Steam Sale! - Summer 16! :)

What did you buy? What are you most looking forward to playing? Any games you’d recommend that are super cheap on sale right now? :slight_smile:

I got Stardew Valley; been waiting for that game to go on sale.

Undertale is on sale; that game’s a must-play. I saw that South Park: Stick of Truth is 75% off; I’ve enjoyed this game so far.

Not sure if I’ll buy anything else during the sale or not. I’ve already got a pretty big backlog to hold me over for another year.

Could we broaden it to all sales? I’ve been enjoying Call of Juarez and Grow Home from the Ubisoft bundle last month. Picked up Myst Masterpiece from along with The Last Door, I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream, and the System Shock 2 giveaway during the summer sale. As for other bundles I’m looking forward to playing Her Story from the Narrative bundle.

Spent $11 for everything.

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So far I’ve picked up BloodGate, Crashlands, Tropico 5 Complete Collection, Minecraft Story Mode - Adventure Pass, and The Walking Dead: Michonne. I planned to pick up the DLC for Minecraft Story Mode no matter what the discount was and was going to hold out on the new Walking Dead game until it was at least 75% off, but with the new bundling system on Steam, because I own everything else Telltale has ever made, the new Walking Dead game only cost me an extra $2, which I couldn’t pass up.

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I’ll post this here too since it’s a cool deal to go with the Steam sale.

If you’re in America, Best Buy is running a buy 1 get 1 20% off deal for video game gift cards. You can buy 2 $20 Steam Wallet cards for $36, giving you another 10% off during the Steam sale. Just add 2 of these: to your cart and you’ll get the deal. They have $50 and $100 cards if you want to go nuts too. Expedited shipping is free, so you’ll get them in plenty of time before the sale is over.

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Wow, got to be careful going to the Steam sale site at work. It’s pretty pervy out there…


So I ended up picking up more than I care to admit. Though I suppose my Grouvee game page probably completely tattles on me! :laughing:

I really ought to find the time to sit down and play some of these games!

I ended up buying Cave Story+ and VVVVVV since they were super cheap.