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This is the discussion/completion topic for The Sims 4. Please keep any spoilers blurred!


Title: Woohood with the Grim Reaper

If you’ve completed the game, let us know below and an admin will make sure you get your badge!

I will take this badge, too, dag dag


I have played this although I am curious what “completion” would look like if that is possible with a game such as this. Either way, please provide me with the badge.

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Yeah, I dunno. Someone requested it. Whatever completion looks like for you, but if you made a sim and/or a structure, that’s probably good. For me, we’ll say I completed it when I finished the 100 Baby Challenge making all of the kids Final Fantasy characters. Some of them… weren’t great.

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100 Baby Challenge? Interesting.

You gotta love simulations.

The gist is:
You make a random young adult sim with random traits. I used or you can ask Siri/Google to give you a number within a range. But whatever you want, they just need to be able to have children.

You can’t cheat in money or anything.

So this matriarch has to have kids. The goal is to have 100 babies and birth certificates. You can’t do the same dad more than once. You have to raise the kids from birth to young adulthood. There are rules for aging up but I can’t remember them all off hand.

Once a matriarch becomes an elder, the next oldest available child-bearing offspring takes over.

That’s basically it. It’s more fun than it sounds lol.

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Worst game series I ever played. But beat number 4 and never want to see a sim again. Get a badge out of it though!

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