The Stanley Parable


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Title: Employee 427

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So very good :slight_smile: I enjoyed this game very much.


This looks strangely Fallout-y looking :smiley:

Completed. Gosh this was a good game. I knew nothing of it other than it was praised/liked.

Great additions this week. Glad I’ve played/won these.


This game was great! While the game play itself was amazing, the narrator made the game so much more.



One of my all-time favorites. :heart:


I loved this one. Narrative perfection.


Completed 100% Amazing :slight_smile:


Completed. Fairly short but cool game. I played through every ending :slight_smile:


Yep, played through this a dozen times or so. It’s a fun one to watch someone else play for the first time :slight_smile:


Completed. First Steam game I’ve 100-percented.


Completed! Would like a badge :slight_smile:


Completed! Great game, I had real fun in finding all endings.


Finished it a long time ago.
Pretty interesting and quick game. Also “The Beginner’s Guide” created by the same team was nice too.


Beat this a while ago. Badge please!


This is a nicely ominous design. Anywho, badge please!


iam very late on this but i completed it, nice idea but damm short, claim batch!


One of my favorite games! The closet ending was hilarious :laughing: Can I get a badge please?


Pretty sure I got most of the endings here! Need to double check that though. Played it through quite a few times!


Don’t have anything to say about this one.

Badge please. :slight_smile: