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I did a little something special for your shelf. The way Grouvee normally works is to only add a game to your Steam shelf if it’s not in your collection already. I should probably make that a setting for power users. I did an import that ignores that fact for your shelf, and you’ve got 161 games on your shelf now. DLC is mapped to the main game, so that might account for the difference in numbers. Let me know if it still looks messed up!


Most impressive, thank you!


…following on from a previous point made about the main thread getting cluttered on occasion.

Is it worth having some sort of system where you have the option to private message someone? That way individuals can have a bit of a chit chat about a topic / game that they’re both keen to discuss, without cluttering the main thread. You could still have the option to comment / reply option to the main thread for all to see, but you could also have the option to take the discussion off the main thread to prevent clutter, especially when things go off topic.

Just noticed that there’s a way to message people if you click on their avatar in the forums, but this doesn’t appear to exist if you click on their name /avatar in the main feed.


Hi Peter,

Im pretty new to this website, so if i’m asking for something that has already been either discussed or that it’s already in progress, i’m sorry.

But i’d really like to see an app for this, to be able to adjust my lists on the fly, either on a Desktop app or a Android/ IOS app.

Is that something you’ve been looking into?

                      Thanks, Felipe.


Why do some games have their remastered version in the database, i.e. Resident Evil Remasters, while games like Heavy Rain (that is getting a remaster on the PS4) just add a PS4 platform option to the same database entry (The game is shown as if it was available on both platforms, instead of a different database entry for the remastered version).

Also, some games that have different release dates among different platforms only show one, i.e. Rise of the Tomb Raider shows Xbox One Release date, while the PC/ PS4 version are only coming out on 2016.

If those are things that you’re aware of, i’m sorry, i’m new here :slight_smile:



Me too! I definitely want an iOS/Android app someday, I just haven’t had time to build one. I’m not a mobile guy at all, so it would take a significant amount of work on my end to get it done. I’ve looked at different frameworks in the past, and have even sketched some stuff out. I’ve just never put anything together that’s substantial.


The data comes from Giant Bomb, and I think that if a game doesn’t have a significant difference between platforms, they just add the platform to the current game entry. The Last of Us is another example where there is just a PS4 option instead of a new entry. I tend to agree with that idea since I don’t think they’re really different games. I think the Resident Evil remake that came out on GameCube, then PC, etc. is so substantially different than the PS1 game that it deserves its own entry.

The release date is the first release date the game was available in any region. There is a secret releases page for every game, I just don’t have it linked currently because I don’t like the design. If you want to look at the different releases, just add /releases/ to any game page URL. (

No worries! Welcome! Hope you like the site.


Thanks for the reply, Peter!

I was not aware that you were the one that created the website (again, new here :slight_smile: ).

That would be a great idea, but yeah, it would take quite some time…


Thanks again for the replies.

Congrats, the website is great!

Took care of my two main issues in gaming, first being the always groing backlog (which i can now keep track of) and wishlist games, as they’re split among different platforms, using this website i’m able to keep all of them in a single list, instead of split into their platforms!


Hi Peter,

is it possible to add the option to sort my lists by platform?

For example, i have many games wishlisted, and i’d like to sort them showing platforms first, to separate the ones on PC from the ones on console, for example…


Looks like Peter already answered this. Giant Bomb must have some kind of guidelines about how they determine which ones get a separate entry. I know I have heard them talk about it a little on their podcasts. I try to keep things relatively similar to the way the source data is when adding new stuff for people. Otherwise, it can get a little crazy.


There’s no way to sort it, but you can filter by platforms. You can filter either by platforms you’ve specified on your shelf, or by any platform a game is on.


Hi Peter,

don’t know if it needs to be here or in another thread
there’s a small mistake - Rabbids Go Home have a PC version as well
can’t catalog it properly now



I’ve added PC to the game now. Thanks!


Searching the topic is rather difficult, but is there any reason that PS3/4/Vita and Xbox 360/One games aren’t imported? I mean

Raptr Gamercard

Raptr can track all of them already. Heck, if you can just pull from Raptr, that would be good enough. Then I would only have to manually add 3DS, Wii, and Wii U games.

Also. App.


I have been here for a few weeks now and I realize I have not officially said hi. So hi all, and thanks for the great site :smile: I have been wanting an effective way to keep track of games I discover and wish to play on some future date and Grouvee is an excellent tool for that. I am very happy I stumbled upon it.


Hello! New to the site … so Hi!

Also, trying to import my steam library. Put in the URL as described but no import email. Does it normally take very long? Is there maybe a link to a different forum with related info?

Nice to meet you all.

Thank you!



This is partially on me. I still haven’t updated the help page about “private” Steam profiles. Here’s a copy and paste of the steps you need to take:

Your Steam profile is set to private. We can’t import your games unless the profile is public.

Here’s the steps I tell people to take if they want to keep their profile private, but want to import their games:

  • Temporarily set your Steam profile to public.
  • Go to your Grouvee settings page, delete your Steam community URL, save your profile.
  • Go back into your Grouvee settings, re enter your URL, then save your profile. This will kick off the Steam import.
  • Once you get the email saying it’s done, you can reset your Steam profile to private. Obviously it won’t import anymore games, but you’ll have your collection in there at least.
  • Let me know if this doesn’t work or if you have any other questions!


Awesome Peter - I set my Steam profile to public and now my games are imported. Thank you so much for the information :slight_smile:


Yay! I was about to suggest this too so thanks! looking forward to showing off my game collection same as letterboxd