Most Anticipated Games of 2017

Oh man Ron Gilbert has a new game in development. How did I miss out on that?

So far it’s pretty astounding. It’s a very beautiful game and Trico’s behaviour feel eerily natural. I feel like the wait was worth it.

I don’t know if I can rank the Team Ico games, especially not until I’m done The Last Guardian. While they share similar traits and aspects, Each game has different mechanics, aims and implementation making them these very different from one another. That said The Last Guardian feels like a hybridization of Ico and Shadow of the Colossus. I won’t go too deep into why as to spoil anything but it feels like a merging of ideas that provide a gaming experience that is both new and familiar.

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Thanks appreciate it! Sounds to me like The Last Guardian won’t disappoint.

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I don’t think it will. I played a bit more last night and it went smoothly. There were a couple tight spots where the camera had trouble finding an ideal space, but nothing worse than many other games I’ve played in past. So far nothing that breaks game immersion.

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I forgot about Gorogoa:

…and Blackwood Crossing:

…and Little Nightmares. How could I forget this one:

I haven’t played The Cave! I will have to seek that one out for this year as well then.

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The Cave is a lot of fun. Definitely worth it.


No known release dates:
Cyberpunk 2077
also a fallout 4 ‘SE’ would be welcome because that would herald the close of an era to software updates and mods for the original, so i could feel free to start playing it so as to have max compatibility.

Just remembered another one that supposed to come out this year: Rain World. I can thank one of the developers of the game for reminding me via this PlayStation Blog post.

Would also like to add


Persona 5. Everything else doesn’t matter this year. <3


For those interested in Persona games (@kristinthefox, @Peter, @SuperEffective, etc.), I am re-posting this here to maximize the chance fans are aware of it:

Atlus Asks If You Want To See A New Persona 5, Persona HD Remasters, Or Other Spinoffs

Direct survey link here. Note that it is in Japanese.


Thx, @bmo - really appreciate that you’re thinking about the Grouvee community and share this with us. :slight_smile:


Thank you, this is awesome! Using Google Chrome for bad translation is totally worth doing it.

Doesn’t work for me somehow. It always translates the first page (without the buttons) and switches back to Japanese on page 2. How did you do it?

Are you using Google Chrome? I have my settings set on auto-translate, so every new page would just automatically translate into (bad) English. In your Chrome Advanced Settings, have the box checked for “Offer to translate pages that aren’t in a language you read” and make sure in the Language settings, it states “Display Google Chrome in this language” for English.

If you have all of that set up and it’s not working, then I’m not sure. I imagine there are Chrome extensions that might be able to enable language translation.

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Most looking forward to the following,

Tekken 7
Injustice 2
Friday The 13th: The Game
Outlast 2
Red Dead Redemption 2
South Park: TFBW

best not hype after their last development but the thought of a looking glass type thing/arx fatalis thing written by avellone with bethesda sounds quite right actually…