This is the discussion/completion topic for Half-Life. Please keep any spoilers blurred!


If you’ve completed the game, let us know below and a staff member will make sure you get your badge!

This badge has no title! Please help us out by giving suggestions! The title can’t be something generic like "Hero’ as it could apply to many games. Make sure it relates to the game somehow, but doesn’t spoil it!


The FPS game that changed my life, setting the standards high for the genre along with a vast modding community.

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Along with Opposing Force a game that changed everything, claim batch!

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This shooting scientist would also like the badge. How about “Ph. D bullet physics” for a title?

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Played this game way too late. I enjoyed it very much though even with the outdated graphics. Badge please.


I will take this badge too thanks.

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Badge please!

Title ideas:

  • Black Mesa Graduate

  • The Freeman

  • Practical Physicist

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Completed the game a few years back, still a few years too late :slight_smile: Really loved the game, it’s in my top 3 of all time

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Glad I beat this one long enough ago that it didn’t seem dated. It’d be hard to go back and play today (though I may end up doing exactly just that via the Black Mesa remake).

Badge, please!

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Badge Please!

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I played this a lot when I was younger, both singleplayer and multiplayer.
I did a proper play through and completed it many years ago. Half-life is one of my favorite game series.

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