Most Anticipated Games of 2017

2017 is shaping up to be an exciting year in gaming. Now that 2016 has come and gone with a bunch of great games pleasing gamers everywhere, it is now time to focus on the future and contemplate and wonder about the new games coming out in 2017. What are your most anticipated games set to release in 2017 and what do you hope to see announced this year? Leave your thoughts below!

My most anticipated release of 2017 is The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild along with the release of the Nintendo Switch!

I am also excited for Horizon Zero Dawn as it looks similar to Zelda in terms of open-world exploration and I really like the robotic organism idea and the stone/technological age setting.

and last but not least: Kingdom Hearts 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue (why such a long title?) and Kingdom Hearts 3 (if it is going to be released this year), as I am a Kingdom Hearts nerd.

What games are you guys most excited about this year?

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I thought the only game coming out this year was Persona 5? :slight_smile:


Considering it might take most of the year to play it, it might as well be the only game :wink:

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Nier: Automata hyyyype


I have to add Lady Layton to this list. Persona 5 is certainly a must though.

I’ve also been watching for Thimbleweed Park, but the release date keeps changing and I’m a little hesitant to look forward to it.


The two games that top my list of anticipated games I have happily already pre-ordered:

As for the rest of the list, this is only a smattering of games I am looking forward to. Additional titles have been mentioned by others above, and still some may not come immediately to mind. I am sure I will remember later as I come across them on Grouvee or when posted by other members here.

The partial list is as follows:

Pyre looks like another solid entry from Supergiant.

Rime looks like a wonderful mix of Ico games and Breath of the Wild. And speaking of the latter:

So far I have loved everything Media Molecule has done, and Dreams looks to be no exception.

I know, Specter of Torment is a DLC, but it is essentially another full length Shovel Knight game, for free. I loved Plague of Shadows (it’s my favourite part of Shovel Knight) and I can’t wait for this new installment.

I really enjoyed The Unfinished Swan and am looking forward to Giant Sparrow’s next game.

Sci-fi horror with a retro look. Sign me up.


12 years after second part :smiley:


Should’ve added Rime to my list, I’m an ICO NERD. Love that game, and Rime seems set up to arrive on the Switch so that’s a bonus as I don’t own a PS4 yet.

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Good plan.

You’ll need a PS4 eventually. I’m playing The Last Guardian right now and if you like Ico games you’ll love this. It’s better than I could have imagined.

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Never played Persona but I know it is an RPG, and I love anime and RPGs so is it good? I have a lot of RPGs on my plate (Tales, FFIX, Fable, Oblivion, The Witcher, Kingdom Hearts, Mother 3, etc.) so is it worth taking the time to play?

I’ve heard some good some bad. Is it true the camera freaks out? or is it really that difficult to climb up Trico? Is there an option to get rid of the button prompts that pop up whenever I climb or carry something? Is that narrating voice really annoying and if so can I shut it off?

The Persona series is really unique and quite innovative. Definitely worth a person’s time to play and discover if they like it. @peter is a huge fan, and even though I have mixed feelings about aspects of Persona 4 I think mecahnically and narratively they are very ambitious games that bring a lot of quality to JRPGs. Persona 5 looks to be a very worthwhile game.

I have a friend who says Persona 3 is better. Is that true?

All of the bad that I’ve read about it articles seems to actually relate to things that I believe are intentional. It all seems like the kind of constraints placed on control that intentionally make things awkward, so that you get the feeling of being a child attempting to do difficult things, like climb precarious ledges the r hold onto a giant moving animal. It reminds me of both Ico and Shadow of the Colossus in that some of what you do is intentionally imprecise and thus challenging. However never never challenging to be difficult, but challenging to convey a sense of control that is imperfect because you are a child attempting to manoeuvre and direct a giant cat.

I haven’t found that the camera freaks out. If you back into a tight spot against a wall you might find some awkward views but nothing so strange that the game is unplayable. Maybe I’m just used to Team Ico games but nothing seem that out of the ordinary. It behaves like other games with auto follow. If you move the camera it will hold position unless you start to move and the camera with auto position behind you. It’s not sudden and it’s smooth. There are plenty of other games with that type of camera and they are fine. To be honest there is a setting in FFXIV to toggle between free camera and auto follow because some people prefer the latter. I don’t think this camera will bother everyone. It hasn’t bothered me yet. Only once was I prevented from freely positioning the camera and that’s because I was scaling a wall and to position the camera to see behind me would mean the camera would have to be in the wall. So it wouldn’t let me. I don’t have a problem with that.

I don’t see an option to toggle the button prompts. They seem less frequent as I progress. Maybe they disappear after a while. I noticed them at first but less so as I continue to play.

There’s also no option to turn the narration off, however you can mute voices so you don’t hear the narrator or the child, and you just read their words on screen. That said the narrator isn’t annoying at all. I quite enjoy his tone and intonation. His voice is rather pleasant.

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Maybe but I can’t speak to that. I still need to play 3. 3 is weirder from what I’ve read. @peter can likely touch on that.

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Thats a relief, because reviews made it sound like The Last Guardian was not as immersive or awesome as the trailers made it look. Good to hear that a fellow Team ICO fan enjoyed it. Would you say ICO<TLG<SotC?

Depends who you ask. They’re both very good. I actually haven’t finished Persona 3, but I’ve played upwards of 40 hours and feel confident recommending it, as well as comparing it to 4. The mechanics are very similar to Persona 4. If you play Persona 3 Portable, the mechanics are identical.

They’re both 80 plus hour games. You will run around a school building up social links with your fellow students. You will run around in some type of weird dungeon at night with your fellow team members. The dungeon in 3 is very samey the whole time, where there’s a bit more variety in appearance in 4. Persona 3 has a lot darker atmosphere and story, where as Persona 4 takes itself a little less seriously (although the story is still pretty dark).

Persona 4 Golden is probably my favorite game of all time. That’s the one I’d personally recommend, but I don’t think you can go wrong with either one. The biggest issue is going to be time. You’ve got quite a list of time sink games to play, so throwing these on the pile is going to make it that much more difficult :slight_smile:

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Thimbleweed is definitely on my radar as well. I love me some point and click adventures. I even liked Ron Gilbert’s last game, The Cave. It was something my wife and I played together, and we both really enjoyed it.


Thanks peter! Yeah, steam sales and EB Games deals have really gotten a hold of me. Too many games that I’ve started and have yet to finish. Throwing Persona on top is gonna kill me. Good to know your favourite game is Persona 4 Golden. Mine is a toss up between Earthbound, Pokemon Ruby, Luigi’s Mansion, Majora’s Mask and Metroid Prime.

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