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Neat idea. Would be cool if you could somehow ‘be made known of’ people playing stuff that you are. Does sound tricky though! :stuck_out_tongue:

Not sure if i’ve said it or not but the website is really cool and actually come along nicely since I joined. Been here almost a year and I’ve found lots of cool stuff and catalogued a BUNCH of things. Site isn’t perfect but man is it functional and I really do like the core design. I dont know what I’d do without it at this point. Thanks for doing it, it really is a great site.


I had a quick look at the api possibilities of the services I mentioned. can pull the liked games from a user. GraphiQL user->account->Liked_games
Gog can get the games Account Management — GOG-API 0.1 documentation

Origin, Uplay,, doesn’t seem to have public api’s.

-with website scaping: can be website scraped without login: Craige1's Game Library — Evolve can be scraped from the website without login: ShrewdTactician's Game Collection - Raptr

-Uplay can import from the web, but you need an account to search for users, you seem to be able to see another players games no matter the friend request or not.
-Origin is similar to uplay, and either 1. the user needs to set their profile to public, or 2. they need to accept a friend request.

So maybe grouvee can have an account on origin and uplay the service can use to search for users and send friend requests.


As this seem to be the suggestions thread, I would like to add:

Could a “Completed” default shelf be added. I am confusing myself with what “played” means. There are games I have played for maybe 10 hours, that I haven’t completed and that I have “dropped”/not currently playing for whatever reason, but I still really liked them an plan to come back and finish them. These games (to me) belong in the “played” shelf, as they are games I have played, but I want to be able to differentiate games I have actually finished.


yes. I added a user-made shelf called ‘played but not completed’ to address this. user determined default shelfs (and the ability to name them) would be nice. people do diff things with the shelves and giving a bit of freedom there might be best than say just renaming ‘played’ to ‘completed’ (which would work for most of us maybe) there’s also going to be other requests who want default stuff, rename things etc.

some little things i noticed:
-would be nice to ‘edit platform’ after adding to a default game list from the game page without refreshing page.
-would also be nice to edit platform in shelf view without having the page refresh.

This week i been trawling through google to find ‘best’ releases to play a lot of old stuff on. I’d be curious to somehow see ‘weighting’ of published releases/platforms of a title on a game page that is determined by how often grouvee users add a game to ANY shelf (completed, wishlist, backlog or custom) that the grouve user then specifies a relase/platform. This would be a great way to see what people tend to play the game on, or associate it with. It would be work but Grouvee COULD do that. and it could look pretty nice.

I’d also love to see what users play some of those old things or any release. IDC about privacy. But that’s just me.


Thanks! That’s amazing to hear. Always love having you around. I might not respond to everything you write, but I promise I read everything!


So I’ve thought about putting up an activity feed on each game’s page. That way you could just go to a game’s page, see if anyone has put up a status about it, and go from there. Do you think that would be sufficient for what you’re looking for?


I’ve thought about it at times, but I always wanted to keep things simple, and having a Played shelf was my answer. Basically I use the Played shelf for games that I’m finished with, whether that’s a full completion, or just quit. If I want to come back to them, I stick them back on the Backlog shelf.

I hope the custom shelves are good enough for you to use the site however you want! That’s what they’re there for :slight_smile:


I’ll definitely look into this one. I knew there was an undocumented API that the Galaxy client used, I just didn’t know that someone had reverse engineered it and started to document it. I would only use it though if GOG was cool with it. With the Steam import, I have a process that runs every day that calls the API 10s of thousands of times per day, and I wouldn’t want to do that if GOG didn’t intend for the API to work that way. GOG would be tops on my list of places to import games from.

I honestly don’t know much about I know they put Grouvee in as a social account you can put on your profile.

I’m not a huge fan of web scraping because I know a lot of web services don’t really like you to do that. Plus stuff breaks all the time, and I don’t want to have to fix it all the time.


Seems reasonable enough.


That would be awesome if you got gog going!

