Suggestion: Introduce half stars for ratings

I feel very limited when trying to rate games with only five possible steps. Therefore, I suggest the amount is doubled by introducing half stars. All current ratings would stay the same and those who wish can continue just as before. People like me could however enjoy being able to choose between ten steps: 0.5, 1, 1.5, 2, 2.5, 3, 3.5, 4, 4.5 or 5 stars.


Half-stars would be great. I have a few games that I feel are between a 3 and 4 but I can’t accurately rate them. It would be a great way to rate games more accurately without the rating system getting too complicated.


cannot agree more.

letterboxd’s half stars with a “love”/“heart” option are huge for me. would love to have something similar here.

giving an old favorite that you have a fondness for but recognize is objectively not that great a low score and still giving it a heart is the most accurate rating system i’ve found yet.


you can make a shelf for those games, too. Just title it “favorites” or whatever you’d like. :slight_smile:

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I’ve almost caved and done the 1/2 star thing before. I haven’t done it for simplicity’s sake to be honest. I’ve always wanted Grouvee to be easy to use, and I’ve always thought a 5 star scale was simple. Do you guys think a 10 point scale would be easier?


The good thing with a 5 star scale is that you instantly see what the grade is. With 10 possible stars, it could for example be hard to distinguish 6 stars from 7 stars. Retaining the current 5 stars but allowing users to set half stars would however double the scale without lowering the visibility. Setting the rating will perhaps be a bit harder with half stars, but sites like [Untappd][1] have successfully implemented even quarter stars.

That being said, the important thing for me is that the amount of steps is increased to 10. I thought half stars would be an easier transition since things could almost look exactly like before.

If you’re talking about a 10-star scale, I personally don’t like those scales at all because like @Pegbiter said, it’s hard to mentally distinguish between a 6 to 7 rating (or 3-4, 4-5, etc. etc.) Half-stars implemented in the current 5-star system would allow it to still maintain it’s simplicity while letting us be more precise with our ratings.

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I just joined yesterday & rated all the games I’ve completed, and I had that same thought over and over again - my ratings just don’t feel accurate with only 5 stars. I’m used to wrapping my brain around a 10-scale from being an imbd user, but I would have no problem if it were implemented as half stars instead.

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I would like to see 10 points or half stars also. I find it hard to rate games accurately with only 5 grades to choose from.


I’m looking forward to this too.

I know this topic is years old, but I definitely feel like having just that slight added nuance to half star ratings could really help me distinguish between games I recognize are very well crafted vs games that have made a severe impact on my life and personality. It’s not a tremendous gripe, but moving from Letterboxd made this feel like a step down.

I couldn’t agree more with everything mentioned. 5 star system is in my opinion better than 10 star system, but half stars would improve it greatly, as some games tend to be not as good as 4’s, but not as average as 3… Actually, most games tend to fit into that middle category.

Wow, a year since the last reply and several years since it started?

Anyways, I just joined and already I’m feeling the same way - I’d really love to see those half-stars.

I honestly prefer it the way it is. The descriptions of the ratings really cover all the ground you need. Breaking it up into even further subtleties and nuances (“I really really loved it” “I liked it a lot but not that much”) just seems unnecessarily convoluted to me. The current system appeals way more to my gut than a 10-point system.


Why not both? Keep the stars as it is and have a space next to it where you can rate a game with any two digits. That way you have both the simple system and allow people to be more specific.

I can’t remember if it was you that suggested this, but I am going to make a gold feature that allows people to have a custom rating scale that is private to them (it can still be displayed publicly, just no averaging of a site rating or anything). I hope that’s a decent enough compromise for anyone that wants it.


Finally. I have all my scores be out of 14. AS THEY SHOULD BE.


‘gold feature’ - so average users still won’t get it in any form, then.

It will be behind a paywall, yes. I plan on letting people buy gold 1 month at a time for $2 here very soon as well. Any custom ratings you’ve given to a game will never go away, even if you don’t keep buying gold, you just wouldn’t be able to make new ones.

All that being said, when I put the feature out, if you can’t do gold for whatever reason, just message me and I’ll take care of you so you can at least try it out.


Whenever I’ve used a 10/10 scale rating, I’ve found the vast majority end up in that 7-10 rating area and I hardly use the lower numbers. The 5 star system works better IMO.