Adding games to the library?

Hi! I’m new to the page and wanted to add a game I’m playing and it wasn’t on the database (it is not on Giant Bomb either). The game is Machinarium.
Is there a way to add that game, or users to add games that are not in the database?

I don’t think there’s a way to do that yet, but is this the game you’re looking for? Machinarium (2009) | Grouvee

It is!!It didn’t show up in the search, that’s weird. Thanks a lot! :smile:

no problem! I’ve had that game on my phone for a while now… been meaning to try it :slight_smile:

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Just to prove that I am working on the adding and editing games thing, here’s some screenshots of what I’ve been working on. Almost done!


you should play it! it’s not so large and you will always have opportunity to advance a puzzle in your phone :wink:

Peter: I do believe you! This is an amazing page and if you could make a way for members to collaborate, I’l sure you’ll find lots of help! :slight_smile:

Just an update to everyone on the status of this, I have released a version of it to start testing. Only a couple of people have access to it so that we can start writing the rules down for how we want to handle the data.

I created two ways of entering games into the database. There is just a raw create a game form that you fill out all of the fields and click save. Simple enough. The other way is from the Steam Import Help page. If you absolutely can’t find a game to match your Steam game with, and you’re a curator, there will be a little button that says “Create from Steam” and it will fill in several of the fields and the box art on the create a game form. I want the first couple of people to try it out to see how it goes, and then we’ll get a little bit more formal with our curator process.

I’m super excited to see what you guys do!


Excellent!! Super excited to see how it works!! :smiley:

I just tried the create from Steam from my import help page. That is nice. I didn’t end up creating the game since it was actually software, but the process is cool. Being able to mark stuff as not being a game is great too. Now I don’t have to have all the game making software stuff sitting in my import help section with no way to handle it.

I did notice that it did not bring over the Developer and Publisher info when it grabbed it from Steam. Is that on purpose? I have no problem needing to fill in extra data, just wasn’t sure if it was meant to be like that.

I also found a game on Steam that wasn’t on Giant Bomb yet and added it through the normal Create form. The process was simple. There are rules at Giant Bomb about content descriptions needing to be original. I believe this is to avoid problems with copyright infringement. Grabbing data from Giant Bomb is different, but for wholly new entries, I suspect we will want to do the same?

Also, we discussed this before on edits, but curators need to be able to add new publishers and developers that are not in the database yet. I ran into that problem when adding the new game.

Right now it doesn’t bring developers and publishers over because I don’t have a mapping for them yet. I could do suggestions right now, but I’m not sure if they’re all entered the exact same way on Steam as they are on Grouvee/Giant Bomb. I’m going to have to think about that one.

I think some of the original description thing is for SEO purposes too. I would like the ones we enter to be original as well, but I also don’t want people to have to spend hours thinking about the description.

I’m working on a system for the pubs and devs still. I wanted to see how broken my create system was first :smile:

From personal experience, I do know that some of the publishers and developers are slightly different on Steam and Giant Bomb (e.g. one has Inc at the end, etc). It won’t be a one to one match in some cases for sure. Suggestions could be a good solution to that. Having that data is nice, and I wonder how much people will bother to manually enter it when they create a game without it present.

Most the descriptions are just one sentence, so hopefully people are not spending a long time on it. I agree original is better. We need to think about how to handle things when someone is not doing that then. Giant Bomb has the admin process that rejects it, and by the time someone has rights to do it without approval, they have learned. If they do it too often, they will be banned from the wiki and not get to that point. I suppose in time, we would see if that is a problem on here and then figure out what to do about it.

I’ll be eagerly awaiting the pubs and devs implementation.

I started adding iOS games to my grouvee library and there are quite a few that don’t show up, including quite popular ones like Puzzle Forge 2, Jelly Splash and Card Crawl; other games I couldn’t find: Flow (free), Blockwick, Blendoku, Zengrams, Wooords, Tap the Frog (2), and Piratron+.

I’ll look into these later today and get them added to the site database.

These have all been added. It is hard to find the correct info on release dates and some of the official names of apps, so I did the best I could. It is the wild west out there when it comes to stuff released on phones.


Is it possible to add developers too? I was looking for FEO Media but didn’t find them.

Things only get added automatically if they’re listed on GiantBomb. Developers can get added manually if a curator/admin adds one of their games to the database. Where you looking to add a game to your library?

We can add a dev to the database, but the information primarily shows up as part of a game entry. Is there a specific game that is missing that dev info, or is there a game that is missing from the database that was made by those devs?