  1. The easier it is to import you game library, the more people are going to be willing to put their library into grouvee
  2. GOG is slowly eating away at the steam marketshare. Steam isn’t quite the 1 stop shop that it used to be. adding grouve is actually how I found out about this place. I use as a who am I/where am I, on the internet gaming wise, and ill be using grouvee as my personal and public gaming library organizer. I would love to see deep intergration between the 2 down the road, for instance auto filling “liked games” based of my votes in grouve, so I don’t have to maintain the 2.

I definitely understand your reluctance to use web scraping. Heres to hoping those guys add api support. My main thought pattern was on just trying to get the game list out of the services to help make someones grouvee library more automatic. Thinking along the lines that:

  1. any kind of library organizer isn’t that useful unless its a complete record.
  2. having to manually add your origin, uplay games could be a turn off for a lot of people.

Maybe another possibility is, while its relying on website scraping, is to have an “unsupported desktop program” that people can download that extracts their game libraries from origin and uplay, into an xml. I’m running of memory here, but I think I remember something about grouvee and xml importing (or was that a feature request?). That way the flaky webscraping isn’t baked into the service, if it doesn’t work for a while theres always the “unsupported” reason, and if made opensource, the community could do work on keeping it up to date.


Hi I’m new to game collecting, I love Nintendo and Sony.


Welcome to Grouvee. This is a great place for collectors, old and new. :slight_smile:

Nintendo and Sony have some great things to like. Any favourites?


Wow, thanks! That’s perfect.


Welcome to Grouvee :slight_smile:

If you like the site we have @Peter to thank for creating it. He’s done some amazing work.

Are you playing any PS3 and PC games in particular right now?


I like Super Mario Galaxy on the Wii a lot, and I love the Gran Tursimo series specifically on the PSP.


I’ve got a suggestion about the button order in games. Right now its Playing - Played - Wishlist - Backlog - Add to other shelves:

In my opinion, this is kind of awkward.Considering that the natural order of things could be that you first see a game and put it on your wishlist, then you buy it and sits on your backlog, eventually you start playing it and finally you can mark it as played, I think that would be the more natural ordering of the buttons.


I’m sure this has been suggested before, but would you consider adding half star increments to the five star rating system, like Rate Your Music?


Hi and welcome. Currently there isn’t a plan to implement a change to the rating system on Grouvee. the founder of the site has discussed reason why in a previous post. The issue comes down to the fact that there are different systems for rating things and everyone will have a personal preference. There is no one perfect system so @Peter has settled on one he likes.



  • advanced search or ability to filter results (Filter->platform for example.‘harvest moon’ ‘baseball’ etc)

  • vote on (and be voted by) friends backlog/wishlist/whatever or ability to type in comments on any entry in an list. i’ve ‘misssapropriated’ the rating system to give priority to my own wishlist/backlog for stuff i havent played/finished but really intend to. I also have a shelf that is a ‘low priority backlog’ But a voting system for entries like this others could chip in their two cents on, as well as the user would be pretty helpful to managing long lists! Reworking the manual shelf order thing might be one way to go about this, i dunno.

  • would like to see what other users/friends have ticked under edit->platforms when looking at a shelf (wishlist for example) currently site wont let you do that. i’m always curious about which versions of a game people actually played when looking at older stuff, so as to play better versions. I think i’ve mentioned before about seeing global stats for how popular a platform is for a game title (It would have prevented easily enough my playing of FFV on the PC) its a similiar idea, but maybe more doable and privacy friendly?

  • mark presence of media or even specifiy physical games or digitally owned games (similiar to gamefaqs) i’m not really that interested in this but some are… because currently, users do curated lists/tags for it. But to me it makes more sense to specifically mark it as owned rather than put it in some list as ‘used to own’ ‘owned’ ‘steam’ etc. I’d just put it under Edit platform, (because if i own it i’d do it there anyway. if i dont, or am lazy, i’d ignore it and it would just be out of the way)


Is there a way to add platforms to a game’s edit->platform selection without editing through Giant Bomb? I tried adding to the ‘releases’ section, but those additions don’t show up under platforms.