What happened with the site?

Suddenly Grouvee stopped to load correctly, only white page with text, no images, backgrounds, fonts etc. I thought, it was some temporary issue, but this lasts for days! Tried it on my phone - same result.


I’m not sure what you are experiencing but I’m able and have been able to access the main site and Forum with no issues on multiple PC’s and my phone. I typically use Samsung Internet on my phone as well. I just loaded the site in both areas now as well. The certificate isn’t expired as well. I would advise checking your cache and cookies, and try incognito/ private browsing.


I never experienced any troubles until this. Tried it with both opera and brave on pc and chrome on the phone - same thing. It just came out of nowhere.

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Seems like the cause of problem is my internet provider. Veeery strange, though…


You scared me for a second! I was with @Prin and hadn’t had any issues in a while.

That is pretty weird. Are you in the US anywhere?

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I’m from Eastern Europe. The problem is solved now. Thanks for your assistance, guys!


This sometimes happens with websites but happy to hear the issue is fixed