This is the discussion/completion topic for Pac-Man.


If you’ve completed the game, let us know below and an admin or moderator will make sure you get your badge!

This badge has no title! Please help us out by giving suggestions! The title can’t be something generic like "Hero’ as it could apply to many games. Make sure it relates to the game somehow, but doesn’t spoil it!

  • Waka-Waka
  • Golden Boy
  • Ghost Buster
  • Pellet Popper
  • Picking Fruit
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Can it be any Pac-Man edition? :smiley:

“paku-paku” (Japanese - sound of mouth opening and closing)

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I don’t see why not. I doubt Jess is going to make a different Pac-Man badge for each edition. So let’s say this badge covers Pac-Man in general. At least until someone says otherwise.

P.S. I’ll take this badge :wink:

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Uhhh, I don’t really know much about Pac-man, so let’s say yes. Just not those weird platformer pac-man games. :laughing:

I could actually probably make like 5 more badges off this badge. You see those tiny colored dots that are the ghosts? Yeah, those are actually about 4 times bigger than the actual badge. I drew the ghosts. Then I made them microscopic. I even made them all looking different directions! :weary:

Wait, what counts as completing Pac-Man? Getting to level 256?


I’m of the opinion that it’s really up to you and what you consider as done.

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Well I’ve of course played Pac-Man several times so I guess I’ve completed it as much as I can.

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Does that mean you want the badge? Frankly, I think it counts.

Yeah, peter went ahead and gave me it.

Bade please! I’ve played it on 2600, stand up cabinet and the sit down table cabinet. sit down cabinet is kinda worth putting a quarter into :slight_smile:

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Can’t say I’ve gone to level 256 but I did get all of the Achievements for this one on the Xbox 360 version. Badge, please :slight_smile:

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A classic for good reason! As entertaining and addictive as ever, though I definitely prefer Ms. Pac-Man which improved on the original to make for a better experience in just about every way. I’d love a badge!

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I have “beaten” this title way back when. Please provide me with the badge.

Thank you.