Until Dawn


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A really fun game. I definitely want this badge.


Loved this game, hope to see more horror games like it in the future!


As far as I know, it was planned to be released as PS3 exclusive initially, but was delayed for some reason. I would definetely play it on PS3, but can’t afford buying PS4.


This was my kind of horror game.


Omg AAAAASHLEY was so super annoying haha. Finding all collectibles was also a pain in … :heart:
Played this game during Christmas 2 years ago and had so much fun.


This is a game I would love to replay with my friends. I enjoyed the experience! Definitely want a badge. :slight_smile:


Finished this game, platinum-ed it in fact :joy:
This may be a bit much, but perhaps the picture for the badge should be a butterfly instead and called something like “Butterfly Effect” or “Boom, Butterfly Effect” to kind of quote Chris.


Completed, got platinum for this one :slight_smile: I wish they would make more games like this, really like the “movie with interactions” concept where your choices matter.


Quantic Dream has a lot of interactive movie games developed. You can search their game titles if you enjoy those kind of games, I personally recommend the Heavy Rain & Beyond: Two Souls collection. :slight_smile: If you want to play this kind of game with your friends, Supermassive Games developed “Hidden Agenda” for co-op experience. It’s so cool (though I have yet to play it, I just watched the trailer). You can try that as well!


Thank you for all the suggestions, I will check them out! :smiley:


Forgot to mention Telltale games, they have very remarkable series as well. :slight_smile:


Very true, I have played a few of them :ok_hand:


I would like to request the badge! I tried multiple times, but I have yet to save everyone in the end, haha (I guess I just need someone to die). Such a good game!


I went into this game not thinking I was gonna like it. Holy crap was I wrong! This game had some great moments in it and made me wanna replay it a few times!


Didn’t set out to finish this game but suprisingly I enjoyed it more than expected and blasted through it in a couple days


Now that I think of it, my wife and I just finished this game the other night. I need @bmo to badge me!


Played through the whole game in one sitting after watching a complete play through on YouTube. Badge please!


Love this game! Badge please! I still haven’t managed to get everyone out alive…and then I should try playing it again where I don’t help them at all. Love games like this.


I’ll take a badge. The most surprising thing about Until Dawn is that my wife played the entire thing while I came up with possible endings and scenarios, what a fantastic bonding experience. My most surprising thing was only walking out of one playthrough with one trophy.