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Title: Champion of Cyrodiil

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I completed everything in this game, every single last little side quest there was to be found! Except one, that was all bugged out. It still annoys me that I couldn’t get that one last quest done - a bunch of women wanting you to murder this guy that had been messing around with all of them. :laughing: You were supposed to wait in this house for the guy, but he never shows up, no matter how long you wait.


I’ve played this game for hundreds of hours. It is the game that really got me into gaming, so it has special meaning to me. I was absolutely amazed at the game at the time: I could never have thought such a great game existed. I still get mad when people badmouth Oblivion, haha. Completed every single quest and location in it multiple times.


agree it was good and the Knights of the Nine and Shivering Isles was rather good too. Shivering Isles really was memorable for me. (A horse of a different color to say the least,)

I spent last weekend reading up on shivering islands and the events of it after reading a lot of the lore in Skyrim’s books regarding Sheograth. :slight_smile:


Playing through this game with mods. Easily my second favourite PC experience other than Undertale.


I also have badge name suggestions:

-Elder Scrolls IV Life


-Cyrodiil Conqueror

-Guild of 100% Oblivion

-Master of Tamriel

I could think of more but I’m tired.


Who amongst you dare stand before the Septim’s Servant, Master of Mudcrabs, Acrobatic exploiter of mapping errors, Oblvion Planeswalker, Destroyer of Daedra & Gatecrasher el Grande ? For it is I the Jostler of Havok and Jiver of the Jyggalag! The ancient Imperial ancestor of the new Vegas Courier! Stoopidus Yodaddy
:lore thickens and intensifies:


Finished this back on release on xbox 360, really need to get back into Skyrim though!


completed it and hated it, Morrowind is true experience


300 hours one of my favorites save for the annnoying and repeteive Oblivion gates


Completed it back in high school on PC.


“Thank ye, kind sir.” :crazy_face:

Finished it along with all the DLC’s and as many side-quests I could find (Shivering Isles was an odd beast but a well-made DLC). I still can’t forget that fanboy I earned after winning the arena tournament, only to have him killed facing the bandits outside.


Completed, or at least as much as one can ever really complete an Elder Scrolls game. Badge please!


Worst main quest ever.

Badge please. :slightly_smiling_face: