What console did you have?

Hey people

I have had a great day today! I’ve been to a game-museum and it was sort of like a surprise visit as I went there with my class/work. I knew I was going to a museum, but I didn’t know what kind of. The visit was just part of the day’s program, as at my school/work, every Wednesday there is a chance we go visit somewhere, and that could really be anywhere.

It was very nice, I tried out some old school games and I played some Pinball with a real pinball machine. That was quite a coincidence because the day before I just received a copy of William’s Pinball Classics (PS3) and the Pinball Machine at that museum was also a William’s Pinball machine. Cool!

Anyway, there was this wall and it had a ton of game consoles on it! I figured, I could post it here.

As there were so many consoles on that wall and I tried to photograph them in one pic they appear quite small. I hope you can see them clear enough to see what consoles were on that wall.

So here’s the question. Which consoles did you have or still have (and use)? :slight_smile:

(The first 3 consoles are the ones behind the glass, in front of the wall )

I wish I could have made a little bit better pictures, but as I didn’t know we were going to that museum, I could only take pics with my phone. Some consoles are blurry and not so recognizable (at all) … I think…


Amazing. Is this from the Suomen Pelimuseo? Didn’t this just open?

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Yes it is, I think it has just opened. And I wasn’t even aware of it.
On a side note, when I got back home I kept on thinking " it would be so great to actually own a real pinball machine ". But I guess these things are not exactly cheap haha

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I have to admit, a lot of these consoles I’ve never seen or heard of

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Indeed, they are not. A friend of mine does own one however. He restored it himself, which was likely costly but less so than buying one new.

While I didn’t personally own one, a friend of mine owned an Intellivision (your first image) when we were kids. We used to play it quite a bit, but I’d be hard pressed to tell you the title of any of the games.

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That really is beautiful. Here’s what I currently own for consoles. (I don’t think every one I own is on there). But I played each of these and had fun with at least one game:

Atari 2600
Atari XE
Atari 5200
Magnavox Odyssey 2
Sega Game Gear
Sega Genesis
Playstation 1
Playstation 2
Playstation 3

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I’m jealous of your Ataris and Colecovision. I don’t have an Atari anymore, but used to have a 2600. I also had a Commodore 64, but no longer.

I currently have the following:

Wii U

GameBoy Color
Virtual Boy
GameBoy Advance
GameBoy Advance SP


PS Vita

XBox 360

I’m jealous of your Virtual Boy. I love that system! Virtual Boy Wario Land is lots of fun…for a short period of time. You know, until you get a headache. My group of magic playing, nerdy friends would usually get together for video games, D&D and other nerdy pastimes. Ahh nostalgia.

Colecovision is really good. One of my co-workers were going to toss it, during my Summer job before college. I promptly stopped him. I have the original box too (not in great condition). Either way, it’s a great system.

The Atari 5200 is pretty solid too. My favorite system for Frogger.