Whalee's 2020 Grouvee Challenge

I’ve been incredibly excited to start this challenge, below is a link to my sheet on google drive.

I play a lot of games, so many of which are just your generic releases, that mixed with my huge backlog, my goal is to 100% this challenge. I think there a lot of games out there I have never given the chance and this will be a great push to change that.

I won’t fill in the list until I search for a game to fulfil it, so far I have been using Grouvee and Giant Bomb to reduce the ‘it’s just in my backlog’ effect.

Looking at some of the post from 2019, I will ensure to update commentary with every game I complete as others similar commentary has already led me to learn of games I never knew.


Game 1! When this challenge was being created I thought ‘Magic Satchel’ would be way to specific and impossible, I knew of the bag of holding and found a list of all games that contained them. There were your Baldurs Gate and Never Winter Night games but I already knew of these games. It would be an easy addition.

So I went with the game I have never heard of - Heretic. I posted about it on the main Grouvee page, but I will repeat - The game blew me away. I have always avoided the old FPS games because I presumed the graphics would also represent the controls - in a way they do, they are old but not nearly as clunky. To anyone who has ever put it off for similar reasons, I urge you to give it a try, it will be far more enjoyment than you could imagine. (I now look forward to trying the others like Doom or Wolfenstein!)


Behind The Scenes - Crowd Funded Game

Star Citizen
I picked up Star Citizen to give it a try, honestly I don’t know of many crowd funded games anymore as a lot of moved to early access. Knowing all the ‘drama’ around the game I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I have loved it so far - while it cannot be finished, I have put in 30 hours in 4 days haha.

It is far less polished, and less ‘content’ that something like Elite Dangerous, but there is no experience like it. Going from space trucking to FPS combat, or exploring a cave is such a surreal experience. I wouldn’t recommend the game to anyone as it lacks a lot of content and always has the risk that it won’t come out, but if you’re in the position where you can spare $50 USD (75 AUD) and enjoy space games, then it is worth trying it out.

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Behind The Scenes - Early Access

Escape from Tarkov
Escape from Tarkov is a game I heard about years ago due to my love of S.T.A.L.K.E.R games, when I found out it was multiplayer I lost interest and never looked into the game. Recently, I had a look and so far I am loving it. The concept works so well, you have small instances of fast combat, base management and slowly progress yourself with gear and game knowledge. Each time you enter the game there is a chance you can lose everything, you improve this by practice and knowledge of the systems (maps etc).

As someone who does not like multiplayer games that frequently (I play them on and off but mainly stick to SP games) I would recommend this to anyone who enjoys FPS games, especially the realistic approach.

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The Setting - Post Apocalyptic

Fallout 2
Fallout created a pretty solid base but fell short, Fallout 2 takes that base and creates a really solid story/stories within the world. I enjoyed both games, but their dated engines and UI can at times become exhausting to deal with. The ending slides showing outcomes of your decisions is such a simple yet effective way of displaying ‘choice that matters’


The Genre - Platformer

Alice: Madness Returns
Basic game, the platforming is alright and there are many sections that change the pace to keep the loop from getting bland. I found there are too many instances where the camera was taking away from you to show where to go, this should have been shown in level design as it go annoying having to wait for it to end. The PC port is sub par being capped at 31 FPS (if you disable hit boxes can become iffy - 60 fps doesn’t present too many issues but 120fps does)

Overall if you enjoyed American Mcgees Alice then this will provide some enjoyment. If you’re after a platformer there are definitely better options out there (should also be said, there would also be a lot worse out there too)


Behind The Scenes - Debut of Developer

Outer Wilds
Probably the best exploration game I have ever played. No hand holding but everything available to figure out direction. Once things start to slide into place it can really hit a “wow” moment, I found myself reminded of Myst with the puzzles ‘clicking’ feeling - but it is far more difficult, and results in far more satisfaction.

If you only like action/combat games this wouldn’t do anything to change it, but if you enjoy story/exploration games this is more than worth you time.

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