Super Sonic Way Past Cool Fan Club

After the discussion HERE, I thought I’d go ahead and make this and see how people take to the idea. Obviously, feel free to create your own fan club if you’d like. (@peter / @BMO I’m not sure if this is the right place to post this, so feel free to move it).

As the name suggests, this is a fan club for Sonic the Hedgehog. Obviously all posts in this thread will be about Sonic and related games/ news/ articles/ discussion/ etc. I’ll share any Sonic stff I think is might be of interest to the wider Sonic fan base (it’s not just me here on Grouvee, right?). Others are welcome to do the same.

The general idea (and of any other “Fan Clubs” if people want to make them) is to have a more focused place for discussion than just on the Grouvee main page. This is something of an experiment at the moment to see how people like the idea, so please feel free to play around!


So now that Frontiers is out, the next big thing in Sonic’s world is the release of Sonic Prime, the animated Netflix show. (Sorry, couldn’t figure out how to embed the trailer)

Personally I think it looks pretty cool. They’ve nailed the tone. Looking forward to it.

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I’m actually really looking forward to Sonic Prime and have been for a while. While I didn’t play Frontiers for various reasons (mostly financial but also some personal) I am actually really excited about Sonic Prime. It’ll be a neat little thing to have during the wait that is the 2nd and 3rd Sonic feature.


Loved the Genesis and Dreamcast games when I was younger. Didn’t play any of the games that came afterward for a long time, but a few years ago I started playing more of the more modern stuff. I have mixed feelings for most of those. For a brief overview:

I really dig: 1, 2, 3, & Knuckles, Mania, Adventure, Adventure 2, Rush Adventure

Somewhere in the middle: Generations, Colors, Forces, Advance games, other DS games, CD, 8-bit entries, Unleashed (daytime)

I can’t stand: Unleashed (nighttime), Heroes, 4, Lost World

(I haven’t gotten around to the infamous 06 or the Wii waggle games. One day, maybe?)

Sonic is a fun character, though Eggman (or Robotnik!) is always my favorite. Along with the gameplay (generally), I’ve also always really liked the music of Sonic games. IDK why, but there’s like a thousand bangers in this series. Favorite soundtrack is probably Sonic Adventure 1, though Sonic Rush 1 and Sonic CD (Japan) are also right up there.

I thought the first “live-action” Sonic movie was all right, but found myself much more pleasantly surprised by the second. I also got a kick out of the Sonic Boom episodes I’ve watched. (Haven’t played the games for those and maybe never will given their general reception… but the cartoon was super funny.) I have a soft spot for some of the older cartoons too, namely the first two (the Looney Tunes-esque “Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog,” and the more serious one simply titled “Sonic the Hedgehog”), as cheesy as they are. The old anime OVA is also… interesting, lol.

Want to also give a shoutout to the IDW Sonic comics. I read the first ten or so volumes this past year, and they’re pretty great. Nice artwork, and about as good of writing as once can hope for when it comes to something of this sort. I’m sure there’s a hundred restrictions for what they can or can’t do for the main characters, so I’ve ended up rather liking the OCs for the series, which I definitely never expected.

I haven’t gotten around to Frontiers yet – might get it for Christmas. I’ve heard a wide variety of reactions, but a lot of what I’ve heard makes it sound like it’ll probably click with me? Maybe? At the very least, the soundtrack is fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiire. I’m glad that’s (almost) always a constant for the franchise, ha ha.


Honestly the biggest thing regarding Sonic I am excited for include the DLC for Sonic Frontiers and the upcoming third film with Shadow. It doesn’t hurt that my kids love the characters too.


This is fun. I am not a long time Sonic fan, but have recently really come around to enjoying the games quite immensely. I have to thank people like you @JoeyPajamas, @lesbiangamesnob, @tylerisrandom and others for your many discussion of Sonic on the main page responsible for sparking my interest in the series. My new found love of the series speaks volumes about the success of Grouvee as a welcoming and encouraging space for game appreciation and discourse. Thank you all and I look forward to more Sonic discussion.


