What should i play next :poll:

a little thread idea. post your own poll and get feedback. my wishlist is freaking huge so i’m getting desperate for solutions! :stuck_out_tongue:

(it would be cool if we could give votes to our friends on the site’s entries for titles on their wishlist(s), backlogs or other lists. ‘bumping’ them up in priority or ‘tagging’ them etc. one of the things thats neat about about grouvee is there is a good chunk of coverage of games from different eras.thanks to @tylerisrandom for drawing my attention to shenmue.

anyway i find getting a short list for the month is a good way to plan/pick things out. (i tend to focus on a few different titles per genre or just grab whatever tends to come up or be mentioned a bit)

July’s list is looking something like…

  • Sonic Adventure DX
  • Darksiders
  • Turok Seeds of Evil (the new remaster/whatever)
  • Serious Sam TSE

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plenty of better stuff but this is what i’m wanting to play this month :slight_smile:
mostly, i dont really need advice. i’ll finish them all this month probaly… i would just like to see other people make polls like this of what they are deliberating on :stuck_out_tongue:

This is a really cool idea. I haven’t played any of those games but I hear Darksiders is good. I’ll have to create my own poll. I’m inspired :slight_smile:

Voted for Sonic Adventure even though it has aged rather, erm, “unevenly” (but I love it so), and Darksiders because it’s been in my backlog forever and I think it’s cool they gave Steam folks who purchased the original the remaster for free. :slightly_smiling_face:


For some reason I can’t seem to vote. So I’ll register my vote down here. I say Serious Sam SE. The Croteam games are good fun and probably hold up
better than Turok. As for Sonic Adventure, I can’t recommend it unless you’re playing it on the Dreamcast, but since you specified DX I’m assuming that’s not the case.

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As for Sonic Adventure, I can’t recommend it unless you’re playing it on the Dream Cast, but since you specified DX I’m assuming that’s not the case.

I felt the same way until I found the BetterSADX mod, which I gushed about here. Since I wrote that review, fans even found a way to bring the Dreamcast lighting effects into the PC version.

But if you’re playing a vanilla release of SADX, I couldn’t agree more… Dreamcast version’s way better.


Everyone else mentioned Darksiders in one capacity or another so I thought maybe I should too. Even though I didn’t vote for it, it’s worth playing. I haven’t played the remaster, so can’t speak for that, but the original is an enjoyable game. Maybe not blow your mind good, but decent. It’s very much patterned after Zelda games, especially Ocarina, with extra emphasis on combat.

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I too like this idea a lot. I’m almost tempted to merge the two threads and make one big thread where every poll can be seen at a glance. What do you guys think? Good idea or do you think the comments might be too hard to follow?

I agree that a megathread would be more cumbersome to navigate through different threads, but we don’t want the forum to get flooded with poll posts. I’d say let the individual posts stay for now, and don’t worry about consolidating threads or cleaning up the forum until it starts to become a problem and clogs up our front page.

Another alternative could be to have a weekly/monthly/whatever thread for asking for game recommendations. A good way to consolidate those kinds of threads while also keeping the original megathread from becoming too bloated.

Just my 2 cents based on my experience browsing other internet forums/message boards.


I’m not sure how I stand on this. I kind of like the megathread idea, but having comments for each poll might be difficult to link.

@maimegidola I like your idea of having a once a week or once a month thread. In case the idea really takes off.

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That’s a pretty good idea. I like the weekly/monthly concept.

Let’s see what happens as it is for now and if a change is needed later we can revisit it.

I really did enjoy this game. thanks to everyoen who voted on Darksiders! It’s one of the better third person A/A style games i’ve played, especially for being ‘old’ The remaster looks anything but old, but the underlying game doesnt show it’s age. (From comparison videos I really can’t tell much difference) I will have to continue this series down the road.

I started thread with intent of megathread so feel free to ‘hijack’ and insert your own poll in it. ( I might come back to discuss sonic adventure though, i’ve modded it nicely and am REALLY impressed with dreamcast conversion, but just tested it thus far and not really played it much. :smiley: ) if thread is busy when i’m ready to start another poll i’ll start another thread like 8bithero did.

So what was favorite place/dungeon in darksiders? I really liked the black throne. everything about that dungeon was a notch above everything previous in the game. also the hookshot is pretty cool. games need less sandworms and more hookshots in them. it’s an easy recipe haha.