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You can currently do that on the forums like this:

  - Choice 1
  - Choice 2

It looks something like this:

  • Persona 4 Golden
  • Persona 4

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I couldn’t agree more with with this. I’m going to be taking the editor from the forums and making it the editor on the main site, and when I do that, I’m going to add in the ability to do @ replies. I definitely think we need them.


Woah, did the site get hacked? Everytime I search I get taken to a watch company, and there are some pretty wonky statuses that look like spam.


We didn’t get hacked, but these spammers have figured out how to get crappy css code past my HTML filter code. I’ve got samples of their comments, and I’m figuring out how to get fix up my stuff so they can’t do it anymore.

Everything should be back to normal right now.


Glad it’s back to normal! :slight_smile: We must be the target market for aggressive jacket and watch sales :wink:


I’m pretty sure I’ve fixed the issue that the Spambot was getting through. I’m a little embarrassed actually. When I moved Grouvee over to the new backend infrastructure, I had to update the comments code I was using. I left one little line of code out that would clean up crappy comments and keep javascript and other bad HTML out. Oops!


I am sure you have enough on your plate, but just wanted to give you a heads up that the truncation (or missing text) issue persists. I know you mentioned a possible roll-out of a new comment system (I think you did) so it might not be priority at this point. Nonetheless, it is a strange bug and I am curious to know the cause, if you ever isolate it.


Hello Everyone,

Loving the site. This site has allowed me to take a lot off memory/mind and put it down into a simple easy to follow layout. I’m now able to keep track of my gaming.

Thank you for all your hard work Peter.


I’m working on adding this editor in as the editor on the main site right now, although I’ve not successfully been able to replicate the truncation bug. I’m not saying it’s not doing it in your browser, I just can’t seem to get it to do it on my end. I’m using the status box on the front page to test, and if I remember correctly you said it happens when you post anywhere, correct?


It happens from several devices:

Chrome on Windows 7
Opera on Windows 7
iPhone running iOS 9 (latest build)
iPad running iOS 9 (latest build)
Safari on OS 10.9 and OS 10.11


I’ll keep looking into it in the meantime. Neither my iPhone or iPad do it, and neither of my Windows 7 machines do it.

I’m just hoping that adding in the Markdown editor fixes it.

That’s just so odd though.


So maybe this is just me but every post from the last day has disappeared. There is a gap of about a day of comments on the main Grouvee page, including comments I made. The comments exist as I can find them through my profile but they are not showing up on the main page.


Caching issues again. It’s all back.


I’m having an issue when it comes to verifying an email address.

Every time I click to have the email resent, I get a Server Error (500)


That’s my fault.

Short story is that your account is older than 120 days, and I have a setting in there that is supposed to take you to a page when you attempt to resend the verification email that tells you your account is too old. That page doesn’t exist because I used to have the setting at 10 years before I did the server redeploy. I changed it back to 10 years because I don’t see any reason for it to be so short.

Try it again and let me know if there’s any more issues.


You are a rockstar! Thanks, man!


I’ve added the box art. Thanks!


The ability to create a custom order for your backlog (I realize paging makes this a little more difficult).


If you go to the shelf page, there’s a little button at the top that says “enable sorting.” Click that and you can reorder the shelf to your heart’s content!


Trails of cold steel II artwork is returning a 403 error code.


I would like to see a way to discover new games that I haven’t added to any of my lists before.

EDIT: Like maybe add a filter options on the Games page to remove games that are in my lists. Also, maybe even add a way to remove games completely from coming up again, like games I’m sure that I will never play, or something like that.

Great service, by the way. Thanks!