time playing them. I don’t think I’ve ever finished one of their games and not immediately wanted more, lol.

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wow. congrats. I had been sloggign and backloggin on the DAO for like 5-6 years due to restarting the game 3 times from cahracter build problems… The only game that even evokes a feel comparatively is Elder Scrolls Skyrim. it was quite a relief to finish, and it’s why i never even got started on DA 2! I have no idea how you can just begin a new playthrough! Thank you for the warning, good to know what I’m up against. I might look stuff up on how long to beat time to time now.

This has been a great month. I’ve played and gone through a lot.

Roadblasters: Had only played Nes. I visited Several systems using gaming history source Lets Compare on youtube

Blade Runner Chrono Trigger Backlog was first place on secret shame this is going to be number two. and I had pretty much only played it for an hour then never looked at it again. Was an excellent game.

FFV I had backlogged this a year back as I had played several of them one after another and just had to take a break. I still thought the PC version was decent. Watching comparison videos I am steering towards playing FF6 on snes though.

Resident Evil not a backlog. Was clueless about this game. Feels like a backlog just cause its so old.

Whats the plan for march? Is there a monthly theme now? Haha. I’m kind of wanting to start FF6 soon actually, but will maybe go about it over a long time if it can be played that way, and want to play some newerish stuff, maybe DOOM, Firewatch and Deus Ex Mankind Divded

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I should note that 150 hours is the main story plus extras and all DLC. How Long to Beat lists the game at forty-five hours if you’re only focused on the main story. So really, it’s only as long as you want to put into it. It’s also probably the most engaging of the Dragon Age games, and I say that coming from a place of great love for Origins and DAII.

Man, Roadblasters was a weird game. The mashup of genres is interesting. Speaking of Roadblasters, have you ever played Spy Hunter? I really liked it as a kid but I’m not so sure it holds up.