Steam's Lunar New Year Sale

So Steam has another sale, which basically translates to “R.I.P. my money!” I’d like everyone to tell which games they got from the sale and recommend cheap games to the others!

I haven’t got anything yet cause I pretty much have all the games already :sweat_smile: but I’d like to recommend the following games to everyone:

XCOM: Enemy Unknown for 4.99€. A great, but difficult strategy game, where you can name your soldiers and grow attached to them and then they die. I once named one of my soldiers Marco Masturbator cause I’m childish and have a bad sense of humor. Well, he performed so well in battle that his comrades gave him the nickname Marco “Magic Man” Masturbator. I never let him die.

The Talos Principle for 9.99€. One of the best games I’ve ever played. Great puzzles, great atmosphere, and a mind-blowing story about what it means to be a human being.

L.A. Noire for 5.99€. A unique detective game which a great story. If that doesn’t convince you, watch this.

Metro 2033 Redux for 4.99€. A dark, creepy shooter set in the Moscow metro tunnels after the end of the world. Just prepare to listen to a lot of russian accents.

Bastion for 3.74€. An indie gem with the best soundtrack ever. It’ll make you cry too.

Hatoful Boyfriend for 1.99€. You’re the only human being in an all-pigeons-school. Enough said.

Dust: An Elysian Tail for 2.79€. A side-scrolling platformer created by just one man (respect!). Great characters, great story, great world and great combat mechanics. Just remember to bring some tissues for the ending.

Shadowrun: Dragonfall for 2.99€. If you are only gonna buy one game from this sale, it should be this one. I have trouble describing it. You have to experinece it, I guess. Tactical turn-based combat, awesome characters, a unique world and one of the best stories ever.

Hatoful Boyfriend sounds like a lot of fun. Is it true you have to play it several times to understand the underlying story?

Damn, I have watched so much gameplay footage of The Talos Principle. It looks incredible, but I know I will suck at it. I am terrible at puzzle games. I am waiting until the PS4 version gets cheaper so I can justify spending so much on something I know I’ll probably never beat.

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Well, I guess you do have to play it several times, but that doesn’t matter cause you will want to do that cause it’s so hilarious :smiley:

The game has quite simple puzzles too, and you can always look up hints online if you get really stuck. I wouldn’t worry about that. I think the most important part of the Talos Principle is the atmosphere and story, not the puzzles (which are super good too though).

Btw, I love your username :smiley:

Ok, you have sold me on both of them. The Talos Principle’s story and philosophy sounds really great (and that is was developed by Croteam - how does that even happen?) so I will definitely pick it up at some point. I always feel a little guilty using hints for a puzzle game. It makes me feel so inadequate. I’ll try not to, but if it is as hard as I hear it is it will probably break me eventually. Still, it sounds like it is worth it. Thanks!

I ended up picking up Invisible Inc for 50% off.

I had debated getting it during the Winter sale, and decided to just go for it.
I also grabbed Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth1 for some reason. I just want to try one of these.

I have a bunch of these on my Vita. I should really play one.

I was disappointed by this sale, I didn’t see anything I wanted! :[ I’m still patiently waiting for SOMA to drop in price. Also I had my eye on Darkest Dungeon but the price didn’t budge. Though I guess it only just got released so fair enough. I’ve tried the new XCOM but I can’t stand it. I adore the original 1994 version, I tried the demo and I thought “nah, I’d rather be playing the original.”

You should definitely play The Talos Principle, it’s an absolute masterpiece. I’ve played it through and the DLC. The best part about the game is the philosophy/story. I usually love puzzle games and often ignore the story. But with this game I was thirsting for it, I was so intrigued. I searched every level and pored over every little terminal and document and tidbit of writing. It’s a unique concept for a game because the game itself flexes your logic/spatial reasoning or reptile-brain at the surface level but at the same time your deeper introspective frontal-lobes are deeply massaged with some of the most fascinating and thought-provoking concepts, questions and ideas of philosophy. Probably my favourite puzzle game I’ve ever played, much better than Portal 1/2.
As for difficulty, don’t be worried. The DLC was hardcore but the base game is very forgiving. The levels start out extremely easy and build up nice and slowly. If you get stuck on a puzzle you can move elsewhere in the world and work on a different one. The base game isn’t hardcore, it’s nothing like The Witness or Myst or anything.

Isn’t this a DLC for Shadowrun?? Have you played the base game? I’m confused. I’m really fascinated by this game but I haven’t played either. I heard bad reviews on it, that it’s far too linear. But I love the setting and isometric/tactical combat. Why do you recommend it?

Did everyone pick up their free Sega Steam giveaway?:

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@8bithero Came here to post the same thing :wink:

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[quote=“bmo, post:9, topic:724”]
Came here to post the same thing :wink:
[/quote]Facebook was actually good for something. Usually I don’t pay attention to the trending stuff but it caught my eye. “Hey, Steam…Sega, I like those things!”