Fallout 3


Finished this beauty about 2 years ago. That’s waaaay after the original release, which meant there were tons of cool mods available to enhance the experience. I installed 30 mods or so and after some experimentation, I got it to run stable. It was a great experience!
But I must confess I never played it in its original form.

I think I got pretty close to 100% completion when considering the official game + DLCs. I didn’t finish all the extra quest lines I modded in though.

Can I get the pretty badge? :slight_smile:


It was fun to play it, but in the end… It lives up to its nickname of “Elder Scrolls with gun”. Still, I cannot blame it too much for that, it is different enough. Finished it once.


Claim Badge, was okay but Vegas is so much better:cowboy_hat_face:


Still one of my favourite games of all time, especially with the Wanderer’s Edition mod.

Badge please. :slightly_smiling_face:


This is the only Bethesda game I’ve actually managed to complete. I need a stinking badge.