Most Anticipated Games 2016?

Hey all, what games are we looking forward to this year? What exciting titles are on the horizon? It doesn’t have to be a confirmed 2016 release, they can be games that might be released this year, or reboots/remasters. Perhaps you guys know about some games that I haven’t heard of? I think I’m most excited about Obduction, Cyan’s anticipated return to the fancy puzzle game scene. Though I must say that my mind will be blown if The Last Guardian isfinally released; it’s been in development since 2009, and it will finally give me something to play on my PS4 (other than Bloodborne). Routine is another really exciting one, that trailer just gets me drooling for so many reasons. As for Dark Souls III, I’m a little bit apprehensive about it; hopefully they’ll release something on the level of Bloodborne and not just a franchise cash grab.

Here’s my big hopes for the year:


Good list. I had forgotten about Routine and now it’s the only thing I want to play :wink: I’m hoping it gets an eventual release for PS4.

My most anticipated game of the year is Mass Effect Andromeda, without a doubt.

Ditto on Dark Souls III and The Witness.

I’m also a huge sucker and am excited for Final Fantasy XV

My most anticipated game this year though is

I might have to take a month off of work to play it!

I’m throwing these 2 into the mix

…and dittoing everything else above. :smiley:

Adding another one to my list. I just discovered a game called Deep Down. Apparently it’s a Dark Souls clone, it could be good. At least it might give me something to play on my PS4. Though perhaps it won’t be released for a few more years.

I’m going to try and buy more games on release, so for me it has got to be The Last Guardian, Andromeda, Firewatch and Mirror’s Edge Catalyst.

I don’t know how many times I have played the first Mirror’s Edge but I need more first-person parkour in my life right now. Firewatch just looks pretty and intriguing.

Also, some kind of Shenmue re-release to prep me for the third one. Surely that has to happen at some point.

Oooh, I’ve heard about Shenmue but I’ve never played it. I should do that at some point. If you don’t have the hardware, Dreamcast emulation is actually really good at the moment. I’ve managed to get Eternal Darkness running perfectly with my wireless controller. I think the emulator is called “Dolphin.” I’ll have to see if I can get Shenmue going at some point. They should definitely do a “remaster” or something, it’s supposedly the greatest game of all time.

Right? I’ve wanted to play the first 2 Shenmue games for a while now but have zero desire in tracking down/owning a Dreamcast. There’s got to be a PSN re-release around the corner.

This game is out for PC and has been out for awhile but I think the mobile release will be nice. It looks like a Superbrothers type game which I just love mixed with Out of This World.

Another game that’s been out but I think will be fun mobile

This looks awesome. Haven’t played Limbo but it’s from the same developers. PC release should be sweet.

These games have been out. I’m just waiting on a platform I can run.
The Witness looks awesome. I should probably play Braid first considering I do have it.
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I am very excited about Inside. I am hoping, that like Limbo, it reaches platforms other than XBox relatively soon. I am very much looking forward to gettimg my hands on a copy.

Gods Will be Watching is on my backlog, so I share your enthusiasm for the game. There was an early version of the game, a first step in the development of the game more or less, that was playable in browser. If to say nothing else about the game I will say this, it is a difficult play.

Difficult due to controls or just gameplay?
I should play Limbo. I like the stealth theme of Inside.

Gameplay, but not quite in a conventional sense. There is a survival mechanic with tough decisions. At least that holds true for the web app as far as I recall. Try this to get an idea:

Limbo is great. Short but stunning and a lot of fun. I find that it is often on sale or part of things like the humble bundle. I’ve managed to end up with a copy for almost every system or device I own as a result. Watch out for sales. Inside looks to improve on Limbo and add things to the concept started with that game.

It’s either going to be an epic open world masterpiece, or an epic let down…

…I don’t think this is going to replace my never ending sadness for the decline of World of Warcraft (from “Vanilla” to Burning Crusade dominated all aspects of gaming for me, and I battled along until the pandas, then threw in the towel), but I like the idea that this is going to be a massive online world with the potential to have a real sense of adventure, and interact with other players.


Also throwing in my support for Final Fantasy XV, Persona 5, and Horizon: Zero Dawn.

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I have to add two more games to my most anticipated:

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Ooh, I forgot about Ratchet & Clank. I love those games.

@peter I can’t wait. It really doesn’t look any different from previous entries in the series but I simply will never get enough of Ratchet & Clank.

I am looking forward to

Scalebound because I’m always down for more fantasy on my xbox

Unravel because it’s a YARN CAT.

FF15 because its FF and that’s my jam

And i’ll start to look forward to kingdom hearts 3 when they finally decide when it’s coming out


Did you play the FF15 demo when it came out? I ran into some game crashing bugs that pissed me off, but it did get me excited to see the full game.

i’ve got a few i’m super stoked for this year!

pokken & for honor being the most important here for me. i can’t even imagine the amount of binge play pokken will be getting, and even more especially since it’s already confirmed for the EVO line up before its release!

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