Spooky Gaming~HAPPY FRIDAY THE 13TH!

It’s been October for 13 days now and the month is slowly approaching the creepiest and most scary fun day of the year. Today is the day of bad luck and overrated horror film franchises, but how I like to spend any day in October is by playing a SCARY GAME. This year I am celebrating the month with my favorite horror game of all time: Amnesia the Dark Descent (which is now free this month on PSPlus NA). The game is endlessly replayable thanks to player created custom stories. So far this month the stories I have played are Obscurity and now I am moving on to The Great Work. What games are playing this October? Please share below!

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Just started playing Luigi’s Mansion 2 before I even read this post. Who needs a Ghostbusters game when I have this?

Main game is fallout 4. its not a halloween game but the world ends in oct and the subject matter is ‘scary’ enough.

I was considering amnesia/penumbra too actually. That series has been on my ‘october’ playlist for several years but i’m usually playing fallout or skyrim or some such :smiley: so i dont play it along with Dying Light, Legacy of Kain Eternal Darkness - Sanity’s Requiem.… (Not keen on picking up Dark Souls 3 again though, but it is quite Halloweeny.)

Thats a shame I heard Dark Soul III was awesome. Definitely play amnesia when you have the time. I hate horror games but I love Amnesia for some sick reason, I just think it’s so cool. I have heard of Penumbra but don’t know much about it. If it’s good and similar to Amnesia I’ll definitely check it out. Haven’t heard of Legacy of Kain tho, but Eternal Darkness and Dying Light are appropriate October picks imo.

Luigi’s Mansion objectively GOAT.

i’m playing amnesia dark descent should ifnish it tonight. thanks @StefyG for mentioning it. it’s a very well balanced adventure game and how i tend to like them.
If you dont mind old games you should look into Call of Cthulhu Dark Corners of the Earth. I notice it is NOT on your shelf! Fans of Amnesia actually tend to like that one. There are many common elements. (It would seem amnesia is inspired by it.) It’s possible many of the FPS elements havent aged well but there are some good moments in that game.

Well, DS3 IS awesome but its just hard to call fun. The combat alone makes it the best of the three games i’ve played (particularly the combat) but it’s like the extreme sports of video games. its made hard in ways just for the sake of being hard. its like like some twisted form of shark hunting where the sharks got guns or wingwalking where the pilot tries to throw you off lol. not bad halloween game but getting shot at by sharks isnt fun and it drained my sanity really quick.

i might play Alice next.

Glad you liked Amnesia, be sure to play some custom stories too they are a real treat and I can recommend quite a few (Obscurity and White Night are good places to start) and they are usually shorter than the main game (The Great Work seems a bit long though, but I guess that makes it more of a journey). Call of Cthulhu Dark Corners of the Earth is an obscure one, looks pretty old and I am not a fan of gun games I can’t really see why it would be compared to Amnesia. Actually while looking at it I found out that there is a game called Call of Cthulhu is set to release in 2017 which looks a LOT like Amnesia so thanks! Even though I may not be interested in the game you mentioned it did lead to me finding one that does look promising. Sorry to hear you’re not a Souls guy (at least with 3), I don’t claim to be an expert at the games (my only experiences being Bloodborne and Demon’s, neither of which have I beat) but I find them super fun and addicting. I am swamped by university right now and all I can think about is getting back into the thick blood and fighting Ebrietas a second time. I can for sure see why the games can be daunting, they are notorious for being huge and difficult and I haven’t played DS3 so for all I know it could be twice as hard as Bloodborne. Not for everyone and I can’t blame you for being put off by DS3. If you were put off by some other game then it would be different but for Souls, I can get it. By Alice do you mean that Zelda game that PewDiePie played for a bit?

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