Your Favorite Mobile Games

Just picked this up with some gift card money. Played the demo and was amazed! It’s an awesome game.

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To be fair, I am not exactly into Mobile Games but I did like a moba one called “Mobile Legends: Bang Bang”. Usually played it when I did not have my PC with me.

  1. Super Cat Tales
  2. Super Bear Adventure
  3. Super Phantom Cat
  4. Beach Buggy Racing
  5. Bungo Stray Dogs: Tales Of the Lost

And yes, I love platformers. Especially cat platformers since they inspire me a lot.


You might like this one Nameless Cat (2020) | Grouvee


I’ve played it before and it was nice.


Have y’all tried the new Usagi Shima mobile game? It plays similarly to Neko Atsume (if you’ve played that) and it’s a very cozy idle game that you play for a few minutes at a time, multiple times a day.

Does anyone play the mobile games that come with a Netflix subscription? I never heard someone talk about it, but it seems to have decent ones:

The chances aren’t good, given less than 1% of Netflix subscribers play the games on the service.

That said, I have tried in past but they require a constant network connection, but since I only play mobile games when in transit and depending on where you are on our subway line, disruptions in connectivity cause you to lose access to the games so I largely stopped nothing with them.

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That’s unfortunate and might add to no one wanting or being able to play these games. For me it is weird, that Netflix basically does not advertise this in Germany at all. Everyone around me uses Netflix, most on mobile devices and no one knew about this. I might have single handedly raised the number to 1,0000000000001% now. :wink:

I only played it for like a minute, Poinpy was fun

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