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I’ve fixed this, and I think I fixed the image issue I’ve been having in general.

I discovered a weird bug in the Giant Bomb API (which is where I get all this data). I have an update script that runs every few hours, and it gets a list of games back from Giant Bomb. That call that gives you back the list of games gives you some data for each of the game, including the list of box art images. There is also a call I make for each game that is a detailed call that gives me all of the data for a particular game. That detailed call also gets back the list of box art images. The image lists should obviously match, so it shouldn’t matter which image list you use, but they weren’t matching. The images that came back from the list call were wrong sometimes. I reported this to Giant Bomb, and switched over to using the details image list. It seems to be fixing a ton of these broken images.

This makes me happy :slight_smile:

Let me know if you see other broken images, because my script only downloads game data for games that have been edited in the last few days on Giant Bomb, and if a game has a broken image from a long time ago, it isn’t getting updated unless I go in and manually do it.



Hi Peter, came across this site looking for a better way to track my games i’ve played over 40+ years rather than a note on my desktop lol…

Love the site. my 16 y/o son was excited when i showed it to him and right now he’s furiously adding all the games he’s played and rating them.

Love the wish list!

ONE SUGGESTION: ALLOW MEMBERS TO UPLOAD SCREENSHOTS TO A GAME TITLE FOR ALL TO SEE - MANY MANY IMAGES MISSING - it can be hard to jog the old memory whether or not i’ve played a game before.

Best of luck!


Glad you like it!

You can upload screenshots to status messages. Those status messages go to the front page feed, and people can see them. @bmo and @Torgo both do this a lot, and it’s pretty cool to look at. It might be kind of cool to just have a screenshots library tied to a game’s page though. I’ll add it to the list to think about.


Hi is there a plan to make the rating of the games into a 10 star system or with “½ / half” stars added to the 5 star system ?. Only 5 stars is not very convenient when your backlog gets huge or to differentiate games that you played long ago in case you might want to return to them again at some point, since they might get muddled in between the lower rated etc. and also doesnt give much of a choice if youre not sure if its worthy to be rated among your best games ie a 4 or 5 star, when its a 7/10 ish game or so in your opinion.

It might sound like a bit of a nitpick but ive found it to be very inconvenient with a 5 star system especially in rom frontends especially since the amount of titles are huge. A 10 or half star system is also way more convenient when youre puzzled at what to give the game or when you might return a year or later on to edit your rating because you didnt feel it was nearly as good as the other game its rated as much as. This especially will occur in franchises that have gone for long where you might want to differentiate them better with a broader rating system, like for example the Assassins Creed series or Resident Evil to name a few, but any other long running franchise would probably apply aswell.


For a discussion on the current rating system see this thread. There is a lot of discussion on the topic with proponents for and against modifying the rating system.


The recommendations generated in your profile are often already rated by me. I would like new games recommended to me. It would be nice if you could also select the genre and console you would like the game to be.

When searching for games, you should be able to sort by user rating and select multiple consoles and genres


Hi @peter, I like what you’ve done with the place. Thanks to grouvee I’ve been able to catalog my collection, and being linked to the Giant Bomb wiki makes this site much more complete than other sites I’ve seen. I’ve definitely re-purchased copies of games I own without realizing it, so this is a godsend.

My question is about the social aspects of the site; does Grouvee have any sort of facebook integration? My primary goal is keeping tabs on my own collection, but I wouldn’t mind sharing what I’m doing with my friends. I see that I can post to twitter from grouvee, but I don’t keep my twitter and facebook accounts connected.

Also, one housekeeping notice: The image on this game is broken on grouvee but not on GB.






God Eater 2 Rage Burst does not have a box art pic



On a side note, I’ve got a forum post in with Giant Bomb trying to help them debug an issue with their API. Some of the images that come back from their API are screwed up, and there’s not anything I can do to fix it other than just manually upload a good image. I’d prefer to keep that to a minimum since that’s a pain. Here’s hoping it gets fixed soon!


As far as i can tell posts get lost and dont show up outside of the users wall/main page’s newsfeed as posts spill out. Having some longevity (and incentive) to tagged posts would be the next step after cataloguing your own collection. by sending them to the games’ page woudl be nice and possibly encourage people to post more. Discovering users who like stuff like you (either by seeing the associated user on the game page, or by seeing the associated tagged game of the poster who shows up on the main news feed of the site, something I kind of am curious about when i just see people talking not knowing what they are talking about :P) It seems this would be a natural way to use the tagging feature. It would be nice and kind of cool to be able to post a picture of fan art about a game or something like that for others to find, who are interested in it without doing a review, or commenting on review (seems to be the only way) Seems like tagging could be a good route to do it And in this regard it would be useful regardless of the size of the site or it’s active user base.

There are some things to watch out for… Example: I currently use bold faced type in my reviews when i mention similiar games etc. if i were to tag other games in reviews like that, and they show up elswhere on the site, then obviously that would be ‘noisey’


I really do want to know about the box art actually. I’ve got a thread going over on Giant Bomb about their box art issues from their API. (Image URLs are inconsistent between the games resource and the game resource - API Developers - Giant Bomb)

I got them to change their API a little bit so works a lot better, but they’ve still got some issues where their API will give you the wrong name for the image. Their API will come back and say the box art image is located at star_fox.png, but it’s really located at star_fox.jpg. There haven’t been a ton of them, but I’m letting them know as I find them.

Hopefully the images issue has gotten a lot better recently! I’ve done a lot of work to try and get a bunch of them updated. If you see a gray box with numbers in it for the box art, that just means Giant Bomb doesn’t have any box art for it. If you see what looks like a broken image (like for Star Fox), then I want to know because that’s potentially one with a problem from Giant Bomb.


Sorry about that! I had meant to do this a long time ago. Take a look at it now and tell me what you think.


I’m not sure how to handle this one yet. I want to give people the ability to say which release of a game (or at least which platform) a review is for, but I don’t think I want to let people do multiple reviews of multiple releases. It seems like if they’re different enough to warrant separate reviews, maybe we should separate the games out? I know the levels and music are different in this case, but do you think they warrant separate games in our database?


Hey first thing I want to say is that Grouvee is awesome

I also have 2 suggestions. I have a database for movies and I use EMDB for it (Eric’s Movie Data Base).
In that database you can have a bookshelf-view of all the titles you own. I inserted a pic of it in this post.
I figured, that would be a cool feature as well for games. What do you think of it?

Then, the 2nd suggestion, those social media " like & share " buttons would be nice, so that you can share your collection on FB.

Just a few thoughts :slight_smile:

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It’s been a while since I visited this website.
I might have suggested this already earlier, but I’d really like it if there’s an option for hiding the box art while looking at shelves, something like this:

It shouldn’t be hard to change, but imo it would make larger shelves much easier and faster to navigate.
When you can see the box art, it draws your eyes towards it and that distracts me a little.


It’s coming in the next update. Along with @aqwelorr’s shelf filter feature. I have free time for once in my life this weekend, so hopefully I get something out.


I’m hoping to get a few new shelf views out in the next update. This is a really nice looking one. I will say I’ve had trouble making a nice looking shelf view because not all video game box art is the same height. I’ve just never been happy with anything I’ve come up with. I’ll give it another try though.