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Awesome, thanks @peter. Did you happen to see the update I made to sort the checked shelves on top? I’ve found it incredibly useful. I was also thinking it might be worth changing the create shelf textbox at the bottom to a link “Add shelf” populated from the filter box, similar to Goodreads. Just a thought. I didn’t bother with it in my little extension hack :slight_smile:


I ended up just leaving it the way it is. I should change it so the form works without having to reload the page, but I haven’t done that yet.

I don’t have the UI implemented for it yet, but if you append some URL variables to your shelf views, you can get a compact mode. If you add compact=1 to the end of your shelf URLs, you’ll get a compact view with no box art, and limited columns. So if your shelf URL looks like make it
If your shelf URL looks like
make it

To get rid of compact mode, just change it to a -1. I’ll get the UI stuff out very soon.


That’s cool, thanks a lot!


@JoeMD, here’s a discussion thread on the Grouvee rating system.


Like @bmo said, there is a discussion, although I’ve made a 99% executive decision that I’m going to leave it at just a 5 star system. I don’t like super granular ratings on other websites, so I’ve left it as 5 stars for a mostly selfish reason I suppose :slight_smile:

Replace the 5-star Rating System

+1 on the 5 (whole) star system. I don’t believe anyone actually uses the full scale of 10-value rating systems. They just skew to the upper values.


Anyone who’s been asking for the ability to sort the Grouvee game list by avg. rating, well, you can now! A minimum of 100 ratings are needed for a game to show up in the list. The ranking differs from the Top 250 Games on Grouvee list. The reason is the Top 250 list takes a page from the IMDB forumla and takes number of ratings into account in the score. The way the sorting works is just a straight average rating. It still seems to give a decent representation of what games Grouvee likes.

Check it out by looking at the top Role-Playing games on the site: List of video games, filtered by genre(s): Role-Playing, Page 1 | Grouvee

Also, how is Flappy Bird the worst rated game on the site with more than 100 ratings? You guys are monsters!


Found some broken images (hope this is an ok spot to leave them):


Hi Peter,

Thanks for all your hard work on this site! I discovered it a few months back and I’ve been loving cataloging my games as I go through my collection. I especially appreciate the focus on getting good metadata about games (publishers, genres, etc) and the ability to filter on these. The only feature (unless I’ve just been missing something) that would really help take advantage of all this metadata is the ability to make recommendations to users based on the metadata of the games they’ve cataloged and rated highly. I’m always on the lookout for obscure games I’ve missed and since I have a great set of user-specific data about myself that I’ve created, I thought this site would really be the perfect place to get those recommendations.

Edit: I know there’s the “Tell me what to play” feature (which by the way, includes games I’ve already tagged as “played”, which maybe is a missed bug?). This suggestion was rather for games that I’ve yet to include in my catalog in any fashion.


I’d love to do recommendations, I just don’t have the domain knowledge to do it! I’ve looked into bayesian statistics and all that jazz, I’m just kind of slow to grasp complex stuff like that. Goodreads didn’t get recommendations until they bought a company to do it. Grouvee’s not in the company buying position yet :slight_smile: Right now I just get recommendations by reading the front page on the site. There’s lots of games I’ve never heard of that get talked about there. Then you can ask the person about it and find out if you like it! I guess that’s the slow old school method of recommendations.

As for Tell me what to play, it just picks a random game off of whatever shelf you’re looking at. If you happen to be looking at the ALL page, you might get a game from your Played shelf.


I figured that may be the case, I know that it’s a pretty simple-seeming yet complex task to accomplish. I know there’s SaaS solutions out there like SuggestGrid that can handle it for you, but again, additional cost and still probably fairly difficult to implement. Interesting stuff, thanks for the reply!


I meant to respond to you to say thank you. This is a perfect place to leave them. I’ll get them fixed soon. I just need to bug Giant Bomb a little bit about the broken images.


Hey! So about the recommendations. Rather than the website making a pick for you, is it possible to get recommendations from Grouvee friends? If you see a game that you want a friend to play, can you send it to a friend through Grouvee? Like: Dear … Your friend … recommends you this game!

It doesn’t apply to a lot of Grouvee users, but for me it would be a really good way to get recommendations from fans :slight_smile:


Not currently, but it’s a cool idea! I’ll put it on the list.


That’s a really cool suggestion! I started a shelf on the main site for recommendations. It would be great to have friends automatically populate that with their suggestions.


That list must be of similar length to James Joyce’s Finnegan’s Wake! Peter, you’re doing an awesome job as a one man show managing and updating the sites. I absolutely love Grouvee and the supportive, friendly and informative community. I haven’t felt more connected to a social media site.


I hope this is the right place for feature suggestions.

It would be cool to be able to customise the “New Releases” sidebar for it to show only releases available to certain platforms. For example, I only play PC games so it would be cool to only see PC releases there.


@peter I know you’re a busy man, but I have a suggestion. Not sure how difficult it will be to implement, or if other members will even want it, but would it be possible to filter out main site feed to only show games I’m interested in? eg. If I’m playing Mario 3 and x number of other people are playing it too, could I somehow filter so I could see activity about that game only? This sounds like it would be hard to do.

Just from my own experience I don’t usually have much discussion on the main site. The forum site is awesome, I just don’t seem to find many discussions about games I play on the main site news feed.



Please add support to auto import games from other game services like GOG, Origin, UPlay, etc. The services don’t even have to be “stores”, like,,, etc.


@ShrewdTactician, the major limitation here is whether or not the database is publicly accessible. I believe that Steam is currently the only service that has an API that will allow for this type of auto import. @Peter can confirm, but I think Grouvee is only limited insofar as other sites limit access.