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Hi everyone. I wanted you guys to know what’s been up with the site recently. I’ve been a little slow, and scatter brained with the features I’ve been trying to build, but there’s a reason for it.

I have mostly been concerned with shoring up a lot of the data that’s on this site. I can build all the pretty shelf tools and cool shiny stuff, but if the data isn’t any good, then what’s the point? So I’ve been working on merge tools, and deletion tools, and better game creation tools, etc.

Here’s where the scatter brained part comes in though. I typically don’t like to reinvent the wheel when it comes to writing software, and since I use the Django framework for this site, there’s a million 3rd party tools to do a lot of what I want. Unfortunately, I haven’t updated the version of Django I’m using in quite some time, and a lot of the 3rd party tools I have looked at no longer support the version of Django Grouvee runs on. I’m finally biting the bullet and upgrading Grouvee to the latest version of Django currently (1.9.5 as of this writing).

I’ve made a lot of strides in getting the site to run on the latest version this past week, and I don’t foresee it taking a really long time. The crux of that is me finding time to work on it really. My CrossFit season has come to an end early this year, so I think I should have plenty of time to work on it in the coming months. I feel bad I haven’t posted a lot of updates, and I haven’t had a lot of time to work on the site.

My ultimate goals are to get the data tools up to date, update the theme on this site a little bit (adding more features like a compact shelf view, multi-edit tool, etc.), and build an API so we can get mobile apps running for this bad boy.

I know a lot of people love this site, and that’s what keeps me going. So I thank you all for your patience, and I hope everyone has a lovely rest of their weekend!

Replace the 5-star Rating System

It’s been a few weeks, so I thought I’d post another update.

I’m working way more hours on upgrading to the newest version of Django than I would have expected. Lots of little things in third party apps I’ve used over the years needed to be tweaked, but I’m cranking along. Most of the user registration process is working again, which was probably the biggest sticking point I’d run into so far.

Another time sink that came along was how do I work on both baselines at the same time? I’m running a lot of new code along with a lot of updated third party software. I use a version control system with different branches for the different code bases, but there’s more than just code that’s different. Some of the database tables needed to be updated, new versions of software external to the codebase need to be run, etc. I’ve spent a good chunk of time learning how to use the Docker toolset to accomplish being able to switch back and forth between the new code and the old code. If there’s a bug fix I have to get done right away in the old code base, I’m kind of screwed if I don’t have a way to run it on my machine anymore. Docker, although it kind of has a steep learning curve, has been awesome for this. I can switch between running different versions of the server software really quickly now, and it’s great. I’m using Docker Compose to orchestrate all the different services I need running on one machine. It’s finicky at times, but it’s been a big help.

Deploying this code when I get done might be a nightmare, but I’ll cross that bridge when I get there :wink:

I realize this is probably only halfway interesting for people who are into software, but I love reading about this kind of stuff on other people’s sites. Maybe somebody will find it interesting here!


I wonder if I am alone in experiencing this. Frequently, when posting a comment on the Grouvee main site my posts or comments are truncated. Normally by one or two characters. I frequently have to edit my posts to add the missing characters. This involves leaving two spaces after the end of my post to prevent truncation. Has anyone else experienced this? I experience it on both mobile and desktop, if that is helpful info.


This isn’t just the Read More button showing up?

Can you give me an example the next time it comes up?


It is when posting and happens most of the time, often with new posts and particularly with edits. It is not a matter of read more cutting things off, actual characters are truncated. Editing a truncated post reveals that the characters are indeed missing.


Here is another thing I have come across. If you sort a game shelf by platform and then click Tell Me What to Play you get the following error message:

In the event that additional information helps, the shelf I sorted was backlog and the platform was PlayStation 4.


Interesting. I screwed something up there!


Intro: Long time gamer. Started with Pong when I was 3, lived through the Atari era onwards.

Been looking for an inventory management app/site. Trying Grouvee out.

I see that I can import my Steam inventory. Excellent.

However what about others, especially for the consoles (PSN, Xbox Live Marketplace, Nintendo Shop)? I guess it’s a matter of whether they have an exposed API or not.



Currently only Steam imports. You will have to manually add stuff from the consoles.


I’ve got a new version of the editor I use on Grouvee ready to install in the next update. It should fix the truncation problem. Redactor is what I use, and the new version looks a lot faster and cooler.


Ah, that’s what I thought.
Is there at least a way to import your Steam Wishlist? :slight_smile:


I don’t think so. I will add that to my list to investigate though. It seems like there would be an API for that.


Cool, I look forward to the update. Does it support markdown? It is nice having markdown options on the forum side and it would be great to have the option to use it on the main site.


I’ve been looking into that. I’d love to adapt this editor from the forums to use on the site. I just need to figure out how! It’s Discourse software, which is open source, so I should be able to find the different pieces they use and adapt it for the site.


I love this editor. Easier replies and quoting, markdown, a preview pane. Commenting on this side is smooth and simple. The main site is fine, but not a polished as the forum side. What led to the use of two different editors to begin with? Are the forums built on a different platform from the main site?


I built the main site all on my own first. When it came time to putting in a forum, I decided to use someone else’s software, and Discourse had just about every feature I wanted. Their editor is just better than anything I’ve built.


Ah, so I am basically insulting your hard work then. Way to go me! The site is really impressive and its definitely a feat that you built it from scratch. I hope that by critiquing aspects of it I’m not picking on your work. It’s a great site.


Haha, I’m so offended. Trust me, I know there’s some jank on the site, but I’m working on it. I just wish I had more time!


I know imports your Steam wishlist, I don’t know how they do it though. It doesn’t keep it updated however, you have to refresh it manually, so it might not be a terribly sophisticated system.


There needs to be a way to add unlisted games or it needs to be more obvious. For example, Disney Infinity should be split up into playsets as you are paying $30 for each one. So instead of Disney Infinity 3.0, it would be four games: The Force Awakens, Battlegrounds, Rise Against the Empire, and Twilight of the Republic.