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here to introduce to myself and also thank the developer of the site for a sleek looking and efficiently working tool. really stoked to be apart of the community here and hope to meet some decent people! had a few questions for @peter as i’ve gathered that he’s big man on campus.

is there any point in the near future where you plan on letting the general public here add games to the database? maybe even slowly roll out the feature with an approval process from hand picked-mods?

also, this avi was the default that appeared when i came to the forums. not trying to be that guy about my avatar but i’m more or less just genuinely wondering where the site pulled this 4/5 year old selfie from lmao! i have no option to change it in my forum preferences either. obviously a very petty thing but like i said, was just curious, and do want to change it if i can.

thanks again for the site!


We have a request thread here on the forums for it, and the curators of the site can add games as needed. How to request games to be added to database? is the thread. We’re working on a ruleset for how and when to add games right now.

In theory this should be your avatar from the main site, although I’m not sure what happened on this one :slightly_smiling: If you go back to, and click the Forums link on the top of the page, see if that updates it to your avatar from the main site. If not, I’ll have to go back and look at the Discourse API and see what’s changed.



thanks for directing me. i probably could have just looked a bit harder :sweat_smile:. i will be sure to start sending out requests as needed.

still having the same problem, man! not a big deal at all and i’m sure there’s more important features you want to work on! just let me know if something changes!

EDIT: it’s been fixed! :relaxed:



I have a slight colorblindness known as red green deficiency, and something that is a problem for me is seeing the ratings on other people’s profiles. The dark red stars and the dark gray empty stars are hard to distinguish for me. At first I thought I wasn’t able to see other people’s ratings so it just showed me blank stars. But after looking closer and harder I noticed it’s just the colors that make it difficult for me to see. It would be nice if there were a way to fix this, maybe let us choose custom colors or something like that. I think just making the gray be lighter like it is with the yellow stars would work fine though. I hope there is a way to help me, Thanks!


Hi everyone! I just joined Grouvee yesterday and so far I’m loving it! I spent hours organizing my played-list and that was tons of fun and now I think I’m a bit weird :smile: I hope to make some new friends here to discuss video games with.


Hey guys, been on this site for awhile now and I would like to post a little information about my business (just getting it started). If you’re interested in having your old NES and SNES games cleaned and consoles repaired let me know. Sorry to advertise but I figure this is a good avenue.


@8bithero How are you handling the shipping?


@bmo Good question. Probably the best way to do it would be to have the customer pay as a separate charge. I know it sounds bad but either way I would have to charge more to cover it. If the customer is local (within 50 miles of me) then they could drive it over and I’ll deliver to them once the services are complete. What do you suggest?


@8bithero I am going to move the discussion over to your forum post on console repair.

Console Repair

@peter I thought this might not really warrant an entirely new post and figured I could post it under feedback and suggestions. Since you allow markdown on the forum side of the site, is there any chance you will implement markdown on the main site? It would be nice to have the use of markdown for quick editing.


“My Game” & “Game List” Customization

  • Option to hide columns such as completion date, which I don’t care, or avg. rating, not telling much because of extreme voting possibility (1 star / 5 star).

Night Mode

  • Black background & highlighted text.


YouTube killed 5-star rating scheme in 2009 and replaced it with the like/dislike rating scheme saying that most people only rated if a video was worth 1 star or 5 stars.

Could the administer find out if the same happens here? If anything, I acted differently, giving the majority of my games 3 stars. Perhaps I am getting old so I usually keep my cool about video games.

My would side with LIKE/DISLIKE or FAVORITING. This site needs not become a statistic hub because we already know Metacritic.

Replace the 5-star Rating System
Replace the 5-star Rating System

@Himuton I would support your idea of switching from a stars based rating system to like/dislike or favouriting.


I actually really like that idea. I already do something similar where I put the games I like on the “played” shelf and when I get around to it, the ones I don’t like on a “dislike” shelf. My reasoning is simply that I don’t want to look at the games I dislike on a regular basis and that I want to clearly distinguish between the games I like and the games I dislike. Replacing stars with a like/dislike/favorite rating system would add clarity to ratings. For example, a 3 star rating for me means that I enjoyed a game but to some, it means they found it mediocre. I’d click “like” for a 3-star game while they’d probably click “dislike”

Also, it may encourage people to leave the finer details of their opinion in a review instead of trying to represent it in the difference between 3 and 4 stars (for example)


My only hesitation with Like and Dislike (which is a system I usually use) is that there isn’t a good option for “It’s Okay”… So I’m in favor of going from a 5-Star system to a “Like, Indifferent, Dislike” system.

