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Title: Chosen Undead

If you’ve completed the game, let us know below and an admin will make sure you get your badge!

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I’ve finished this one. I love the Souls games.

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This game is so good. I’ve beaten it perhaps 4 times, plus a couple abandoned characters where I tried a failed build. Plus all the DLC multiple times. This is such a fine game, just thinking about it makes me want to crack it out and play it. I actually own multiple copies, but I haven’t yet tried my PS3 copy.
Strangely I can beat this game pretty easily now, I know the entire game like the back of my hand.

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One of the best games I played, finished without the DLC, some day I might return for it.

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I love this game. Out of 226 games I have on my played-list right now I’ve ranked this to be the 7th best game ever. Besides playing I’ve spent so many hours on the internet trying to read everything there is about the lore. I would love to play it again, but it just isn’t the same when there is no excitement and fear of the unknown like the first time.

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Excellent game that merges a lot of different influences into an unforgettable experience. Praise the Sun!

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Dark Souls III, so close, so soon!!! When it drops my brain’s going to explode.



Just finished. Wonderful game and the DLC is even better!

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Feeling good about being able to claim this finally :slight_smile:



Did you only just finish Dark Souls? Nice one!



Thanks :slight_smile: now I’m banging my head against Nioh, lol



Lol, awesome. Good luck! I hope they put out a release date soon, I’m brimming with anticipation.
I just read that the thing you get (if you beat the first demo level) is called the “Overlord DLC.” Lol, I bet it’s just a crappy armour or weapon skin or something, but still. The bragging rights are the more important thing. :wink:



Finished this masterpiece 2 times. Now want a badge))

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I am victorious!!! Actually beat this a long time ago, but it took forever. Got stuck on the 3 Kings and put it down for a while before I finally picked it back up and finished it. Excellent game!

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lol i love this twitter account It's Like Dark Souls (@xmeetsdarksouls) | Twitter

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Well, I guess I completed Dark Souls now even though I don’t even own the game and never touched it in my life!



We’ll have it removed. Can you do me a favour? If in future you are posting in the badge request thread, just give us a heads up as to whether or not you’ve completed the game. I took your statement about Demon Souls being better to mean that you had played Dark Souls. My mistake, but if you can flag it for us we can avoid granting badges that you don’t yet want.



It was a joke I am not even done Demo’s Souls, I really should be careful on these threads. I flagged it, and have you played both Demon’s/Dark Souls before?



Don’t worry too much. It’s not really any trouble. I just thought that I should start clarifying with you just in case before I grant the badge.

I’ve played Dark sould but not Demon Souls. How is Demon Souls so far?



Just beat Flamelurker, man was it long. Had purple flame shield and blocked like crazy. Took a swing with my +4 Bastard Sword every time he pounced or did a large fire blast. Then when he got enraged I applied “Sticky White Stuff” to enchant my sword and was able to beat him, but that was like the 10th try. Definitely the most annoying boss so far. Would you say Dark Souls is harder?