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Can you elaborate? Both look ok to me and seem to match what is on Giant Bomb.



something must’ve changed… they were different before. I guess someone corrected the problem. Thanks to whomever did this!



Likely one of the admins.



Yeah, I went in and removed some of the box art that was uploaded a long time ago on those. Giant Bomb must have had bad box art initially, so we probably uploaded something in its place. Once we upload something, that takes precedence over Giant Bomb’s data. That’s why it wouldn’t update with their uploads.

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I think part of the review form should be selecting which platform the game was played on. Many games, especially older ones, can be very different experiences and quality depending on the platform its played on.

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Hate to say it, but the bad box art is back on the Last of Us. Not sure what’s going there. :sweat_smile:



Looks fine here. I just re-uploaded the same art with a different filename. I had a problem with art that had the same filename once. Might just be a broswer/cache issue.


#407 this is the official box art. Still shows up as a weird poster here.



Ours is slightly different than the official artwork. I’ll get it switched back around.

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Hey @peter, i have yet another feature request. :stuck_out_tongue:

I think the frontpage would be much more useful if it would highlight posts about games you have on your shelves. It would be even better if there were options like highlighting games in your backlog or on your wishlist in a different way.

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