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Title: Lone Wanderer

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I have great memories associated with this game.


I get this one!!!


Awesome game, played it alot!


I wish I knew how many hours I poured into this game. I had to re-buy it about 4 times from losing my disc. :laughing: Thank goodness for digital nowadays. For some reason a lot of people dislike the beginning of this game, but it’s one of my favorites. I liked getting to hop through life growing up in a Vault. Also punching Butch in the face.


One of my first RPGs ever, loved it so so much and played every single minute of content there was. Badge please. :slight_smile:


I did this and New Vegas long time ago.


Never played fallout. Its like elder scrolls with guns, right?


If you’re talking about those ones released by Bethesda, then generally yes. But first two Fallout games with isometric view made by Black Isle are ultimate RPG classic.


Really because they look boring and nobody talks about them.


This is easily one of my favorite games, and actually the first Bethesda game I played now that I think about it.


I’ve played a ton of fallout 2. I Try not to talk about it because it just makes me feel OLD. The fallouts were one of the better isometric black isle era RPGs… You’d see stuff exist going back on ZX spectrum and ‘weird’ computer systems caus iso games had that zany fake 3d look (qbert) but for it to become popular again a lot of it had to do with the technology at the time with directdraw/direct 3d and artists strarted doing beautiful levels with it that wasnt like the old cheap 3d thing on old machines. (Blizzard started doing this. Diablo, Starcraft, etc) Previously ‘good looking’ RPGS were limited in very crude FPS type dungeon crawlers like Dungeon Master or open world Betrayal at Krondor. So for the iso-RPG generation (or anyone who played a game like Betrayal At Krondor) This was the best thing ever for people who played games throughout 90s. People still mod the fallout 2 engine today and make new content for it. It’s not relaly fair to advocate Fallout 1-2 (or tactics) to the Bethesda generation. The best parts of the game are from coming into a new area and looking around town (This is really a highlight of isometric CRPG games in this era, lots of ‘showcasing’ the first town you go to in TOEE is a prime example of this) Temple of Elemental Evil - the town of Hommlet
The big magic in fallout however, is the particular style of the dialogue, it’s unique. it’s a very text heavy game, but i definitely didnt find it a boring read. (One of the few games I’d be willing to read a lot in) Last but not least I personally thought the sci fi post apoc theme was a nice touch (Back then i wasnt that big into fantasy games either) Again, you’d probably have to be into CRPGs from the era to appreciate these games.

Bethesda has basically spun the whole thing back into reverse, bringing back the FPS CRPG full force again. And they did it with fallout, how retrofuturistic is that lol?


Yeah, not interested. Thank’s for the response, though.


Fun Fact: Fallout 2 is actually currently 79th in the top 250 games on Grouvee, it’s actually the most popular Fallout game on the list. Fallout 3 is at #117.


Goes to show that Grouvee is full of retro gamers.


I’ll take this one also.

I still have some deeply for memories of Fallout and Fallout 2. Exceptional writing. I was sceptical when Fallout went from isometric to first person but I wasn’t disappointed (even if 1 & 2 are still my favourite).


retr-retrowhat? Retroghoulies? That what you smoothskins calling us now? Why… if Set were here…


Completed it! Badge please :slight_smile:


Completed this evening! It took me 3 tries for me to finally stick with it, and eventually lowered the difficulty down to Easy. Now onto New Vegas!


The Game is really awesome to play.