After seeing Sonic 2, I got into a playing Sonic kick for a bit

I played the Classic Collection [DS] and Adventure 1 and 2 on Gamecube. I thought they were pretty cool. I guess I don’t really keep up with the new ones as much

Oh, and we watched Sonic Christmas Blast, as is our tradition


Omg, there is a Sonic Christmas special. I’m adding that to our family rotation this year!


One of my earliest gaming memories is seeing Sonic and Aladdin running on a Genesis retail kiosk: We had an NES, but those two games looked like playable cartoons to me.

First game I owned was Sonic 2 (the pack-in with the Genesis II). A friend gave me issue 10 of the Archie comic at a birthday party, which I continued collecting. That kept my interest alive in the drought between S&K and Adventure, the first in the series I completed without a Game Genie.

As a kid, Sonic appealed to me because he was fast and cool. As an adolescent, Sonic appealed to me because there was actual characterization and lore to dig into. As an adult, I find his design incredibly appealing (even more-so than the iconic characters that inspired him), and I relate to his inability to slow down.

  • Favorite 2-D Sonic: Mania
  • Favorite 3-D Sonic: Adventure (specifically on Dreamcast)
  • Favorite Handheld Sonic: Rush Adventure
  • Favorite Comic Adaptation: Any of Ian Flynn’s “classic” comics, like the “Mega Drive” specials from Archie or the 30th anniversary one-shot from IDW.
  • Favorite Animated Adaptation: Tyson Hesse’s Mania shorts are phenomenal.
  • Favorite Toys: It’s a tie between the 90s plushies I’ve kept for decades or the ReSaurus Adventure figures (which adorn the wall of my home office).

It’s awesome to see so many Sonic fans here! Opinions on the character and series are so varied, it’s great to hear why everyone enjoys them.

I realise I’ve never actually said why I love the character so much, so I thought I’d give a brief explanation;

Originally playing the Mega Drive games as a kid it was just the “cool” factor. For whatever reason, SEGA really managed to grab that 90’s attitude with the character better than pretty much anyone else. He was the epitome of cool, at least for we 10-12 year olds in Australia.

After the “death” of the Dreamcast I moved away from console gaming and Sonic. I didn’t want to side with “enemys” Nintendo or Sony, so started PC gaming. As there wasn’t much Sonic stuff on PC - apart from the Adventure re-release and the odd compilation of 16-bit games - my interest wained.

This continued until 2011 or so. Completely on a whim I picked up and issue of Archie’s Sonic comic. I had read it before but not though much of it, so not really sure what enticed me to grab it, perhaps the artwork?

Anyway, it was issue #168 and early into Ian Flynn’s career writing the character. Well, I absolutely LOVED it! The characters were well rounded, the dialogue actually intelligent and the story lots of fun. I continued picking up issues from that point and have followed Flynn’s work ever since.

Honestly, I credit Flynn almost exclusively for my current love of Sonic. I was very much a lapsed fan when I read that first comic and his writing utterly captured me. He presented these characters that I knew from old in a way that was intelligent, interesting and respectful but also heaps of fun. He didn’t treat them as “just for kids” as others have done (looking at you, Penders, you bastard!). He gave us a peek behind the cool, as it were, and showed the humanity of the characters, as much as SEGA would allow anyway.

I thought the series showed just why Sonic does what he does better than any of the games. In the games Sonic is the hero because he’s who you play as. Flynn showed what drove Sonic, and it really resonated with me. I also really clicked with how he depicted Sonic and Tails’ relationship; kind of brotherly. Not sure why it clicked with me so much, maybe because I don’t have a brother or maybe because I was always the “weird” one at school, but I loved it.

Anyway, after this I started getting heavily into the serie again. I also became interested in retro gaming at this time so that helped; revisiting the older games and reading up about them.

