What do you guys expect from the rumoured Nintendo Direct?

The rumour is that next week Nintendo will hold a Direct outlining what their plans are for 2018.

I wrote an article stating that Nintendo needs to focus on three things to continue their growth in 2018.

These things are: Online infrastructure, the Virtual Console and Games.

What do you guys think they should focus on? What games would you like to see come to the Switch in 2018? And do you really care about the Virtual Console?


Switch Indie Fix

The Legend of Zelda: Wheeze of the City :wink:

Kakariko Village is sold out from underneath the villagers to developers who plan to put up several mixed residential towers. Link will have to battle through several increasingly difficult levels of zoning hearings and meetings with contractors, lawyers and government officials at the Hyrule Budget and Planning office. Critics will hail it as revolutionary and genre redefining.


Hahahaha :joy::joy:

It’s a nice idea but I wouldn’t get my hopes up!

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I expect huge disappointment echoing around the internet! I expect thousands of fanboys to have their dreams dashed when they expected E3 levels of hype but got minor news!

But seriously, some news on the progress of the new Zelda post-BotW maybe, Animal Crossing, DLC for Mario Odyssey … plenty of indie stuff. Very little 1st party, really.

I would also love some confirmation of the rumoured Link’s Awakening remake for 3DS but something tells me that’ll never actually happen :smiley:

In terms of VC, what I want is GameCube on Switch. What I expect is SNES Classic Mini on Switch.

Yeah I’m not a fan of hype. But I think Nintendo needs to outline why people should buy a switch in 2018. Most people buy into Nintendo because of Zelda and Mario. However, with both of those games released, it’ll be interesting to see if Nintendo pull anything out of the bag for 2018.

A trailer detailing any information about Metroid Prime 4 or the New Pokemon would be enough for anyone. Animal Crossing and Fire Emblem would be nice and more likely. Less likely but what I would like to see is anything related to Pikmim 4. Oh and Mother 3, come on, Reggie give us Mother 3.

Well, it hardly takes a genius to figure out that we want games.

They’ve got their major Mario and Zelda. Now what? What’s going to keep people buying it in the millions?

I’d like to see some Metroid Prime 4 footage personally.


Best new was definitely Dark Souls. Too bad I just bought Prepare to Die Edition for PS3 a few days ago. Hope for a Trilogy but it seems sony is getting the goods as usual. Demon’s Souls again ignored when it deserves love.

I suppose Demon Souls is up to Sony to remaster. I wouldn’t count it out for the count yet.

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It would be interesting, especially if they made some tweaks. I would really love it if they made world and character tendency easier to manipulate. I feel like I am in pure black tendency the whole game so far. Also those crystal lizards are annoying to farm.

Nintendo teases reveal for ‘new interactive experience’ on Switch

2pm PST / 5pm EST

Excitement levels at… a mild curiosity. Interested to hear what it is but I’m not expecting anything really cool.


Oh wow not only was that not cool at all, but I don’t think I have ever seen Nintendo waste Research and Development dollars like this since the Virtual Boy. This and no big game releases set for 2018 makes me feel anxious that Nintendo played their best cards too soon. Who will buy Labo? Not me for sure. Maybe those who are hardcore collectors and make unboxing videos or reviews. I can’t see this working out. I have read comments on the video and they are almost all positive. If this ends up selling well, good for Nintendo but I wholeheartedly believe this was a huge plunder that will end up screwing over the Switch’s reputation unless they pull something amazing at E3.

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I don’t know, I think it looks kind of awesome. I plan on getting at least the robot under the guise of I’m buying it “for my son.” I am kind of curious to hear how sturdy the stuff is. If it’s made for kids, that stuff could get ripped up in a hurry.

I’m not a huge fan of the name though.


This is going to be one of the hottest things for kids this year. Expect parents desperately trying to find stock later in the year with every kid with a switch wanting it. I think Nintendo came up with something that is not only super unique, but exciting and educational. I really don’t think this is going to do poorly.

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The beauty of it is that Nintendo said they will release the patterns and custom kits, which allows you to use your own materials. So even if it does tear, you can make more. And then, just wait until the 3-D printing scene starts building custom designs for Labo. This could get pretty exciting.

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It’s for kids… At no point did they try to market it towards adults or older kid/teen players. They’re just trying to put out products that allow the Switch to entertain people at any age, although I agree that cardboard doesn’t seem very durable for a toy like this.

edit: I didn’t see BMO’s comment. That’s good to know.


I hope you’re right.