The Backlog Attack! Info + FAQ

Welcome to the Backlog Attack! Most of us here have a lot of games slowly withering away on our backlog shelves. It’s time to get some of those games played! As gamers, we tend to get rewarded for playing games in the form of achievements. At Grouvee, you can now earn special badges for completing certain games!

Each badge has a special title you can use on the forum. Show off your gamer pride by wearing your favorite title!

What counts as completed?

Each of us has our own definition of what completing a game means. For some, it’s getting every achievement. For others, it’s finshing every last side quest. And sometimes, it’s just finishing the main storyline. So when is a game completed? Well, that’s up to you! Go by your own definition of completed. That does not however mean you can count owning a game as ‘completing’ it, or only playing it for a very short time before abandoning it.

What about cheaters?

Obviously this is a trust based system. We can’t stand over your shoulder and watch you finish a game. So just earn your own badges honestly and be proud of your own accomplishment.

What if there’s a game with a badge that I finished before? Do I have to complete it again for the badge?

No! If you’ve already previously completed a game, please feel free to claim your badge!

Is there a time limit to earn a badge?

Game badges are always available, whether you complete the game now or three years from now. Claim your badge when you finish the game!

There’s a game without a badge and I’d really like it if it had one!

We have a suggestion thread here, feel free to suggest your game! There are a lot of games out there though. We wish we could have badges for them all, but I’m only one person with only so much time!

Is there anything else I have to do to get my badge?

Nope! Just finish the game and post in the appropriate topic. We highly encourage everyone to write a review of the game on Grouvee, but you don’t have to do that to get your badge.

How do I wear/feature a badge on my profiles?

Go to your profile here on the forums and click the preferences tab. Near the top will be ‘title’, click the edit button and you’ll be taken to a list of your badges to select from.

Have a question not answered here? Feel free to ask below!


This is super cool @Jess.I’m looking forward to participating. :slight_smile:

I am so fired up for this! I already do a 52 games in 52 weeks challenge on my Youtube show Effortless, but this will undoubtedly provide excellent extra motivation!

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Good work Jess!
How do I activate/wear my fancy badge?

Go to your profile here on the forums and click the preferences tab. Near the top will be ‘title’, click the edit button and you’ll be taken to a list of your badges to select from.

Added to the FAQ! =)

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Thank you. Yay I did it, I’m a Bloodborne now. :smiley_cat:

I have over 500 games that I need to get through. :sweat_smile: I hope to beat at least 30 for this year!

2016 is the year when I’m actually going to beat part of my backlog, all of it will be impossible, but… one day I’ll do it. I tend to buy games, play them and then move on to the next without beating them. Planning to play the Mass Effect-series soon, which is great as I’ll also get a shiny badge. (At the moment I’m not sure which platform I should play it on (I might have aquired multiple copies of it).Any suggestions?

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@Aethicyn It really shouldn’t matter which platform you play Mass Effect on, just be sure to play all three on the same platform to ensure that your choices and spec can carry over between games.

If people are interested, @Jess could you make a badge for Guacamelee STCE? Thanks.

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I’d be interested in some badges for the Shin Megami Tensei and the Fire Emblem franchises.

This is a great concept. Are badges still being made? A Sonic the Hedgehog badge is a must!