Now, I find Sonic to be interesting because of the kind of hero he is. I guess the closest example would be Spider-Man. He does what he does not because he has to, but because he believes it’s the right thing to do. He fights for people’s freedom not based on any ideology, but because he believes people should be able to decide for themselves what their life should be and, as long as it doesn’t hurt anyone else, is happy for them to do so. He does what he does not out of a specific world view, or a quest for vengeance, or to right some wrong, but because it’s right. To me that is the best kind of hero.

Wow. This got really long. Sorry everyone. :smile:


I remember flipping through a few Archie Sonic comics here and there back in the day, but didn’t understand anything that was going on so I never really dove in. From what I’ve read online, it’s had quite the roller coaster history. Starting off (too) lighthearted and silly, becoming (too) dark and serious, getting experimental (sometimes in good ways, sometimes in not so good ways), having to inelegantly shoehorn video game plots, adding like a hundred characters, suddenly having to get rid of like a hundred characters… Maybe one day I’ll give it all a read for kicks, when I have a lot of free time. (From what I understand, the UK also had their own Sonic comic series… which was bizarre in its own special ways lol. And then there’s an obscure old manga in Japan, for yet another odd take on things.)

At any rate I believe my experience with Archie Sonic would’ve been well before Ian Flynn started working on it. Going by the IDW run, he seems to actually be invested in the characters and also has a solid enough grasp on comic book story pacing.


Yeah, the Archie series had a pretty turbulent time. Even after Flynn took over, there was a lot of “baggage” from previous writers he had to deal with, dictates from SEGA that made things hard (the game plots being forced in, Sonic and friends not able to show too much emotion, which is why there are so many extra characters come from), and then a previous writer basically scuttling everything through law suits.

Thankfully by the time IDW got the licence SEGA trusted Flynn and kind of let him do his thing.Id recommend checking those out and leaving Archie as a curio.

People might hate me saying this, but I’ve never liked the UK Sonic the Comic. Sonic comes across as a real jerk and Tails a wimpy git. Never vibed with me at all.

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Oh, yeah!


I loved it so much, I can’t wait for the new content.

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That’s a really interesting take. Firstly, because the originally games were developed almost solely from a desire to make a fast, action heavy platforming game, and secondly because it shows just how much character Sonic Team was able to impart with just a few pixels.

I think the “dark age” that lasted - let’s be honest - from after Adventure 2 to Colours (jeez, 10 years!) irrevocably hurt the franchise and part of that was how the characters were portrayed. You had writers come in that didn’t understand the characters and - especially in the case of Tails - really did bad by them, particularly the English-language writing team of Warren Graff and Ken Pontac.

Compare this to Ian Flynn who, as a life long fan of the series, really knew who these characters were and what they were about. His characterisations kept with and expanded on everything that was put in place up to Adventure 2. Tails wasn’t a complete whuss, Sonic wasn’t totally arrogant, Knuckles wasn’t a bone head etc.

I agree with what you say as it was the comics that really brought me back into Sonic fandom. While I still enjoyed playing the games (yes, even Heroes and Forces) the characters never felt right. It’s pretty telling that in the two Hollywood films the characters are portrayed much closer to their Classic/ Adventure/ comic counterparts than anything post-Adventure 2 (not counting Frontiers).

With Flynn writing Frontiers the characters have been brought back in line with how they should be. He fixes the “Tails problem” in a wonderful way that actually feels believable. I’d highly recommend checking that out or, if you’re not interested in the game and don’t mind spoilers, look up the cutscenes on YouTube.


This fan club, along with a lot of the talk surrounding Frontiers, made me want to revisit Sonic Adventure once again. It’s a game I loved on the Dreamcast, but over the years the internet persuaded me that it’s mid. But playing it again now, I just found myself having a really good time from start to finish.

Yeah, the camera could be better, and I’ll always have mixed thoughts on the decision to give different play styles for all the different characters (i.e., just let me play through regular Sonic-style levels for Tails and Knuckles). But the controls overall are solid, the adventure hub areas are charming, the action stages are engaging, and the soundtrack is god-tier. Some bosses are meh, but others are cool. Perfect Chaos still best final boss in a Sonic game.

