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hi, loving the site. i have one request: will it ever be possible for other people to see in my shelf the specified platform for each game, appearing next to the title, just as i can?


Hi everyone!

I’ve been a Grouvee member for over 4 years now, and only today I noticed these forums :joy: I want to start out by saying: Grouvee is an amazing and super useful tool! Thanks @peter for building it! Before I joined, I was on the verge of building something like this myself (I’m a software engineer by trade), but after doing some “market” research, I discovered Grouvee. The initial reason of wanting something like Grouvee in the first place, is because I kept buying games in sales only to discover I already owned that game on another platform.

Grouvee has saved me money, and is great overall, so I took a Gold subscription today. Thanks!

If you ever need some extra hands to help with coding, I’d be happy to volunteer! I have a lot of experience with Python (and many other languages, I’m somewhat of a polyglot). To get an idea of what I have worked on, open source wise: DandyDev (Daan Debie) · GitHub

Anyways, one last question: how do people here deal with games that get reissued as part of a collection? I’m asking because I bought Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection yesterday and want to be able to track the progress of the individual games in that collection. But according to Grouvee, Uncharted 1, 2 and 3 don’t exist on PS4.
How would you solve that?


I bet you’re a better developer than I am! I’ll send you a message on the forums here about help.

As for the collection thing, I haven’t come up with a good answer yet. I guess we could add PS4 to the individual game pages as a hack fix. Realistically the best solution would be to list the individual games underneath a collection type entry. Giant Bomb doesn’t have that data broken out as far as I can tell, so we’d have to manually enter something. I’ve always struggled with it too. Do I add all the games under the collection individually? That seems silly since there is an entry for the collection.

What do you think?


I bet you’re a better developer than I am! I’ll send you a message on the forums here about help.

Ahem, et’s not jump to conclusions here, ok? :wink:

That seems silly since there is an entry for the collection.

On the one hand, it seems silly to add the individual games under the collection, on the other hand, at least it would allow the user to track progress of the individual titles separately. In the case of my previous example - Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection - I can totally imagine playing Uncharted 1 first, finishing it and then moving on to something completely unrelated before picking up Uncharted 2. And in that case, I would want to be able to communicate some progress on Grouvee, basically saying that I have finished Uncharted 1.
It also helps with being able to score the titles that make up the collection individually.

That’s my 2 cents anyways :slight_smile:


Welcome Aiori! You came to the right place. Everyone on this site is awesome, they make a very easy going, judgement free community for people to talk about all those great games you play and even those antique systems. Within the last year I talked about some Atari 2600 games with a member.

I can’t stress enough how everyone makes you feel welcome and included. I’ll second what @bmo said, Peter has done some amazing work and keeps working on the site. Also, the podcast is great. You can find the most recent ten episodes on itunes. They’re very entertaining.


Generally what I do is just write private status notes indicating unfinished quests, multiplayer modes, DLC packs, mods unfinished (or unplayed) on the ‘main’ version of whatever game it is so that when i go back to it i know what i was thinking. I tend to play things procedurely (uncharted 1 THEN uncharted 2 so Uncharted 1 goes in playing/backlog and uncharted 2 goes on wishlist simple as that) I gave a few examples but really a short temp note like this gets it all done, and its easy. If I really want a title to stick out (morrowind) I can put it in played as well as backlog. I also rate thinks 5 stars in backlog/wishlist.

As a owner/purchaser, this is a bit different. I dont use grouvee for extensive cataloguing of my collection really… BUT you can. Different people seem to do things like this in different ways as i have seen shelves of ‘collections’ and ‘owned’ or ‘origin’ (which seems a bit redudant to me to keep things in multiple shelves like that) one could also mark the ‘release data’ for everything which i find a bit more work so dont do it myself (unless i have good reason to tag specific release) I think in your case this is what you might consider doing for Uncharted 1,Uncharted 2,3,4 etc via’ Nathan Drake Collection release’ on each resepective titles page. This is exactly what I would do for this uncharted situation. and I did this for a Metal Gear Solid set.

and if you want to do a lot of tracking of what is 'owned ’ in the long run it might be a bit easier to ‘Edit Platform’ data after a game is ‘owned’ ‘played’ or ‘backlogged’ (by you). This way you can quickly associate any played owned or backlogged title with a platform and have an idea where to look.


