What games in your backlog do you want to play this year?

As the title asks, what games in your backlog do you want to get played this year? There are plenty of great games coming out this year, but most of us probably have some games that have been stewing in the ‘I really want to get this played!’ pile.

So what are some of those games for you? Which of these older titles are you going to grab by the horns and finally complete? Maybe a game you picked up but for some reason just didn’t get through but have been wanting to try and conquer for awhile?

I am asking for a reason. But shhhhh I’m not telling you why yet. :wink:

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This game has been staring at me for a couple of years. I’ve played it a few times, and I really love it, it’s just so long. I’d love to put some time into again.

Games I’ve only scratched the surface:

Games I haven’t even played:

Games I really need to finish because I already invested a lot of time in:

Then there’s all my Atari 2600 games I bought a few months ago. So I have lots of games to play. Sorry for the long post. I want to play more of the above games and hopefully 100% one of them.

Long posts are great! The more games the merrier!

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When I read the topic question, two games come to mind:

I really enjoyed the time I spent on this one, but like usual, it was forgotten as soon as the next shiny toy came out. It’s a bad habit I know.

I love the Persona games, and while this is not Persona, that’s what I was expecting. Not fair to the game. I need to give it another shot with a more open mind.


It is difficult to pick the next title out of my backlog of games (decision anxiety anyone?). Aside from a few larger studio releases that I picked up on sale over the holidays (Dragon Age Inquisition, Wolfenstein: The New Order, Far Cry 4) there are several independent releases that I would very much like to play in the near future. Here is a small sampling:

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Well I just added White Night to my wishlist, thanks to your list :slight_smile:

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[quote=“bmo, post:7, topic:686”]
Well I just added White Night to my wishlist, thanks to your list :smile:
[/quote]Nice! I’ve only played it for 20 mins but definitely want to get back into it. I don’t have any good reason for neglecting it. Maybe I didn’t want to pick up a survival horror game at the time but I was actually following this game for awhile. The art style is awesome which is reason enough to get it.

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I remember reading an article on the development, but it had since slipped my mind. Nice to have a reminder.

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These are 3 that stand out in my mind: :smile:

I’ve been dying (ha) to get into this series this year.

This game just sounds fantastic.

I really want to play Master Quest, which I’m pretty sure is unlocked at the end of the original game.


Some of the more “urgent” titles are:
Demon’s Souls
Metroid Prime
Shadow of the Colossus and ICO
To the Moon


The Legend of Xanadu since it requires a translation guide to complete.

In order:
Star Fox Adventures
Eternal Darkness
Mario Galaxy
Wind Waker

I have previously beaten STA and WW, but it’s been a while so felt the need to replay them. I recently picked Eternal Darkness up and really look forward to playing it.

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Yikes, I have a lot, but the ones I’m definitely going to try to tackle are:

Bravely Default
Broken Age
Shin Megami Tensei: Persona (Technically, I’m “playing” this now, but I have been a long hiatus and need to get back and complete it)
Professor Layton and the Last Specter
Zero Escape: Virtue’s Last Reward
Gone Home

I originally had Revelations: Persona listed, but I’m actually playing the ported version of the PSP game, which is SMT: Persona (oy…). Then I want to play Persona 2 (one of those) and then Persona 3 (one of those), Persona 4 (both of them, probably), and FINALLY I’ll be ready for Persona 5 next year.

I mean, there’s definitely more, but my top 6 are these ones.

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That’s about the same path I’ve gone down. I played about 20 hours of it, thought it was great, put it down for a few weeks and was just lost when I came back.

I’ve played through Persona 4 on the Vita though, and it’s amazing. Easily in my top 3 favorite games ever now.

@peter and @ernestsu, what are the differences between Persona 3 and 4? Is there a reason you stopped playing Persona 3?

I think Persona 3 for the PS2 was very different from 4 in the way the game controlled and played. I want to say in 3 you only had control over the main character in battle, and you couldn’t walk around the town. If you play the PSP version of 3, it’s very similar to 4. So much so that I would say the main difference is the story and the setting. They both have social links, jobs, and lots of stuff to do outside of dungeon crawling. I’m sure there are a lot of subtle differences, but I played the PSP version of 3. It mostly felt the same as 4.

I think the main reason I stopped playing 3 was because I put it down for a couple of weeks when I had a bunch of work to do. I just never came back to it. I also felt a little more attached to Hero (Yu in the anime) in 4, so I was more compelled to see his story through.

I would like to play games like overwatch, battleborn, doom, counterstrike global offensive and world of warcraft legion kaufen the upcoming series that will surely going to be amazing. Waiting for the series to release.

Right now the next games I want to play are Dragon’s Crown (PS3) and Bayonetta (PS3)



I’ve watched both games on youtube and they look unique in my opinion, especially Dragon’s Crown. I’ve ordered it and been waiting for almost a month for that game, next monday I should have it. And then my PS3 will be repaired as well as the laser was broke

If you haven’t played Muramasa: The Demon Blade and Odin Sphere Leithrasir I would highly recommend adding them to your list. They are Vanillaware’s masterpieces, and several leagues better than Dragon’s Crown.

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