Oh, and I will always say the chao garden was a stroke of genius addition for the 3D platformer genre, and it’s a crying shame that it hasn’t really been a thing since Sonic Adventure 2. Insert meme: the virgin “collect 800,000 bananas for replayability” vs the chad “raise your ultimate squad of Olympian chao babies for replayability.”

As for the story (since that’s a topic here at the moment), Sonic Adventure’s probably my favorite of all the games. Is it great? Well, I’d say parts of it still hold up. Tails has a nice little character arc, and the overarching backstory with Tikal, Chaos, and all the emeralds is surprisingly heavy for the target audience. I really wish Knuckles could’ve had more of an arc (he should be the one most invested in everything, but he never has a single reaction beyond “huh? dat was kinda weird, oh well back to my mission” for any of it). The true highlight of the game plotwise though is definitely the bizarre yet fascinating tangent that is Gamma the robot’s side story. It’s not quite “Nier Automata for Kids” but… damn. They didn’t have to go that hard, but they did lol.

And here’s my time to be a Big the Cat apologist. Big is the simple but goodhearted everyman who gets caught up in all the craziness – how often do we get that? And thus, turning him into a “running-through-action-levels” more active hero in Sonic Heroes was an epic fail. Since his campaign in Sonic Adventure is real short, the fishing is like a little break from the rest of the game IMO.

Since I’m playing Sonic Adventure via Steam this time, I’ve been able to mess around with mods. Restoring the Dreamcast character models was the first order of business (IDK what they were thinking with the glossy metal finish on everyone for the DX release), along with all the other little fixes the mod launcher provides. It’s also been nice to add snow to Station Square along with the Dreamcast Christmas trees DLC content, 'tis the season after all.

And it’s been fun trying out all the different costumes and character models people have made for the game! The Klonoa one was especially cute, as it included his gibberish-speech. (Ah, now I want to play Klonoa again…)

Mod Pics


I collected every issue from the 1/4 “ashcan” through 200, which I decided was a nice stopping point since I wasn’t really reading them consistently anymore (I wrote about the milestone back in 2009). What I will say is that the series kinda grew with me:

  • When I was a little kid, it was mostly slapstick “happy-go-lucky” humorous stories (mostly by the same creative team as Marvel’s “Alf” comic :sweat_smile:).
  • As I approached and entered adolescence, the comic was fully entrenched in the “Ken Penders” phase. As easy as it is to make fun of that era (and it deserves every bit of it), to a 12-year-old brain it felt so epic, like a “mature” take on the character.
  • But as I grew old enough to realize that, y’know, maybe it wasn’t very good, here comes Ian Flynn to actually inject some zero-caveat quality into the book.
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Seriosuly, If I ever had the chance to meet Ian Flynn in person I’d want to give him THE biggest hug for his work on Sonic. It’s brought me SO much joy over the last 16-odd years.


He has a real talent for seeing the beauty and opportunity in franchises that others might turn their nose up at. (His Mega Man comics are also wonderful.) I’m just so glad Sega has embraced him, it’s honestly kind of a miracle.


I…I like Ken Penders stuff. I don’t necessarily like Ken Penders, but I like what he created with the franchise and I found it way more interesting - and still do honestly - and for what it’s worth, the Knuckles comic, despite its short lifespan, was EONS better. Such a good cast, such an interesting world. Really wish it could’ve gone on for longer.

Ya know it’s funny, I’m friends with a lot of animators, writers, filmmakers etc on Facebook. I’ve managed to infiltrate the hollywood or hollywood adjacent elite simply by getting in with others. Some of these people include Les Claypool, Jason Gann, Frank Conniff (though he no longer has an account sadly), and a ton of comic book creators like Aaron Alexovich and Roman Dirge, both of whom I’ve met on numerous occasions and actually consider genuine friends.

However, a few months ago, Facebook, as they tend to do from time to time, recommended me a select group of people I may be interested in adding, and one of them was Ken Penders. It was a no brainer, really.

I wasn’t touching that one with a ten foot pole.