Suggestion: Fan Groups/ Clubs

@peter, I used to belong to a collectors site (sadly new defunct) that had this kind of group/ fan club function which while totally open to everyone on the site, could be joined/subscribed to so that whenever something was posted within the group members would get a notification. The idea was so that people who were really into a certain thing had a space to discuss it without those discussion flooding other members’ timelines. Usually, each group would have one or more mods that would also post news/ updates about whatever it was to it.

I was wondering if something like that might happen here, and if users might be interested in it. I’m sure some are sick of seeing me post about Sonic all the time, and personally I could do without all the Dark Souls stuff.

Anyway, just a thought.


It sounds interesting and forum threads do have individual notification settings which means you could follow only the threads you’re interested in:

Image of the thread notification settings dropdown menu that allows you to pick from Watching, Tracking, Normal and Muted

I’m not sure if that functions in line with what you’re envisioning, but it’s already built in.

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In a similar spirit, with all the recent hubub over Twitter’s tumultuous state of late, and many users fleeing in droves to the likes of Hive Social or Mastodon, I’ve started to wonder if Grouvee could become a harbor for more of the gamer community, or if that’s something the current community would even benefit from. So having a special group/fan club feature might attract more people and further benefit existing members with greater social networking/media stuff.

I was not aware of this. Thanks.
I guess the forums could work; have like a special thread just for posts about a franchise or whatever. Could be cool.

My concern with this is that all the d*&^heads would come over. Grouvee has an awesome community and I’d hate to see that watered down buy idiots, and sadly the gaming community on Twitter is full of them.

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Valid concern, no doubt. I thought it might be since I’d heard how some Mastodon instances with established communities are unhappy with the influx of ex-Twitterers. Makes sense.

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Much of that is thanks to the combination of moderation and a community that doesn’t put up with bullshit or shenanigans.

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