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Here’s an idea, is it possible/somewhat easy to add in a query button or link that can take you to a page on the main site for all status updates for a game from everyone? Example: I have Hitman Go on my playing shelf maybe there could be a link under the thumbnail which when clicked on will take me to a page showing every status of Hitman Go. I think it would be cool. I’m sure you have bigger items on your to do list. Does anyone think this will be useful? I know you could easily just start a thread in the forum for a particular game, I feel like my idea would be easier to access. Thanks.


When you say status, do you mean start and end date, completion level, time played, etc?


On the main page people might write something about their progress, first impressions, something funny about a game, screenshots, then tag the game. If theres some way to group those for a particular game then see that like a news feed. When I click on a game it might say 10 users are currently playing game x. I would like to know who’s playing what.


I’m for that. I’ve also often thought it would be nice to click on the info that states that “X people are playing y” and see a list of who is playing. I know that currently we can see all the reviews of a particular game on its page but also seeing comments might be nice.


That would be easy enough to do. I actually used to have a filter on the front page that let you see status updates just for games in your collection. I don’t think people understood that was what it was for, and it never got used much.

I think having the last few updates on a games page along with a link to show all status updates might be the best way to do this.


Sounds good to me! It would be another way to talk to someone about a game.


I was thinking on the same lines. There are lots of really interesting discussions surrounding various games that flash up on the main page, but then disappear as they belong to someone’s status update. Somehow linking them to the game would be great.


Hey there. New to the website. This is a snazzy place, but I was wondering if the profiles could have more… stuff on them? Perhaps links to gamer profiles, twitch, etc. Could there be a possibility of putting some games on the profile? Maybe favorite games of all-time, or current games being played.

I was looking for a game website that kind of functioned like Goodreads, and while the system for finding games and the shelves are really good, the profiles seem to be lacking.


I’ve had on my to do list for a while to let people feature a shelf. I’m also going to be adding a favoriting system to Grouvee, so I might integrate that into people’s profiles somehow.

Just need to find the time to do it!


@peter I figured something out related to the truncating posts. The text isn’t really being truncated. Well not in the way I described it. What is actually happening is that the last character entered, independent of location in the body of the text, is ignored. So I thought comments were being truncated because usually the last character is usually at the end of the comment and that was what was being cut off. Now I know that if I make a change some where else in the body of a text the last character I enter will be ignored. So if I went two sentences up from my position in this paragraph now and made a change before submitting, the last character of the word typed will disappear once submitted. This happens in both new and edited posts and from a Windows 7 desktop, an OS X desktop and an iOS device. Usually I prevent this by placing an extra space at the end of the body of text. Let me know if that is useful info or if you need more detail.


Wow, that’s bizarre. I’ll do some experimenting tonight.


It’s not intermittent either. I can produce the effect every time I write a comment on the main site. Best of luck locating the issue :slight_smile:


All that’s left to do for the upgrade is to get the social media login stuff to work again. All other features are working currently. There’s testing to do of course, but I’m pretty happy with the progress that’s been made the last couple of weeks. I’m hoping to deploy all of this wonderful stuff next weekend. Fingers crossed!

Just to temper expectations, you probably won’t even notice a difference in the site other than a few nagging bugs being gone. I’ve just updated the framework and 3rd party libraries on the site to their latest versions, but haven’t added any features. This will allow me to add new features quickly, but right after the deploy, you won’t notice anything other than what I’ve broken :slight_smile:

I’ll post here when It’s done.


Does anyone know if there’s a way to delete play start or end date information for a particular game? Or if there is any way to delete play dates completely?


Hi, just wanted to mention that Atilla Total War a standalone game in the total war series is missing from grouvee.


It appears that it is already on Grouvee:

Also a friendly heads-up, there is a specific forum for requesting the addition games that are missing from the database. If you find any games that are not on Grouvee, please do post there :smiley:


If you go to a game’s page, you can delete any play data you’ve entered by clicking the delete link under the playthrough data. If you click edit, you can change the dates, or delete them. You can also do this from your profile page on the playthroughs tab.


I am almost done with this monster undertaking of updating Grouvee to Django 1.9.

Just about everything is working again, with a few little enhancements here and there. I’m sure I’ve broken a couple of things, but we’ll figure that out as we go. I’m going to try and deploy this when I have a few hours that I can be by a computer. If I drop the update before I go to work one day, there’s no guarantee I can get to a computer to fix anything that breaks. Most likely I’ll deploy next weekend when there aren’t as many people on the Internet because it’s a holiday weekend here in America.

Thanks for hanging around while I get this working. I’m so excited to finally be almost done and to get some new features built soon!


I may actually push out the new stuff in the next couple of days. It just depends on my schedule. All of the code is in place, I just need to figure out how to deploy Docker stuff on a new Linux server and transfer all of the existing data over.

Should be a lot of fun!!


I know you’re working super hard Peter and we appreciate your work very much! But I had a couple little ideas today that perhaps some people might like or discuss. :slight_smile:

The first thing, I’m not sure perhaps this already exists? But I thought it might be cool to have polls on the forum (or in Grouvee status updates). Seems like a lot of topics here are “what’s your favourite genre”, things like that. Could be fun to be able to put a little poll inside a forum thread (although in hindsight I guess we could do an external poll like

Another idea might be to add more categories to the forum. Atm it’s just the 6 categories, I think there’s room to expand further and make it more refined, like splitting it into deeper groups or little sub-communities (e.g. Systems --> GameCube, PC, Nintendo, Xbox; Genres? FanArt? Something?). Also I think the two sections “Off-topic” and “Uncategorised” seem like they mean the same thing?

However the main idea I have, I might have mentioned it here before, would be a better way to connect to friends on Grouvee. Sometimes I want to draw someone’s attention to something, but I don’t think it’s possible atm. For example, I’ve seen this new game released today: BlazBlue: Revolution Reburning (2016) | Grouvee
It would be awesome if I could go to that page, and write an update by going “@peter Hey look it’s that game you were looking for,” alerting a friend via the update.Or alternatively going to a friend’s Grouvee profile and posting a message on their actual profile page. I feel like it would be cool to have more features on profile pages, like the steam profile… to be able to add your favourite screenshots or things like that, make it more personal and connected.

Just some ideas, take it with a grain of salt, though I’ll be interested to hear your and other peoples’ thoughts. :grin: