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I don’t disagree that stars mean something different to everyone as an individual. I chose it because it’s a standard rating system that people are familiar with.

It would be an interesting experiment to see how like/dislike percentages turned out for a site like Grouvee with a lot of data points. When I started the site, I was actually trying to build a Rotten Tomatoes for video games. I would grab all these reviews from different sites and try and translate their score into like/dislike. Everything was either a 99% like or a 99% dislike. It provided no valuable information whatsoever. I don’t know if that would be the case on Grouvee.

I still think the 5 star system is valuable over a large group though. Like I said before, our top 250 games list is pretty representative of games that people like on the site.

I’m liking the idea of adding in a hearting/favoriting system though.


It might be interesting to see if it would be different based purely on Grouvee data.

That’s fair. I’m not strictly against it, I think it just requires some interpretation. Like and dislike tells me something solid based on player experience. Stars present much more fluid data that I find less reliable. But that’s not to say it has no merit and I respect that it is the way many people like to evaluate their own media experiences. I simply come from a background that finds it difficult to accept the idea that we can translate experience into quantifiable data, so I tend to skew toward different systems for representing that experience.

Same here :slightly_smiling:


To be fair, Grouvee defines star rating itself. Hovering over each star triggers a pop-up which says (e.g. 5-star) “loved it” and so on.

If everyone sticks to Grouvee’s star definition, the ambiguity problem would be little. But this is too good to be true. There must be oblivious users and extreme voters joining the fray.


May I name “Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter”? :sweat_smile:


I had not noticed it does that. I does not appear to on mobile or tablet which is how I access Grouvee most of the time.

That also doesn’t take into account situations where I may love a terrible game. Just like you can absolutely enjoy a terrible movie you can adore a terrible game for personal reasons. It’s not unreasonable for me to like something I believe only deserves two stars. I think this is largely due to the fact that the act of liking something can actually be very different from ranking or rating it. But @peter need not worry about building a system based solely on that rare case usage.


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I’ll look at it. I think I’ve seen that happen before. It doesn’t happen often, but it’s important to make sure the activity goes away once a comment is deleted so no one else can see it.


Apoligies if this is supposed to be posted under a dedicated forum, beacuse i couldn’t find such a thing, but the game factorio has two entries.


I don’t know how it doesn’t take this into account. According to the way the system is defined, you are rating the games based on how you enjoyed the game, not on whether the game is terrible.

I say this every time the conversation comes up. The system is defined and if everyone used it as such, there would not be issues.


I agree with this now that I’ve noticed how Grouvee defines a rating. Someone mentioned earlier that it doesn’t show up on mobile, which I think is the cause for some confusion. (at least on my part)


I saw that the other day when some trailer got big on Reddit.

There is a thread here to report duplicates. My slow butt is working on a merge tool for the curators. I’m in the middle of CrossFit season right now, so my free time is limited, but I want to get it going.

Duplicate database entries is the thread.


I suppose part of the issue is that on mobile the definitions tied to the ratings are not visible, sadly.

The other is that one’s enjoyment of a game can be independent of perception of quality. I find this applies easily to film but can also do so to games. One can recognize the technical and narrative quality of a film and dislike the experience of watching that film. The inverse can also be true. I think the same can apply to games. Let us use something like Flappy Bird as an example. One may think the game technically and conceptually poor yet still find the experience of the game enjoyable. That person might think that Flappy Bird is really only a two out of five game. The question is, should they rate the game higher because of enjoyment? This is where being able to like something and also rate it out of five would allow for more nuance. I can like a game while simultaneously indicating that I do not think it is a very good game, and vice versa. It allows for the communication of a more complex relationship with the game.

That said, I’m not necessarily advocating that you change anything or that what you have is insufficient. I’m really just engaging in a theoretical discussion of the problems related to communicating a subjective relationship to games and their enjoyment.


I think you are missing the point. The Grouvee rating system is defined by the users enjoyment of the game. If you hover over the ratings (given that you can’t do that on mobile), you will see that each rating is defined by how much you like a game. If you are using the rating system as it is intended, then you should be rating based on your enjoyment of the game, period. The technical or conceptual quality of the game may influence your enjoyment of the game, but it should play no part in the rating on its own.

This just gets to the heart of why I hate rating systems. People try to over complicate things. In the end, when it comes to entertainment, I just want to know if the thing is worth my time or not. I don’t care if it is the best looking game in the world or the worst. No reviewer can cover the nuances of everyone’s opinions through some rating system. They can simply state whether they thought the game was worthwhile, and then others can use that, along with the reviewers previous opinions, to decide how that lines up with their own subjective tastes.


@headrollsoff I do follow your point and recognize how the Grouvee system works. Largely part of the problem is that I seldom access the site on a computer so I wasn’t aware of those star designations.

I agree with you about the flaws of rating systems. If you track back you’ll see that I was originally critiquing star systems and ratings in general given the subjective nature of experience. My discussion of how like and dislike can come into play to nuance a five star rating is how I got to the discussion of using stars to designate one aspect of a game while using “like” to designate enjoyment. Like I said it was more a academic discussion of the pros and cons of rating in general and various styles or systems for doing so.


I actually do really like the Letterboxd system of having a rating and then marking whether you liked it. For instance, I watched The Purge: Anarchy the other day. It is a bad movie with plot holes throughout, but I enjoyed it as I watched. So I gave it 2 1/2 stars and marked it as liked. That system can definitely be helpful. When on different sites, I take a look at how that site defines ratings and try to rate based off of that and not some universal system.


i based my original discussion of ratings on Letterboxd’s system. While not perfect, I too like their setup.


Any updates on this?
The same difficulties apply for me, too. Is it possible to make any adaptions there? Some sort of clarification would really be appreciated.

Apart from that, it’s a great website. :+1:


I’ll get it taken care of in the next update. It should be an easy enough fix I hope. Sorry about the delay!


Did the Compact or Cover Art view options ever get implemented? I saw them posted about way further up the chain and they sound awesome. As a recent migrant from Darkadia, I do love getting to scroll through a collection as if it were a shelf. :smiley:


Not yet! It’s still on the list, but I’m a slow poke sometimes :slightly_smiling:

I’m off work the next few days, so I’m working on a few features here and there. Most of them have to do with data cleanup, but I’ll look at the code I started for the compact and shelf views and see where I’m at.