The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt


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Can you finish this game? It takes more hours than there are hours in a lifetime. :heart_eyes:


I think it legit takes about 200 hours. :laughing: I know I’m about 30 hours in and I’ve only just left the starting area. I’m stalled because I’ve collected something like 60 side quests that I just can’t not finish before moving on with the main quest line. This game probably will take me my entire life to finish. Between not being able to abandon even the dumbest side quest and Nvidia Ansel calling to me every time the sun sets, rises, or otherwise shines on something in a way that gives it a nice lighting, I’m doomed.


Finally beat the base game this weekend. Not sure if GOG tracks your playtime. I’d prefer not to know, it’s probably shocking.

Gonna give it a rest for a while before I start the DLC stories.

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Finished this game & have earned a lot of respect for CD Project Red.
Title suggestion: The White Wolf

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Finished in about 120 hours or so. Didn’t get 100%, but did everything I cared about. Amazing storytelling!

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Finished it on Death March completing Hearts of Stone and Blood and Wine DLC’s, took me 200 hours, but still planning to make New Game+ playthrough importing saves frome Witcher 1 and 2.

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I platinumed the game. Do we have to give or something to get the badge? Im new here, still figuring everything out on the website.

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Nope, just comment here, and one of the admins (me, @Jess, @bmo) will like the post, and it will show up in a few minutes.


I beat this game before it became so popular. Beat it almost three years ago when it first came out. I got it for free with my Graphics card. Game was so good i decided to buy it on Steam later because they deserved my money.

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Completed on PC with all of the expansions. I loved Blood & Wine.

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Great game. The only other game I have more hours invested into is Overwatch.

Beat the main story and all of the expansions. Completed every named mission on my list… (might have technically missed a few by not checking out all of the ? symbols on the map).

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Currently on my 4th playthrough.

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spoiler alert: the final scene at the end of the base game – where gerald gives ciri a piggy-back ride. one of the most moving moments i’ve seen in a game. badge me, please :slight_smile:

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omg my computer corrected geralt to gerald. this is like a cardinal sin :frowning: lol


Completed main story and all of the DLCs! Definitely one of my favorite games I’ve ever played.
Name suggestion: Graduate of Kaer Mohren.

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I’ve just started this game! I hear it takes a long time to beat so I could well be playing this through the summer. Silly of me really; i don’t have lots of time to play as it is.


An extremely good game. Finished the base game & the DLCs.

Also you could basically just name the badge: “Witcher”.

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Beat this a month ago and was wowed by it. It’s such a masterclass in world building. Just loved learning more about all these random side characters. I’m rarely that invested in game stories of this magnitude. Really creative lore. Love it.

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Beat it few months ago, can I get a badge please?

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