My thought were that the site a bit too bright. Could be nice to make like nice darker areas around features and basic tools so that it really pops up somewhat and have sort of minimalistic look to it. Also, it’s easier to look at :slight_smile:


Is there a more efficient way to edit “Platform” than doing them one at a time? Any way to edit an entire shelf or multiple titles? Sorry if this has been asked before, I’m new and couldn’t find it. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: In the process of trying to ad my entire collection.


hi i’m new : )

i was wondering & want to offer some suggestions. i put it under a summary thing because it became long, sorry about that, I’m just curious if any of these are ideas you’d like to implement

could there be more functionality to profiles? for example

  1. sections on your main profile view. i looked at the “about me” section and it doesn’t really work/look nice to put some of these items in the description:
  • friend codes on consoles (3ds, wii u, steam etc.)
  • website links (steam profiles, twitch, youtube or other social media)
  • a little badge/picture of consoles i own (nes, ps3, 3ds etc.)
  • other misc. items such as # of games on wishlist/played/playing/backlog (and/or % of games of each)
  1. banner image or solid colour option instead of the gray box with the description

And for the “my games” list:

  1. ability to have/see notes on the “my games” list (or an icon to click to show the notes i wrote on a game. having a separate notes section would be ideal to keep note of things/easy to access instead of using private status update)

  2. ability to post a status update (with tweet option) but from the “my games” page (easier to access and use than going to the game page)

  3. option to use smaller thumbnails or text only views (no boxart = more games on a page?) and streamlining the games page by moving the columns and rows so text stays on one line. it’s infinitely easier to read and nicer to look at while letting people choose which view they like more. Perhaps the text only option allows you to see all your games on 1 page?

so far, i really like the twitter integration, how i can make my own lists, and being able to check which version of a game i own (amazing for older releases that became digitized instead of keeping both entries on my list and not knowing what to do with the other one). and actually being able to see my entire wishlist :rofl: thanks for the site you’ve made!


Love the site and am quite please with the dark mode feature that comes with the “I-feel-bad-for-using-Ubloc-but-I-can’t-stand-League-of-Legend-ads” Gold subscription. Is there any way to extend it to the forum aswell?

Thanks for the good work. :slight_smile:


Thanks! I’m glad you’re enjoying it.

As for a dark theme here, I haven’t quite figured out how to make it so only Gold members could have it. I also haven’t looked in a little while, and this forum software gets updated a lot. I might be able to do something with it now.


Hello! I have a feedback/suggestion, would it be possible to include an option to target multiplatform games only? For example when I check “Nintendo Switch” and “PC” it shows games on the PC, and then games on the switch, is there a way to make it so that the search engine shows games available both on the PC and Switch instead? Rather than seperate?


Hey, I just discovered this site today and I’m already in love with it.

The only thing I’d like to change is the rating system. A Rating between 0 and 5 is just not enough for me and i would much prefer a 0-10 rating system. I have so many games I really like but are not a 5/5 for me but still better than most of my 4/5 games. Addind a 4,5 (or 9) would just be perfect


Hi, and welcome to Grouvee!

Currently there is no plan to change the rating system. There are various arguments for and against a five star system, however at this time five stars is what has been deemed most suitable. The post wheer @peter, the site founder, explains it best can be found here: Replace the 5-star Rating System. It is always possible this will be revisited in the future, but for now 5 stars is the system in place.


Hello, I use Groovee from time to time and i love it. I whish we could be notified when an upcoming game in my whishlist is released :grinning:



Would it be possible to somehow show what percentage of the top 250 games we’ve completed? There could maybe be a little checkmark next to the ones we have marked as completed or maybe even a percentage number listed at the top of the page? It could be similar to how imdb does their top 250 movies.

Thanks so much and keep up the great work!!


I have some suggestions:

  1. Indicate in the list of games if you’ve posted a review about a game. It could be like a checkmark or X between “avg rating” and “platform”. Or it could even be a 6th button, next to Played.

  2. On the main page, indicate what game a comment is about. Now it just says “commented on this review/status”.

  3. Allow us to copy the contents of one shelf to another.

  4. If a game only has one platform, automatically use that.

  5. Let players pick a default platform and let them assign it to all games they own that are on that platform.

  6. Show all shelves by default.

  7. Grouping options for shelves. Like, let me make a group called “launchers” where i can put all the launcher that i use. And let me sort that group manually or automatically.

  8. Let everyone make a top 25 (or whatever), show it on their profile and make a separate list of top games based on that. Call it “top 100 favourites” or something.

  9. Have a profile page where people can display their favourite review, a game they want to recommend, a shelf they like, a forum post they want to bring to attention, etc.

  10. Handle expansions and DLC better. A search for DLC brings up only 4 pages. Some expansions have pages, most don’t. At the very least there should be links between the page of a game and it’s expansion packs.

  11. Have a separate space for notes on the game page. Perhaps right above Review. This way you could easily add information like which major DLC you own yourself.

  12. Hi!



I love this list. I might not get to a lot of this for a long time, but a lot of the things on this list are on my to do list. Dang kids make me a little slow!


To be fair I would really want to see a comment section somewhere on my own profile just to be able to interact with the community from the front page easier (welcoming new users, general fast chit-chat etc). A way to see stats on it would be interesting as well (such as total amount of views or views divided through it).

This is of course a personal opinion.
Also hello and welcome to Grouvee for the new users around here. :wave:


hello, long time no post. I’m on a new account, don’t have boxart editing capabilities anymore, and noticed some of them are whacked. Not sure what’s happening, as they don’t seem to be updating with Giant Bomb. 2 examples are The Last of Us and The Last Guardian. Giant Bomb’s box art is normal, Grouvee’s is not.