Also, thought: the ability to rank games based on the platforms they were played on… which is an important statistic for a number of reasons. I don’t know how this would be handled as a database thing, but on the user end it would work best if when you clicked “Edit Platforms” for a game, the platforms sheet included ratings next to the platform selections.


I’m curious as to what those reasons are. Wouldn’t specifying platform focus the ratings too much on the technicalities of the platform instead of on the quality of the game itself? For example, Finding Nemo is still Finding Nemo whether you watch it on DVD or Bluray. Yes, Bluray is one of the best ways of viewing the movie, but it doesn’t have anything to do with whether it’s a good movie or not. Another example, Arkham Knight is broken on PC, but that doesn’t mean that Arkham Knight is a bad game. It’s kind of similar to a scratched up DVD of a good movie. Just some thoughts…


Actually, you answered the question yourself with Arkham Knight. It’s broken on PC, but it isn’t a bad game on consoles, where it works… However, a PC gamer might see that “Arkham Knight” has four stars, think “Okay” and get that version. It allows the community to rank different versions of a title.

More importantly, though, are games which are lumped together but really aren’t the same. For example, the Harry Potter games. They share titles and marketing assets, and so are lumped together in the database… but the Game Boy Color, Game Boy Advance, Home Console, and PC versions are actually totally different games. In the case of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, there’s even two different console versions depending on whether you’re playing the PSx version or the GCN version. They aren’t the same… so having them share a rating is kind of wrong.


@Kriven Yeah, I agree with you that something might have to be done about your second point. I remember playing LOTR The Third Age when I was a kid. The GBA version was a Fire Emblem style tactics game and the GC version was basically Final Fantasy X: Lord of the Rings Edition. Glad the days of half-assed movie liscenced games are over. :stuck_out_tongue:


This is definitely being worked on. It’s slow going, but specifying the release of a game will be an option in the future. The issue typically happens on licensed games, but there are definitely other cases where it pops up. I think being able to specify which release of a game you have on your shelf will fix that.

As for specifying a different rating for different releases, I don’t know if I want to get into that or not. If I were to do it, the “overall” score of a game would ignore which release/platform a rating was for, but it might kind of cool to see a breakdown of what people are rating.


I’ve never done an analysis of ratings distributions. It would be interesting to see! I think over a large sample, the games that people like more tend to outrank others. I know that’s a silly thing to say, but if it we went with LIKE/DISLIKE, everything would just get lumped into two piles. If you look at this list: Top 250 games on Grouvee, I think we have a pretty good list of games for the top 250. It’s created using the IMDB Top 250 formula which weights a games average with its number of ratings. I would be sad to not be able to do something like this.

I actually do want this site to become a statistics hub. I realize there’s a user component to Metacritic, but people go there to look at critic’s scores. I honestly don’t care what critics say anymore. I want to know what normal people, who play on a normal person’s schedule, have to say about a game way more than a game critic who’s job it is to play games in such a different environment. I want Grouvee to become the place people come to find out which games normal people like!

As for favoriting a game, that might not be a terrible thing to add in. I think there are 4 star games out there people put on their favorites lists over 5 star games for one reason or another, and it would be a good data point to have. I think Letterboxd does something similar.

I love the ideas! Keep posting so I can figure out what to focus on.

Top 250 Games on Grouvee

It does. You rank a movie out of five stars and you also have the option to mark whether or not you like a movie. I have, on occasion, liked a movie that I simultaneously believe only deserves two stars.

That is probably not a bad thing, especially given it presents a percentage of like vs dislike which is argualby a better metric than the number of stars a game receives.I am of the mind that a four or five point rating system provides very little reliable data. Stars, or points, are arbitrary. What four out of five means to you likely means something completely different to me. Because the experience of media is an affectual one we really cannot quantify that experience. Thus, it is my feeling that assigning stars really has little significance. Even more so when someone attempts to use a five star rating system to objectively prove or measure that a game is good/bad. It really holds very little water because that metric is based on the personal experience of pleasure or displeasure related to the game. Taking a rating of three out of five stars really has little value because the meaning of three out of five varies wildly from person to person. And since the experience of enjoying a form of media such as video games is subjective, a like/dislike system is most likely a superior one. It tells you accurately that x number of people like and x number of people dislike a particular media object. I find it much easier to understand the relationship a community has to something like a movie or a game if I can see the percentage of people who like versus dislike. A star rating is far more difficult to decipher.