Steam Wishlist Import?

Not that’s it’s that much of a problem but getting Steam Wishlist to import automatically would be pretty convenient. This isn’t functionality that I’m missing is it?


It would be nice. As far as I can tell, the Wish List on Steam isn’t part of their API, so I don’t really have access to the data. If anyone can point me to where I can get it, I’ll happily add it to the list of things to do.

Yeah this would be a great idea and would definitely save a lot of users a lot of time, instead of having to search the Grouvee archives for the games you own, then thinking you finished only to walk past your game shelf to realize you forgot to add Journey Collection for PS3 to your Grouvee Backlog.

Yeah, actually I spent Saturday doing this manually for whatever reason posssed me. I had like 100-200 titles just cut off and i figured i needed to get them on grouvee or i might ‘forget’ them or not look at them equally (It bugged me to have some stuff i added in a certain time window pre grouvee not being on my wishlist). fortunately, i got it done.

maybe someone from steam would have an interest in helping out with stuff like this, maybe even notifying grouvee users when stuff they wishlist goes on sale. oh and they should pay for it too!

Necroing an old thread, but since the wishlist got updated, could this be possible yet?

I apologize for necroing a 3 year 10 month 3 week old thread but I also would like to see this. Is it possible to do this yet?

I’ve looked kind of recently for it, and they still don’t provide a proper api for it. It’s probably just not tops on their priority list. It would be nice though. I wishlist stuff over there so I get sale notifications, and forget to do it over here sometimes.

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I’m curious how sites like isthereanydeal are able to do wishlist imports from Steam and GOG, is it because they have you log in? Not sure if that’s any help to you, but if its a feature that’s wanted here it’s being done elsewhere I’m just not sure how.

Hey Peter I just read 2014/2015 comments on a thread without realizing it haha. I wanted to ask if importing games from sites like is perhaps in the works? There is an api that GOG makes use of for integration on github that you could perhaps look at that could maybe be of assistance? Thank you for the website been on here for 2 / 3 years now? Who knows.