Talk Pokemon With Me

I’m not doing well at all, and as such I’ve severely regressed to a lifelong special interest, that being Pokemon. I’ve been buying cards on eBay for literally pennies, and am finishing up my Sword playthrough and finally starting Scarlet so just come hang out and talk about Pokemon with me. I just started watching Journeys. What’s everyones favorite Pokemon? I think I’m partial to Kecleon, Murkrow, Sableye, Girafarig, and Xatu personally.

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I like a lot but I’m super basic so two of my favourites are Evie and Dratini. I am a sucker for how sickeningly cute they are, I know, I know. I have to think on it some more though. I know I have other favourites from later generations.


It was always Bulbasaur for me, back in the day

Not too long ago, I decided to do a catch 'em all run of Red/Blue and then Gold/Silver. Those were interesting; they kept me busy for quite a while

Hope things can get better for you soon; I’d been having a lot of depression lately myself but I had art therapy yesterday

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I absolutely love Dragonair. That whole evolution line is beautiful, honestly, and probably my favorite of the dragons. I’m honestly a real sucker for Gen 2 myself, in terms of design, but Gen 1 will always have a special place in my heart just cause it’s what I grew up with first.


Bulbasaur was always my favoritre of the OG starters, so I agree with you there. It’s funny, I’ve never gone back to replay the games since playing them as they came out, and I’m not exactly sure why. They’re just one of the very few one and dones in terms of gaming for me.

Thank you but this is more severe than just depression. This has to do with legitimate assault. As such, I am receding into safe wholesome interests in order to cope. I hope your art therapy helps. I’ve all but quit making art for the last 4 months and don’t know that I’ll ever return to my 20+ year long career in it.

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It’s so pretty, I love it too!


I’ve been getting back into getting cards and I picked up this nifty lil one recently and god is it beautiful.


What is everyones favorite installment of the mainline series and why? I’m just itching for discussion.

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Probably Red/Blue because I’m old. It’s simple and the Game Boy graphics/music is so cute

I’ve actually been following a guy on YouTube who’s been trying to solo Red/Blue with every Pokemon. Yesterday was Golbat and I thought–that would’ve been perfect for one of the Halloween challenges

I also liked Black/White; I liked how it was an all-new adventure with all-new Pokemon and I liked Cheren and Bianca

I mean, I’m old too, I’m 34, and yeah, my all time favorite is Silver. That being said I do love some of the later games as well. Crystal (which, admittedly, came directly after Silver and Gold), Diamond, X, Black, Moon and Sword are all examples of later installments that I loved very much. I like that it’s essentially thee same game every time with just minor variations, that really appeals to me.


It’s Crystal for me, as the definitive version of Generation 2. I was obsessed with Red/Blue when they came out, but the G/S/C generation was downright mindblowing for how it expanded on the formula. . The soundtrack was incredible, and this may be nostalgia talking, but it also had my favorite batch of new Pokemon. The new games are enjoyable too in their own ways, but it’s rare for them to recapture that “wow” feeling from when I first played Silver.


There is a not small part of me that really wants to get back into the cards. I’m really not fond of many of the recent Pokémon designs, but some of the newer card art for older ‘mons is incredible. I saw there was a new set—Pokémon 151 maybe?—that focussed on the originals, I’m very tempted.

What is everyones favorite installment of the mainline series and why?

Gen 2 for sure. It’s not perfect, but nothing will beat that sense of wonder of discovering Kanto as a kid. After a couple of plays of HeartGold I started to wonder if it was more rose-tinted glasses than anything but I recently played Crystal on the Analogue Pocket and had a blast. It really captures the spirit of the series for me. They aimed to make the best Pokémon game possible and I think they succeeded.

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Crystal is pretty goddamned good, I won’t deny. I 100% agree with you on everything you’ve said. These are the reasons Gen 2 is and likely always will be my favorite. That being said, I’ve actually managed to get that “wow” feeling from most new iterations. It’s never been on the same level, exactly, but the first time I loaded up Moon or the first time I loaded up Sword/Scarlet, yeah, it’s definitely given me that “wow” feeling, albeit on a somewhat lower scale. Then again everything felt more magical as a child, so, perhaps that’s also on me.

Gen 2 had my favorite batch out of all generations outside the OG - although I admit, Gen 9 is REALLY giving it a run for its money, I absolutely adore the Pokemon introduced this time again - and that’s a big part of why it means so much to me too.

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The card art is OUT OF THIS WORLD AWESOME now.

That was what really pushed me too. I had been wanting to get back into a relatively cheap and easy hobby, and collecting cards was right at the top of that list, but it wasn’t until I saw a lot of the recent card art, especially the V’s that really made me realize how beautiful they’d become.

Glad to see another Gen 2 fan in here! I always felt like I was the only one lmao

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Any idea what the story is for playing online? I really like the TCG as a game but realistically other than roping my wife into playing I wouldn’t get much opportunity to play with any cards I did buy, they’d mostly just be for collection. Do you know if the online TCG is any good?

Near as I can tell, and oddly enough this info comes from a girl I’m close with who discussed this with me literally a day ago, it USED to be great but now they’ve made numerous changes that have completely ruined trading and other aspects, so YMMV. I personally haven’t tried it myself, but I’m not against finding out either lol

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I got back into the TCG around a year ago and it’s been how I’ve been getting my pokemon fix ever since Sword/Shield because I honestly don’t wanna touch the games until they get their shit figured out, whether it be game performance or making weird excuses for excluding content. The cards look so awesome now though, and I’ve been aiming to create a living dex out of cards if I can while also picking up some ones I traded away a long time ago that I miss having. Also that Sableye you posted above is badass, I’m jealous.

Favorite Pokemon entry is Platinum I think. Gen 4 was my jam and also the time period where I actually had friends that played the game, which made it even better.

Don’t wanna touch the games until they get their shit figured out

Scarlet’s been absolutely fine. Literally fine. No idea what the problems people had with it were. I suppose, on some technical level, an argument could be made because there are the occasional screen glitch, but I don’t give two hoots about performance or graphics, so that doesn’t bother me in the slightest. Otherwise game’s been outstanding.

Yeah I’m just trying to build kind of the same thing, or a series of dexes. It’s been kind of a neat challenge! Thank you, thank you, everyone seems jealous of my Sableye, as they should be lol I also finally picked this bad boy up and I’m SUPER pleased about having it now!

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I’m not a fan of both the performance issues I’ve seen in footage of both gen 8 and 9 or the way they promised to fix them in S/V and then just… didn’t. I have heard S/V are fun, but they just aren’t acting like the company I grew up loving so I’m taking a break until they seem in a better place. I have a lot of other JRPGs to busy myself with until then, and they’re cheaper too.

But that’s a super cool Unown card! Someday I’d like to have all the normal Unown A-?, but I’ll likely have to buy older ones since they don’t release them often. I’ve been mostly grabbing the recent 151 set of late since it’s new, but I think I’m about satisfied with how much I’ve drained my wallet in it. My luck hasn’t been all that great but I did manage to pull these Mews from the packs I got and I love them!

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Been looking for a good Mew (the only one I have currently is the original black star promo so I’m itching for some variants) but most of the art just…isn’t that great. THIS stuff however - and I’ve seen the gold one before - is beautiful. Would kill to get my hands on one of these guys for my dex binder!

Also funny you should mention that Unown goal cause I always had the same dream lmao I wanna collect all 26 of the standard Unowns and complete the entire alphabet.

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