Tips for enjoying WoW for a typically Single-Player Gamer

I am typically found enjoying various games of all types of genres, but the thread that runs through it all is that they are mostly single player experiences. I rarely find time to play multiplayer games, other than the random round in CS:GO here and there. My wife has gotten back into playing World of Warcraft and I have to admit, the game is over 15 years old and I have never played a single second of it with the last Warcraft experience I had being Warcraft III back in the day. Now I am not somebody who has ever latched on to the idea of an MMO and while I don’t outright dismiss it, I have found that I like stories that typically have a conclusion, whether I like the end result or not, it gives me closure so I can move on to something else.

Being as it is, does anybody have any tips for trying out WoW? I am downloading the game as we speak and will try the trial version.

Thanks again everyone for your patience, support and understanding. This community and those behind it (@peter) is so awesome and I cannot praise it enough.

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Quite a lot of the early game content is very friendly to solo players. You’ll find you can level up for a while without really joining a party. But the truth is eventually you’ll need to group with people to complete dungeons and progress. Luckily there are tools to do that easily.

When I first played WoW I did a lot of it solo. I wasn’t really too focused on multiplayer. But eventually I was faced with the need to. And, for someone accustomed to single player games at the time, I honestly don’t think there was any single thing that improved my overall enjoyment of the game then when I started to join parties and complete dungeons and then raids.

Essentially you can definitely enjoy solo play in WoW, but don’t be afraid to eventually dip your toe in the multiplayer aspects of the game.

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